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Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop

map marker: Jocko's Pop and Gas Stop
cell name: zGasStation02
ref id: 000190AC

Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop is an isolated, single shack in the Southwest of the game map that looks like a Coke commercial got nuked. It's located East of Girdershade, just South of the highway passing over Girdershade. There's a vending machine, and various items inside, but the draw might be the Workbench. There's no bed, but perhaps a good place to take a breather en route to somewhere else.

Notable loot


  • A Workbench can be found here. Very convenient since you find the schematic of the Bottlecap Mine.
  • The (former) inhabitants are unknown as there is no bed and the till is empty.
  • The source of Signal Sierra Victor is located SE of Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop.
  • After completing the Waters of Life quest, a Vertibird may drop off some Enclave troops directly in front of you, however the same place is also a spawn for 2 Giant Radscorpions if the PC is a high enough level resulting in a battle.
  • After downloading the Broken Steel Add-on the Enclave Soldiers may be attacked by 3 Albino Radscorpions.


  • There may be a box of Mentats on the back, that will be impossible to get. It'll be slightly inside the wall. They can be taken on the PS3 using the L2 camera trick.

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