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Johnny Reb is a professional wrestler formerly employed by the Global Wrestling Coalition, now under contract with the Wrestling Championship Federation. He uses a combination of high-risk aerial maneuvers and basic mat skills to make himself a force to be reckoned with.  Together with longtime friend (and former adversary) Doc Henry, Reb is one half of the WCF tag team champions: The New Confederacy.



Born Jonathan Beauregard Montgomery on March 23, 1984, Johnny Reb is the younger of two sons.

He was raised by a loving, albeit rigidly traditional, Southern family. His early life was primarily unremarkable; Johnny was a good student academically, though he frequently engaged in behavior that was considered disruptive by his teachers and fellow students.

A longtime pro-wrestling fan, Johnny developed an enthusiastic interest in traditional wrestling while in junior high, attending practices and meets religiously, and walking away with numerous trophies. He went all the way to the State level many times throughout high school, but was only State Champion in his Senior year.

Johnny went to college out of state, attending a small university in Georgia, where he met and befriended fellow wrestler Doc Henry. During that time, he convinced Henry to join him in further professional wrestling training, in spite of the objections of the Montgomery family.

While Reb's parents viewed the entire profession as "uncouth" and a completely unfitting career choice, Johnny's brother, Jacob supported him in his quest. Jacob, being the elder son and the one destined to inherit both the family business and the lion's share of the family estate, never agreed with their parents' dismissal of Johnny's dreams of becoming a professional wrestler. However, in spite of his encouragement and help, Jacob's standing as the elder (and better-favored) brother left Johnny with some unresolved resentment issues.

Johnny Reb managed to finish his Master's Degree while attending a small, local promotion that subsequently folded, forcing the tiny roster to seek employment elsewhere. In early March 2008, Reb entered into contract negotiations with GWC, and later that month, made his professional wrestling debut.

Between October and December 2008, GWC experienced several hardships that led to a shutdown of all operations. Reb was forced once again to seek employment with another company. He finally settled on the WCF.

Global Wrestling Coalition

Johnny Reb debuted on the 3/31 edition of Monday Night Massacre, gaining a decisive victory over not one, but two opponents. Following his impressive debut, Johnny found himself the object of ridicule and derision due to his strong Southern sensibilities.

At 2008's Kingdom Come II, Reb participated in a Fan's Favorite TLC three-way match against Mike Ragnal and longtime friend Doc Henry. Although Ragnal picked up the win, Danny Vice promptly announced that all three participants were to be rewarded, though he was secretive about the nature of his intentions for Johnny Reb. As it turned out, Vice had come up with a proposal: in exchange for Johnny acting as a "hired gun," Danny would give him a shot at the Underground Title, held at the time by Kurt Burton.

Reb began to change in subtle ways following his acceptance of Vice's terms, culminating in a complete heel turn mere weeks after his successful and devastating victory over Burton for the Underground Title. Shortly thereafter, the formation of the superstable The Machine (7/16 Assault) was announced. Johnny started using questionable methods, encouraged and often assisted by his stablemates; even Doc Henry's frequent objections to Reb's behavior did little to dissaude him.

Embroiled in a bitter feud with his former friend, and defending himself from all sides regarding his alliance with Danny Vice and the Machine, Reb found it hard to hold onto the Underground Title much longer than a month. There followed a brief but violent war with another superstable, Uncultured Revolution. Both groups gradually fell apart, beginning with Danny Vice's abrupt departure from the Global Wrestling Coalition in late October 2008.

The Holiday Season was especially rough on the GWC, lacking a strong leader at the helm. Johnny Reb briefly attempted to make conciliatory efforts toward his family, following news that his elder brother had been involved in a car accident. (There is still question as to the actual cause of the accident; public speculation ranges from driving under the influence to merely swerving to miss a small animal in the road.) Reb sent money home to help cover whatever costs the insurance company wouldn't, but both the letter and the check were returned, unopened.

On more or less of a losing streak since, Johnny Reb put aside his past differences with Kurt Burton, and joined The Axis at Burton's invitation.

Notable Feuds

Johnny Reb's alliance with Danny Vice, and his subsequent radical shift in ethics, kicked off a months-long feud between himself and one-time friend Doc Henry.

It began when, being unable to get through to Reb himself, Doc Henry placed a number of phone calls to Johnny's family in the hopes that one of them might talk some sense into him. What followed was a series of conversations that ended abruptly when Johnny decided that he could not both pursue his own career goals and live up to his family's expectations; he ceased all communication with them at that point.

Doc tried again to convince Johnny of the error of his ways. Johnny responded by brutally attacking Doc Henry following an intense match between Henry and Spike Kane, another member of the Machine, on the 7/30 edition of Wednesday Night Assault. This sparked a series of retaliatory attacks between the two men that has continued on and off to this day.

Henry and Reb have met 5 times in the ring since then, and will meet again in a steel cage match at the upcoming Revelations PPV.


To date, Reb has held the Underground Title only once, from 6/18/08 to 7/30/08, winning it from Kurt Burton and losing it to Ryan Daniels.

Wrestling Championship Federation

Johnny Reb made an unofficial debut with WCF during the GWC Farewell Match at XIII (Friday, March 13th, 2009) when he emerged from somewhere in the audience and attacked a number of the participants. He was promptly offered a contract, debuted officially ten days later on Slam, defeating both Ryan Daniels and Brad Kane.

Reb was subsequently partnered with Daniels and Chris Avery at Timebomb. Blaming the loss of that match on his partners, Johnny Reb took both men to task over it, culminating in DDTs all around. This was followed by another loss a week later in a US Title contendership match.

Johnny Reb subsequently turned things around, picking up a number of victories in following weeks and earning himself a contendership match for the WCF Title. He defeated Dake Ken to become the number one contender (May 11th, 2009), and gained the attention of World Champion, Torture, who attacked and injured him the following week. Not to be outdone, the Inveterate Confederate got his own revenge a week later.

The main event at Aftermath (May 31st, 2009) could have been Johnny Reb's finest moment, had he successfully dethroned the champ, but Torture assaulted him with the GWC belt, which had become another point of contention between the two.

Feeling that honor remained unsatisfied, Johnny confronted WCF owner Seth Lerch, demanding another title shot. Lerch refused, citing an already-booked contendership match for that night. Left with no option but to take matters into his own hands, Reb sent a message to WCF management when he assaulted the winner of the contendership match, Dake Ken, as soon as it was over.
Although he lost the World Title match at Aftermath, Reb was given a shot at Torture once again; not for the WCF Title, but for the selfsame GWC strap with which he'd been attacked. Johnny gained his first (and so far, only) victory over Torture in a ladder match for possession of the GWC Title, now retired.

Further efforts to gain another title shot have been continually frustrated, until the end of the 6/22 edition of Slam. Following a hard-fought match wherein he was forced to partner with rival Dake Ken, Johnny stormed to Seth Lerch's office once more to demand his opportunity. Upon arrival, Dake and Johnny were both shocked to find Torture emerging from Lerch's office. More shocking was the champ's announcement: that he and Lerch agreed Johnny deserved another shot, and that he had been added to the main event at Blast, making it a three-way match.

That three-way match proved to be a fatal error on Torture's part. The title changed hands when Dake Ken pinned Johnny Reb. The following week, on Slam, Johnny interrupted Ken's in-ring celebration of his victory to challenge him to a World Title match at the upcoming Ultimate Showdown. But not just any match. It was to be the same type of match in which Reb had defeated Torture: a ladder match.

In the following weeks, the feud became heated between Reb and Ken, with Johnny going to great lengths to get under Dake's skin. Yet in the midst of it all, another longtime rival made his own return to professional wrestling just one week before the pay-per-view: Doc Henry. And he made it plain he had unfinished business with Johnny Reb.

During a long, grueling, and spectacular match that featured plenty of high-risk maneuvers, Dake Ken and Johnny Reb gave their all in an ultimate battle for supremacy. Ladders were broken and bodies abused beyond the limits of human endurance in what could be a match of the year contender. Doc Henry caused a minor distraction when he came out from backstage with a chair to watch from ringside. Finally, after suffering a series of devastating dropkicks, Reb managed to rally back to life and climb the ladder, finally becoming WCF's newest World Champion.

Yet this was the match that kicked off Seth Lerch's Championship Series, where Reb was forced to defend against a different opponent each week leading up to August's Revenge pay-per-view. Frequent appearances by longtime rival and former friend Doc Henry added to the tension, until he made his own intentions clear the week before Revenge, proposing an alliance between the two. With some hesitation, Johnny Reb accepted, setting the stage for a formal partnership in the future. Following a more or less successful title defense against Mikami -- thanks to a little intervention by Doc Henry -- WCF owner Seth Lerch announced that the World Title match at Revenge would be a triple threat: Mikami vs. Torture vs. Johnny Reb.

After a wild, intense, and violent match, Johnny Reb locked in the Stars & Bars on Mikami. Mikami made a valiant effort to reach the ropes, but was forced to tap. Unfortunately for Reb, the ref had taken a bump and didn't see the submission. Torture promptly capitalized, forcing Johnny to break his hold by pulling him out of the ring, and locking in a Boston Crab on a thoroughly abused Mikami, thereby regaining the World Title.

Johnny continued to headline shows in main event tag matches, until an early elimination in the eighth War event. In the following weeks, his confidence shaken, Reb seemed to fade into the relative obscurity of the midcard scene as Torture and his newly formed superstable -- the Team of Torture -- began to take over the WCF.

Reb couldn't seem to find the momentum he needed to get back on top following War VIII, until an unsuccessful tag title match against the Superfans gave him a new goal. Already teaming together on a somewhat regular basis, Johnny Reb and Doc Henry decided to make their alliance official, announcing the formation of a brand new tag team on the 11/30/09 edition of Slam: The New Confederacy.

Notable Feuds

In a rivalry that began back in May of this year, Johnny Reb and Dake Ken spent nearly two months battling for the right to challenge former World Champion Torture. Johnny's first title shot, at May's Aftermath pay-per-view, didn't go as well as he'd hoped. He lost the match when Torture attacked him with the GWC World Title while the referee was otherwise distracted.

While Johnny won his match with Torture the following week on Slam to become the final GWC World Champ, it was WCF gold to which Johnny had turned his focus. Earlier that same evening, he demanded a rematch from WCF owner Seth Lerch, who flatly refused. Reb took matters into his own hands, attacking the winner of the World Title contendership match: none other than Dake Ken.

The next edition of Slam saw Johnny Reb facing off against Dake Ken in yet another exciting match. Both men pushed each other to their limits, with Reb using every advantage he could think of. But it just wasn't enough, and Dake Ken picked up the win against Johnny Reb.

In a surprising turn of events, only a week later, Johnny Reb and Dake Ken were paired up to take on the Team of Treachery. While a level of adversity was expected, it was not delivered. Johnny and Dake worked together with the kind of synchronicity rarely seen from singles competitors, and even less frequently from bitter rivals. At the end of a fast-paced and singularly entertaining match, Reb and Ken claimed the victory over ToT.

The two them proceeded to Seth Lerch's office, where they met Torture coming out. Torture promptly announced that he'd talked Lerch into putting Reb into the World Title match at Blast. Suspicious, Dake Ken confronted Johnny Reb, only to be sucker-punched for his efforts.

At Blast, the beginning of the world title match was dominated by Johnny and Dake as Torture repeatedly manipulated them into battling each other, preferring to allow the two men to wear each other out. They caught on quickly, however, and turned the tables, working more or less in tandem to take Torture down. The match grew rapidly more violent as personal squabbles were forgotten in favor of the bigger picture. Botched falls, brutal beatings, and a series of near-falls followed, before Johnny got the upper hand and locked Torture into the Stars and Bars. Just as Torture raised his hand to tap, however, Dake Ken forced Johnny to release the hold. Reb sought revenge, but Ken ultimately picked up the win, pinning Johnny Reb to become the new World Champion.

The following week, Johnny Reb accused Dake Ken of cheating him out of his victory, and challenged him to a ladder match for the World Title, which Ken accepted. WCF OWner Seth Lerch promptly announced that the match, which would take place at Ultimate Showdown, would begin the Championship Series, in which the titleholder would defend his belt every week on Slam until the Revenge PPV. Later in the night, Reb paired with Mikami to take on Dake Ken and US Champ "Slickie T," Allen Guiliano. The match was characterized by cheap shots and dirty tricks that allowed Johnny Reb to hand Guiliano his first loss in the WCF.

While Dake Ken defended his World Title against Ryan Daniels a week later, Johnny Reb took it upon himself to provide guest commentary for the match. The next week saw the two paired up once again to face the returning Exodus: Gravedigger and his brother Chester. But with Ultimate Showdown just around the corner, Reb and Ken couldn't find the chemistry they'd had previously, spending as much time posturing at one another as they did actually wrestling their opponents. The match ended in a DQ when the referee finally caught Gravedigger with a chair in hand.

Ultimate Showdown proved to be the conclusion to this heated rivalry, with Johnny Reb gaining an upset win over veteran Dake Ken.

Johnny Reb's title win earned him the enmity of former World Champ Torture, who did everything in his power to make Reb's life hell in the weeks leading up to Revenge, a pay-per-view event that surely lived up to its name.

Following Johnny's first successful title defense against Gravedigger, Torture's associates Havoc and Death attacked Reb in the ring. Torture then made his appearance, taking the title belt from an unconscious Johnny Reb and holding it up for all to see, a clear indication of his intentions.

The next week, Johnny got some revenge of his own on Havoc, continuing to brutalize his opponent after a double countout. The situation turned ugly when Torture stepped in and attacked Reb yet again. Just as Torture was about to nail Reb with his finisher, announcer Zach Davis – injured in an attack by Torture some weeks prior – made a dramatic return, rushing to the ring to help Johnny out.

Things intensified in the following week, when Reb interrupted Torture during a segment, calling him a villain and insisting that he would put things right once and for all. Torture responded by waiting until after Reb defeated D-Day, getting into the ring with a chair, while Johnny yelled at him to face him like a real man. Tort then turned his attention on Johnny's girlfriend and manager, Dixie Pride, attacking her viciously with the chair before hitting her with the Torture's Device, much to the displeasure of all in attendance. Reb vowed to have his vengeance, but things didn't quite work out that way, and he lost the World Title to Torture at the Revenge PPV.


GWC World Title -- Retired

WCF World Title -- 7/26/09 -- 8/30/09

WCF Tag Titles -- 12/20/09 -- Present

Career Highlights

  • Monday Night Massacre (3/31/08) – Won debut 3-way match vs. Will Washington and Jesse Spade
  • Tuesday Night Aftershock (4/29/08) – Emerged victorious from Main Event 4-way vs. Damage, Gus, and Phantom
  • Kingdom Come II (5/21/08) – Lost TLC 3-way, but began an alliance with Danny Vice that would change the very face of GWC for months to come
  • Vindication (6/18/08) – In a stunning and decisive upset, claims Underground Title from Kurt Burton
  • Wednesday Night Assault (6/25/08) – Defeated Random McRally in a non-title Underground Rules match with his first use of Stars & Bars
  • Tuesday Night Aftershock (7/8/08) – Defeated Doc Henry, Ryan Daniels, and Kurt Burton in a 4-way match
  • Wednesday Night Assault (7/16/08) – Assisted in the systematic in-ring dismantling of Brad Kane following Spike Kane’s shocking turn on his own brother, thus heralding the age of the Machine
  • Viva La GWC (7/23/08) – Successfully defended Underground Title against Brad Kane, with a little help from his friends
  • Day of Reckoning (9/17/08) – Participated in Conquest Match for World Title shot
  • Wednesday Night Assault (10/15/08) – Defeated Doc Henry and “The Icon” J.T. Hunt in a 3-way Fan’s Favorite qualifier for Dire Straits
  • Dire Straits (10/22/08) – Won Fan’s Favorite 4-way vs. Xavier Ryan Hudson, Felipe Salarose, and “The Icon” J.T. Hunt
  • Omerta (11/26/08) – Participated in first-ever Midnight Crusade
  • Wednesday Night Assault (1/7/09) – Joined the Axis and ended his recent losing streak by defeating the Iron Patriot
  • Slam (2/23/09) – defeated longtime rivals Ryan Daniels and Brad Kane in a 3-way dance
  • Explosion (4/26/09) -- Dual victory w/Ryan Daniels vs. Triangle
  • Slam (5/4/09) -- Defeated Dake Ken, Chris Avery, and Corey Black in a 4-way match
  • Slam (5/11/09) -- Defeated Dake Ken to become number one contender for the WCF Title
  • Aftermath (5/31/09) -- Lost to Torture with WCF Title on the line, but made an impressive showing
  • Slam (6/8/09) -- Defeated Torture in a ladder match to gain possession of GWC Title (now retired)
  • Slam (6/22/09) -- Defeated Team of Treachery w/Dake Ken
  • Slam (7/6/09) -- Defeated Slickie T/Dake Ken w/Mikami
  • Ultimate Showdown (7/26/09) -- Defeated Dake Ken in a ladder match for WCF Title
  • Slam (8/3/09) -- Defeated Gravedigger
  • Slam (9/14/09) -- Defeated Torture/Death/Havoc w/Doc Henry/Mikami
  • Slam (10/5/09) -- First ever tag title match vs. Superfans.  Although Doc/Reb failed to gain the titles, the match gave them the impetus to try again
  • Slam (11/9/09) -- Defeated Mikami/Ryan Daniels w/Doc Henry
  • Slam (11/30/09) -- Defeated Mikami
  • One (12/20/09) -- Defeated Big Time Jerks and Mikami/Daniels in triple threat ladder match for tag titles


  • Confederate Cannonball (Frogsplash)
  • Double Axehandle
  • Diving Crossbody
  • Springboard Bulldog
  • Diving Fist Drop
  • Moonsault
  • Moonsault Leg Drop
  • Flying Neckbreaker
  • Diving Hurricanrana
  • Flying Clothesline

Signature Moves

  • Saturday Night Special (Corkscrew shooting star DDT -- can be substituted as finisher)
  • Southern Star (Shooting Star Senton)
  • Southern Cross (Cross Kneelock)


  • Southern Discomfort (Shooting star elbow drop)
  • Stars & Bars (submission) -- It starts out as an arm twist ropewalk chop. Instead of releasing the opponent after he drops from the top rope, he maintains his hold and turns it into a modified abdominal stretch.

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