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John Maxson
race: Human
affiliation: Brotherhood of Steel
role: High Elder
location: Lost Hills bunker
family: Roger Maxson - grandfather
Maxson II - father
Jeremy Maxson - descendant
Jonathan Maxson - descendant
Arthur Maxson - descendant
appearances: Fallout
mentioned in: Fallout 3
SPECIAL: 8 ST, 8 PE, 7 EN, 6 CH, 9 IN, 7 AG, 6 LK
dialogue file: MAXSON.MSG
actor: Frank Welker

General John Maxson was the grandson of Roger Maxson, the founder of the Brotherhood of Steel. He was born in 2097, twenty years after the Great War, in the Lost Hills bunker. In 2135, at the age of 38, he became a Paladin, showing tremendous promise as a soldier, and some time after that he became the Head Paladin. In 2155, after his father was killed by the Vipers, he became the High Elder of the Brotherhood. When he met the Vault Dweller in 2162, he was 65.

Appearances in games

John Maxson appeared only in the first Fallout game. In the game, he was referred to only as General Maxson, and he was given a first name only in Chris Avellone's Fallout Bible, where all the dates mentioned in this article also come from, although some of it might have appeared already in the original Fallout timeline by Brian Freyermuth. He is mentioned in Fallout 3 along with his ally The Vault Dweller, on a computer console dedicated to the Maxson family located in the Citadel.


After you ask Maxson if you could get new weapons you can keep asking him for more and more weapons, however after he tells you to speak with Mathia No dialog screen will show up, this is likely to change once you tell maxson about the super mutant threat(for some odd reason)

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Lost Hills Security Bunker

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