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Joe McIntyre
Occupation Kitchen fitter
Born 1955
Residence 8 Coronation Street
Died 2010
Spouse(s) Anna McIntyre (1990) Gail Platt (2010)
Children Tina McIntyre (1991)
Step-Children: David Platt
Nick Tilsley
Sarah Grimshaw
First appearance 26th May 2008
Last appearance 2010
Duration 2008 to 2010
Played by Reece Dinsdale

Joe McIntyre, played by Reece Dinsdale, first appeared on the street on 26th May 2008, he later appeared on 13th June where he met his daughters boyfriend David. He then came to Coronation Street to appear permenantly in August 2008.




Relationship with Gail Platt

He later began a relationship with Gail Platt, whose son was dating his daughter Tina. The relationship was later revealed in October 2008 when David and Tina walked in on them kissing.

Fued with the Windasses

When Joe fitted a kitchen for the Windas Family, they refused to pay up as they didn't like the work. David, Tina and Grahame later arrived and tore out the kitchen. They later stole Joe's tools. They moved into Coronation Street in December 2008. The mother Anna Windass wanted to make peace with them and talked to Gail about it, who accepted. However, when they spent Christmas together, a fight broke out between David and Gary Windass, who tried to flirt with Tina. Joe got angry and started throwing food at them, and told them to leave. This had worried Gail.

Painkiller Addiction

Joe did his back in when loading up his van, and had to take 2 weeks from work. When prescribed painkillers, he began to get addicted over the coming months. In order to get painkillers from the doctors, he said he still had a sore back. When his doctor cut down the amount of tablets, Joe tried to find a dealer. When Grahem offered to get him some painkillers, Joe agreed and got some for free. However, Grahem said Joe would have to pay if he wanted anymore painkillers. David Platt got in on the act and started taunting and teasing Joe.

Joe had enough, so took drastic action. He stole Gail's keys to the medical Centre and let himself in, and started smashing up cupboards with his hammer trying to get to the drugs. The police later arrived to arrest him, and he got community service.

Soon after this, he had bought up a boat from Bill Webster (who he started doing jobs for), and got it done up, in hope for selling it for a lot of money. However, he didn't sell it in the end.

Proposing to Gail

Joe and Gail had dinner on the back of the boat on her drive. Joe then proposed to Gail, which she happily accepted.

Debt with Loan Sharks

In December 2009, it was revealed that Joe was in debt with a loan shark named Rick, who he owed £9,000. Rick began bothering Joe, so Joe gave Rick the van which he hoped would at least be worth the amount of money Joe owes him. Rick however returned, damanding more money. When Gail found out, she agreed to sell the house and help him pay off his debts. However, even though Joe was happy for Gail's support, he quickly needed the money to get Rick of his back.

So Joe later borrowed money from Gail's dad Ted Page, saying he is putting it towards a flat for him and Gail. Ted was happy to help. However, Joe later gave the cash to Rick, and told Rick to stay clear of his wedding which was coming up.

Marriage to Gail

In January 2010, Gail and Joe got married, with Gail's dad giving her away and Gail's son Nick Tilsley being the best man. When they where celebrating in the Rovers, Rick turned up and demanded Joe to pay £15,000 pounds in interest. Rick also threatened Joe, saying he will hurt his daughter Tina. Joe and Gail left for their honeymoon at the Lake District. Joe was however worried with what Rick was going to do.

Insurance Scam

On 11th January 2010, Gail and Joe arrived back from the honeymoon. When Gail went to bed, Joe was looking up information on getting himself life insurance on the internet.


  • Wife: Anna McIntyre (divorced)   Gail Platt
  • Daughter: Tina McIntyre,  Step-Children: David Platt, Nick Tilsley and Sarah Grimshaw

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