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This is the third character Structure Deck in the Japanese OCG. The majority of cards in this Structure Deck are used by Joey Wheeler in the anime.

Deck Specifications

OCG Set Card Ratios

OCG Set Card Galleries
1st Edition
Japanese -

OCG Set Card Lists

Spoiler Card List

JY-01 Red-Eyes B. Dragon

JY-02 Swordsman of Landstar (Super Rare)

JY-03 Luminous Soldier (Ultra Rare)

JY-04 Command Knight (Ultra Rare)

JY-05 Panther Warrior

JY-06 Jinzo

JY-07 Time Wizard

JY-08 Battle Warrior

JY-09 Alligator's Sword

JY-10 Baby Dragon x 2

JY-11 Axe Raider

JY-12 Copycat

JY-13 Rocket Warrior

JY-14 Gearfried the Iron Knight

JY-15 Hayabusa Knight

JY-16 Goblin Attack Force

JY-17 Karate Man

JY-18 Sangan

JY-19 Witch of the Black Forest

JY-20 Penguin Soldier

JY-21 Goddess with the Third Eye x 2

JY-22 Scapegoat

JY-23 Axe of Despair

JY-24 Pot of Greed

JY-25 Giant Trunade x 2

JY-26 Polymerization x 2

JY-27 Dark Hole

JY-28 Graceful Dice

JY-29 Skull Dice

JY-30 Trap Hole x 2

JY-31 Kunai with Chain

JY-32 Graverobber

JY-33 Call of the Haunted

JY-34 Dust Tornado x 2

JY-35 Fairy's Hand Mirror

JY-36 Magical Arm Shield

JY-37 Thousand Dragon

JY-38 Alligator's Sword Dragon

JY-39 Rock Ogre Grotto #1

JY-40 Armored Lizard

JY-41 Garoozis

JY-42 Tiger Axe

JY-43 Milus Radiant

JY-44 Shield & Sword

JY-45 Gaia Power

JY-46 Fusion Sage

JY-47 Nobleman of Crossout x 2

JY-48 Fake Trap x 2

JY-49 Ultimate Offering

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