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Jogres are relatively large monsters that mostly dwell on Karamja. The level 53 Jogres found on Karamja have a maximum hit of 7, and may therefore pose problems to lower level players exploring the jungle. They are little threat to the higher levelled players, however, and will not attack players over level 107. Level 58 Jogres are found only in the God Wars Dungeon. These stronger Jogres can hit a maximum of 8 damage, and are aggressive to anyone that is not wearing an item associated with Bandos.

The name is probably a portmanteau of 'Jungle' and 'Ogre'.




In ancient times, they were brought to the jungles of Karamja by the god Bandos, who bred them to become what they are today. During the God Wars, they fought for Bandos, in many locations, among them the God Wars Dungeon.

Champions' Challenge

Jogres are one of the 'races' who have lesser champions in the Champions' Challenge minigame. To fight the Jogre Champion, the player must kill jogres until one drops a Champion scroll, which is a very rare drop.


100% drop

Weapon and armour drops

Rune drops

Seed drops


Other drops


Charm drop percentages
No Charm


37 - 40%

2 - 3%

3 - 4%

0 - 1%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 3,511 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)

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