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  3. Illogical or previously disproven.
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  • In the flash-sideways timeline, John will never meet his birth parents. He became paralyzed another way. This would also mean that he never met Helen (at least, they didn't meet in the counseling group John was going to).

Locke's Positive Attitude On the Non-Crashing Plane

  • You guys are over analyzing. Some of the characters' histories has been changed as a result of the explosion in 1977 - Locke in this new timeline is happier (note also Jack and Desmond don't remember each other, and Hurley thinks he's lucky)
  • Locke actually did get to go on the Walkabout, which would explain why he is in such a chipper mood on the plane/off the pla
    • This flight is not necessarily the same day as the original Flight 815, so the timing of the walkabout and flight may allow time for Locke to have gone on the walkabout
      • Actually it has to be the same day seeing as how Jack was still transporting his father's body home and that Boone was attempting to bring Shannon home. Things which happened at very specific times.
  • Locke was lying to Boone. The positive attitude is an act. Why tell a stranger on a plane that you were just humiliated by some jerk with a ponytail when you can portray yourself as a bad-ass Crocodile Dundee?
    • Locke did not go on the walkabout, Flight 815 left the same day or the day after Locke was told that he couldn't go because of his condition. The walkabout agency still wouldn't allow a person in a wheelchair to go along. He was just lying to Boone to save himself the shame.
  • Locke was replaced by Jacob's nemesis. The nemesis tells Ben that Locke was the only one who didn't want to go home, and that he wants exactly the opposite of what Locke wants which is to go back home. Previous episodes show Locke being in complete wreck and depression leading to his flight back to Los Angeles, so how he suddenly becomes very happy? It must be that the nemesis took Locke's body in the new dimension, which he's heading back to Locke's home as the nemesis wants to, and it seems that the nemesis is going to be doing some damage in the new dimension.
    • Also hinting that this is the case, the screen goes directly from nemesis saying he wants what Locke didn't want which is to go back home, to the screen where Jack and Locke meet at the airport baggage claim when Jack is trying to inquire about Christian's coffin whereabouts.
      • This also hints that Christian's missing coffin very well might have something to do with the nemesis' actions.
      • If Smokey/Nemesis took the place of Locke why would it/he care about trying to locate Locke's knives? Wouldn't he just want to go to his "home"? Also, why would we assume Smokey's home is off the island? Doesn't something like the temple seem like a more proper home?
    • The Nemesis tells Ben that Locke was the only one "who didn't want to leave"--as in "leave the Island." John loved his new on-Island life and had no interest in being "rescued." Conversely, the Nemesis wants to leave where he is now and return home. The quote was "I want what John Locke didn't want...I want to go home."
      • While you are right about the wording I think you have wrongly interpreted MIB's definition of home, I think that by home he merely means the Temple, which I'm assuming he wasn't able to enter while Jacob was alive, hence the sudden rush to defensive measures when the Others learn of Jacob's death.
    • I'm not sure that the theory that new dimesion Locke is Smocke (Locke + Smokey)is correct. But to lend some help, we have clearly been shown that time travel is important to the show. Therefore, maybe Smocke could leave the Island through the time porthole and therefore alter the events that played out.
    • Nemesis is supposed to be a guard for the Temple so why isn't he allowed to go in. This is mentioned numerous times that the black smoke is indeed a "security system".
    • One of the reasons why Locke was so against going home before was because the Island healed him and he could walk. Parallel Locke was never healed, he's still in a wheelchair, and never went on the walkabout. That's why he's happy to go home.
      • Locke wanted to stay on the island because it was the first place he'd been who he wanted to be; based on the walkabout thing Parallel Lock told Boone, I think it's safe to assume that Parallel Locke wants to be that same person. He wouldn't be happy to go home just because he didn't know there was somewhere out there that could heal him - he would still be depressed to return to his life as a paraplegic box company employee. The chipper attitude was a brave front.

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