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Flash-sideways Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 lands at LAX)
Jin-Soo Kwon
Jin-Soo Kwon
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Jin-Soo Kwon
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Mr. Kwon - Adoptive Father
Jin's mother - Mother

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You may be looking for his counterpart in the original timeline.

Jin-Soo Kwon is an Oceanic Flight 815 passenger, traveling with his employer's daughter, Sun-Hwa Paik.


Before flight 815

Jin-Soo Kwon was born into the peasant class in the fishing village of Namhae, on the Southern Coast of Korea. He grew up in a single parent household because his mother, a prostitute, abandoned him as an infant; it is unknown whether the man who raised him is his biological father. Jin was led to believe that his mother was dead, and was unaware that she had sex with many men and was still alive. Mr. Kwon, a fisherman, proudly raised Jin as his son. ("D.O.C.")

Because these events predate the Incident in 1977, they are assumed to have also taken place in the alternate timeline.

Flight 815

On the flight, Jin is transporting a watch to Los Angeles and appears to be traveling with Sun-Hwa Paik (his wife in the main timeline), who is daughter of his employer. He later notices Sun smiling and asks why. She replies by pointing at Rose and Bernard, commenting how happy they seem to be. Jin then orders her to button up her sweater. He later stares at the watch he was supposed to deliver during the plane's landing. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")

After flight 815

At the airport, Jin is later questiond by customs about the watch and about the money they had.("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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More details...
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Jin-Soo Kwon (flash-sideways timeline)/Theories
  • Is he still married to Sun?
    • If not, why was she with him?
  • What is the significance of the watch?

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