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Johji, known as Cedric in the English DDM video game, is Hiroto Honda's baby nephew. He is recognizable for wearing a duck costume.


The baby, is an admirer of Seto Kaiba, is lecherous towards Anzu and other females, and spews curse words at times. He calls Honda by his given name, Hiroto.


Honda takes Johji to Kaiba's amusement park, KaibaLand. When Honda sees Kaiba forcing Yugi to partake in Death-T, Honda volunteers to help Yugi and takes Johji with him, although Johji starts cheering for Kaiba.

In Death-T 1 Honda gives Anzu Johji to mind while he takes part in the shootout. Johji immediatly starts flirting in a perverter manner to Anzu. After Honda realizes he, Yugi and Jonouchi have been given dud guns, he curses Kaiba. This enrages Johji, who grabs Anzu's gun and starts shooting at the boys for bad mouthing Kaiba. This showed the gang that Anzu, who had been employed by kaibaLand had been given an operational gun. Johji helps Honda in the shootout by hiding on Honda's back with the working gun as part of a sneak attack. Honda had previosuly offered him a bath with Anzu in exchange for his help, but Anzu blatently refuses.

At the start of Death-T 2 the group are put on an electric chair ride, where the riders would be electrocuted if they screamed. Johji however wasn;t strapped to a chair. Worrying that Anzu might get killed on this ride, Johji went back to the butler, who had been orchestrating the ride and defecated on him, causing him to roar and get electrocuted.

Later in Death-T 2 Johji gets kidnapped by the Chopman. He lies about being alone in a chamber in order to please Kaiba, but later finds out that Kaiba doesn't care if the Chopman kills him. Jonouchi then battles the Chopman to save Johji.

During Death-T 3 Johji falls asleep while the gang are left waiting in an empty room.

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