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The Brute Captain is a Covenant Brute (Jiralhanae) rank.



Brute Captains are the approximate counterparts of the Sangheili Major Domo rank, often leading very small groups of lesser Brutes in field combat. However, their shielding is much weaker than that of a Major Domo Elite, and slightly stronger than that of a Minor Domo. Their physical resistance compensates for this weakness.

Brute Captains are seasoned veteran Brutes, and are more heavily armored and heavily armed than the standard Brute warrior. They wear purple-blue armor with a silvery hue. In Halo 3, they also appear to play some sort of ceremonial rank.

Appearances of Brute Captains in the Halo 3 campaign vary based on the difficulty played, but some appear in certain levels regardless.

Captains in Halo 2 wear blue armor and helmets with a red flag on their back.


Brute captains are more tactical and significantly tougher than their lesser brethren, and they will hold their ground more often. The armor they wear is much stronger than the standard Brute warrior and are far more effective killing machines. Their combat effectiveness, is due to more experience in the field and heavy weapons.


They wear the standard Brute warrior partial body armor in Halo 2, but are shown with a small red flag extending from their back or shoulder. In Halo 3, they can be seen with full-body Power Armor with large, similarly-colored headdresses showing their rank instead of the flags.


In Halo 2, the standard and iconic armament of the Brute Captain is the Brute Shot and it is almost exclusively wielded by Captains. However, they uncommonly wield Brute Plasma Rifles (in Halo 2 only) Covenant Carbines, or Shotguns at times. In Halo 3, their range of weaponry differs, and in addition to the Brute Shot, they wield both the Spiker and the Plasma Rifle.
Red Brute captains were originally going to be used for this position, but were scrapped and replaced with violet coloring during production of Halo 3 for unknown reasons.


A Red Brute. Never appear in-game, the only one ever seen is Lepidus; also Tartarus, before becoming Chieftain wore this armor.

The Brute Captain, sports more defenses than the standard Brute and is therefore more difficult to engage, especially on higher difficulty settings. Their primary tactics are to bombard an enemy at range. with the high-caliber explosive projectiles from the Brute Shot and they also sport a ferocious melee attack at close range, making the options available to the player limited, when encountering a Brute Captain.

The safest option, is to use the Particle Beam Rifle from long range, although it takes several headshots to penetrate the thick helmet and skull of the Brute Captain, although the player may choose to resort to the M6C Magnum, Covenant Carbine, or BR55HB SR Battle Rifle, those three weapons, are effective against Brute Captains. At close range, the Energy Sword and the Shotgun are recommended. A preferable tactic when approaching any Brute Captain, with a shotgun is to put a quick burst into their chest and quickly follow up with a beat-down to the face. This tactic can kill a Brute Captain (on any difficulty) with efficiency (strictly Halo 3).

Brute Captain Regular vs. Brute Bodyguard

The Brute Captain Regulars and the common Brute Bodyguard look similar, (especially in dim lighting), but there are significant differences in their Power Armor color. The Brute Captain Regulars have a violet tinge to the armor, but the bodyguards have a more indigo color. It can be difficult to tell in the heat of combat and due to the fact that the armor shape is identical for both.

Jiralhanae Military Ranks
Commanders Army CommanderChieftain of the Jiralhanae
Standard Chieftains ChieftainWar Chieftain
Captains CaptainCaptain MajorCaptain UltraShip Master/Alpha Brute
Specialists StalkerJump PackBodyguard
Infantry MinorMajorUltra
Others Honor Guardsman

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