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John Stape
Occupation Taxi driver
Spouse(s) Fiz Brown (2009)
First appearance 6th May 2007
Duration 2007-2008, 2009
Played by Graeme Hawley

John Stape has been Fiz Brown's boyfriend on-and-off since 2007.





John Stape first appeared in May 2007 as a Drama teacher at Weatherfield High School. Linking with the residents, it transpired that he was Fiz Brown's ex-lover. Romance blossommed between the pair again and Fiz left her then, current partner Kirk Sutherland to be with him. In November that year, he moved in with Fiz and Maria Sutherland on the Street.

Relationship with Rosie Webster

John began tutoring Sally Webster for her A-Level in English Literature and she developed a crush on him. Sally eventually told John that she had feelings for him but John made it clear Sally's feelings weren't reciprocated.

He then entered into an affair with Rosie Webster, Sally's oldest daughter, who was at the time 16 years old. Based on the relationship with John, she decided to return to Weatherfield High. Fiz became suspicious of him when she walked into the local knicker factory with John in a compromising position with Sally. Fiz slapped Sally and told Sally's husband Kevin about what had happened. Fiz got it all wrong though, because John was actually getting something out of Sally's eye at the time.

The relationship between John and Rosie lasted until Christmas Day, when due to a present mix-up, Rosie's family found out about the affair. As Fiz confronted Sally, believing her to be the culprit, Rosie entered the house carrying the present intended for Fiz. Outside, John was beaten to the floor by an outraged Kevin, who was ultimately arrested and kept in custody during the Christmas period. After being released from hospital John decided to go and stay with a mate which Rosie didn't seem that bothered about. Rosie suggested they stop seeing each other to which John responded angrily to ensure that they were obviously through.


John returned several days after Christmas to try and reconcilate with Fiz. As John leaned in to kiss Fiz, she responded, but when Rosie walked in the pain of John's betrayal came flooding back to her.

Return to the Street

John returned in July 2008, he tried to rekindle his romance with Fiz yet again, she responded by slapping him. On that very day, Lloyd Mullaney gave him a job working at Street Cars as a new driver, a job which John had been doing since quitting teaching. When John waited outside Underworld for Fiz again, when Rosie saw them, wearing a more revealing dress than usual. When Kevin heard about John taking a job with Streetcars, Kevin went shouting at Lloyd and Eileen. Fiz's younger brother Chesney confronted John, aware of his affair with Rosie in 2007. When he confronted John, who was talking with Lloyd at the time, Chesney kicked John's taxi and smashed the wing mirror. John then went to confront Rosie and told her to keep out of his life.

John also brought Chesney a bike for his birthday, Chesney and Fiz immediately suspected it to be from Cilla, their mother, but when Chesney discovered who the extravagant gift was from, he dumped the bike on the street, only for it to be found by Fiz, who told John to never go near her or Chesney again, or she would call the police. He and Fiz then struck a close friendship. Their friendship continued smoothly since John had fixed Fiz's DVD player, but after Chesney had returned from Las Vegas, John saw him getting a pasting from some bullies and John saved him. But Chesney, instead of being grateful for John saving him told Fiz that John had hit him. When Fiz was told, she slapped John before going to ask Chesney's girlfriend Kayleigh about what really happened, and forgave John after going out for a drink with him. When Kevin became wound up, they went back to Fiz's where they shared a kiss, but John left immediately and apologised, feeling shaken. When Fiz told Maria she'd kissed John, Maria was angry about Fiz kissing John and Fiz didn't want Chesney to know.

Rosie's abduction

After John revealed that his grandmother had only just passed away, Fiz attended the funeral with John, after she threw a sickie just to comfort him. After a few days, Fiz agreed to give John another chance. However, she broke up with him once more after she discovered that he was planning on moving her away to his grandmother's house in the country. John, angered that Rosie had spoiled his chances with Fiz because of their affair, was tipped over the edge when he spotted Rosie kissing her new boyfriend outside a nightclub. Angrily reminded that she was the cause of his misfortune, he bundled her into the back of his cab, driving at high-speed through the streets of Weatherfield. He condemned her for destroying his relationship and his career, he was later questioned by the police when Rosie went missing a week later.

In October 2008, John was involved in a car smash. Fiz immediately rushed to his bedside and confessed that she couldn't be apart from him and the couple reconciled. It was later revealed that John was holding Rosie prisoner in his deceased Grandmother's attic.

When Fiz went to feed "John's cat", after he'd lost his keys, the cat was nowhere to be found. When she arrived, she saw womans underwear and guessed John was cheating on her again. When John arrived having rushed with customers in his cab, he told Fiz everything and when he and Fiz went to confront Rosie she sprang out and hit John with a bat, leaving him unconscious and ran out past Fiz. John was arrested and Kevin threatened he would be waiting for him when he comes out.


In January 2009, Fiz turned up at court to watch John get sentenced to prison. John stated he had no thought of hurting Rosie. He was sentenced to prison for 2 years (parole in 1 month) and was led away to his cell. Fiz was distraught after this. Kevin was happy that he was put into prison and celebrated in the Rovers. Rosie sold her story of her kidnapping to the newspaper, and actually made a mockery of it, claiming that John wanted to make her a slave.

Helping Fiz

When Chesney was getting bullied at school by Kenzie, Fiz decided to get help for home schooling. She then went to John for help and advice, despite the fact he kidnapped Rosie Webster. But as time passed, it was clear that Fiz still had feelings for him. Im May 2009, John ended up in hospital and Fiz was worried about what happened. Nobody at the prison or hospital told her what happened to John. When she went to visit him, she found out he was badly beaten up. Chesney found out that Fiz had been seeing John and called her a liar and started accusing her of using the home schooling as an excuse to see John. Chesney told Sophie, who told her parents. Sally attacked Fiz in her house accusing her of helping John kidnap Rosie and being behind it. Chesney then told Fiz that she has a choice, choose over him or John Stape. Fiz returned to the prison to tell John about this. John told her it was best they split up again and she returns to Coronation Street and tells everyone. Fiz was upset and didn't want to leave him, but he said it was for the best and when she left, not to return or get in contact. On 1st June, Fiz sent John a letter, but he sent it back making it clear they shouldn't get back into contact.

Engagement to Fiz

Early in July 2009, Fiz tried to get into the prison to see John, but she could not get in.

She eventually handcuffed herself to the prison railings until they let her see John, the prison warden was watching the cctv and asked John into his office, as John came in he saw Fiz take out a huge banner that read the words: "MARRY ME JOHN STAPE" She was allowed inside the prison, after talking about him being on suicide watch Fiz and John's meeting came to an end.

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