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Hair color



Bipedal[2], pom-pom tufts of hair, black noses[1]

Famous members
"A Jinda's life is fun and games, because work and play are just the same!"

The Jindas were a sentient species noted for their energetic nature and desire to entertain others with their natural performing skills. One group of Jindas departed Eriadu around 130 BBY aboard the starship Free Enterprise, bound for Kuna's Eye in the Moddell sector. However, their ship crashed on the forest moon of Endor and the survivors found themselves stranded. Over time, they became a nomadic tribe, wandering the surface of the moon and entertaining its other inhabitants.


Biology and appearance

Jindas were a bipedal[2] sentient species which varied in size from slender to rotund. They could be recognized by their characteristic pom-pom tufts of red red hair and their black noses. Their red-banded necks had the ability to expand, making them appear larger than they actually were. This ability served two purposes; as a defensive mechanism when the Jinda was threatened or as a display which was used by males when attempting to impress a female.[1] Jindas bore markings on their bodies, which varied between individuals and reached as high as the neck.[2] Jindas had large mouths filled with blunt, cube-shaped teeth. The teeth marked them as a herbivorous species, though they known to be fond of eating.[1]

Society and culture

Jindas were a genial species who were said to always have a smile for strangers and displayed a high level of energy, regardless of their physical condition. They had an inborn talent for performing, with skills including juggling, magic, dancing and music, and enjoyed using their talents to entertain others. Though they excelled in performing, Jindas were lacking in other abilities, displaying a poor sense of direction and a limited long-term memory.[1]

Jinda society was based around entertainment, using their natural performance skills to entertain others. Jindas were also fond of storytelling, though their poor long-term memory gave them a habit of embellishing their tales. In this, their poor memory proved advantageous as the unintended exaggerations tended to make their stories more entertaining for the listeners. However, no matter how much a Jinda might exaggerate, their stories were always based around a central truth.[1]

The Jinda tribe living on the forest moon of Endor were nomadic, spending their time wandering the vast distances between settlements and using their talents to entertain the lifeforms they encountered. They were a peaceful group, having no enemies on Endor, and often acting as neutral parties, carrying messages between the moon's warring inhabitants.[1]


Jindas were known to the wider galactic community as early as 130 years before the Battle of Yavin. Around 130 BBY, several hundred Jinda and Tulgah settlers departed Eriadu, bound for Kuna's Eye in the Moddell sector aboard the colony starship Free Enterprise. The vessel never reached its intended destination, crashing on Endor and stranding both groups on the unfamiliar forest moon. The Jindas adapted quickly, however, and were able to make a new home for themselves. Jinda chroniclers later claimed that their people established a stable agricultural settlement on Endor, but they attracted the wrath of a Force-sensitive being known as the Rock Wizard and were forbidden to ever again settle down. The tribe became nomadic, taking the name "The Travelling Jindas" and wandering across Endor, using their talents to entertain the native species. Their poor direction sense meant that encounters with hostile Dulok tribes were infrequent, but also made it difficult for them to find tribes of their favorite audience, the native Ewoks. As a result, the Ewoks came to refer to this as "The Curse of the Jindas" and adopted the name "Jinda" as a derogatory term for nomadic members of their own species who shunned their traditional sedentary lifestyle. The fate of the Free Enterprise remained unknown to the galaxy until the Travelling Jindas were discovered by traders from the Alliance to Restore the Republic following the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY.[1]

Behind the scenes

Jindas were created for the fifth episode of the Star Wars: Ewoks animated television series, titled "The Travelling Jindas." The species later reappeared in the show's seventh episode, "The Curse of the Jindas." Early sources to reference the Jindas, including the second edition of A Guide to the Star Wars Universe and Star Wars Encyclopedia, described them as a tribe of Ewoks. The term "Jinda" was also used to refer to nomadic Ewoks in the video game Star Wars: Galaxies. Daniel Wallace's 2008 article Castaways of Endor established that the Jindas from Star Wars: Ewoks were just one tribe from a non-Endorian species which had become stranded on the planet.



Notes and references


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