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Joe Hayakawa (ジョー・ハヤカワ, Jō Hayakawa) is the father of the Hayakawa twins, Yu and Ai, and husband to Marie Hayakawa. He is a geologist, who goes off to explore the dark pillar that appeared in the Sea of Japan with his wife.


Joe and his wife, Marie, were first pulled into Wonderland twelve years prior to events of the main story, when a mysterious dark pillar appeared in the middle of the Sea of Japan. Upon arriving in Wonderland, they were intrigued by the exotic flora and fauna that could be found throughout this world and spent some time studying it. During their journey through Wonderland, they found two seemingly abandoned infants, twins, a boy and a girl. In spite of the fact that the children were not of their world, and possibly not even human, Joe and his wife took the twins with them back to their world. They named the twins Ai and Yu and raised them as their own, both of them growing up and behaving just like any other human child.

Joe and Marie leave for Wonderland again when Ai and Yu were twelve years old, but are away for a very long period of time. This prompts the twins to travel to the Wonderland in search of them. In truth, Joe and his wife were captured by Earl Tyrant, and under the influence of Herba's Manipulas, used their research abilities to further the Earl's plans. Though they were freed from the Earl's control, they ended up in the hands of the C2 Organization. The two are held in London until Kaze arrives to fight Soljashy while destroying C2's base. The two escaped in the crossfire thanks to Natalia Bornakov.


  • Both Joe and Marie, despite being Japanese, have noticeably Western names. However, it is likely the couple's name is a reference to Mary and Joseph, the Earthly parents of Jesus Christ. This is somewhat fitting, considering that this couple comes to care for children that are not of their world.

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