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Joe Corroney is an artist who has created several covers for IDW Publishing's Star Trek comics.

His first Star Trek covers were for the Klingons: Blood Will Tell miniseries, which he provided a cover for each issue of the series. His cover for the first issue was of limited availability and could be found both with and without cover titles. His cover for the second issue was used as one of the two standard covers and also available as a limited release sketch version. His third issue cover was again used as one of the two standard covers for the issue and his cover for the forth issue was produced as the limited availability cover for the issue.

He also created covers for the final two issues of the The Space Between miniseries, used as one of the two standard covers, his cover for the fifth issue is going to used as the cover for the omnibus edition of the miniseries.

After The Space Between finished a new miniseries, Year Four began, which Corroney provided covers for each issue of, again as one of the two standard covers available for each issue. His first and fifth issue covers were also issued as a limited availability sketch version.

Corroney's most recent cover was for the first issue of Intelligence Gathering, the cover was used as one of the standard covers, and as a limited retail incentive version without the cover titles.



Sketch covers


  • Joe Corroney's website
  • Joe Corroney's MySpace
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Joe Corroney
"Most of us artists out there who have been doing Star Wars art for years already had our bodies surgically altered with the "Lucasfilm implant". Right after I signed the contract for my very first Star Wars project about twelve years ago all I can remember are a couple of guys in stormtrooper armor showing up at my apartment and abducting me in the middle of the night and then waking up at Skywalker Ranch the next day wandering around Lake Ewok in my pajamas with some fresh stitches in the back of my head. The implant keeps us from talking about scripts, sharing photographs and exposing other top secret information about their movies before they are released for fear of our heads exploding."
―Joe Corroney

Joe Corroney is an illustrator who has provided Lucasfilm with official Star Wars artwork for related books, games, trading cards and magazines since 1996, penciling Star Wars: Empire for Dark Horse Comics.

Other comic books he has illustrated include Crimson Dynamo for Marvel Comics, Green Lantern for DC Comics, Parts Unknown for Image, and Blood and Roses for Blue Line Pro. Along with developing his creator owned comic book series, Death Avenger, he also recently illustrated Spike Vs. Dracula for IDW Publishing. Currently, he's creating new Star Wars artwork for Lucasfilm and Star Wars Insider.

Joe is also the creator of the characters Kai Justiss and his master Ur-Sema Du.


Star Wars artwork

Star Wars Insider

Star Wars Gamer


  • Star Wars: Empire 25: Idiot's Array, Part 2
  • Star Wars: Empire 31: The Price of Power
  • Rookies: Day Long Remembered

Roleplaying game

Trading cards

  • Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith trading card series
  • Star Wars Heritage trading card series
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars trading card series


Fan publications

  • Star Wars Online Journal Volume 2 #4 cover
  • Echo Base Convention charity poster
  • Echo Base 7 cover
  • Blue Harvest 18, 19, 21
  • Journal of the Whills 24 cover

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