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Work for Mr. Paik

  • Jin has performed more violent acts than have been shown so far, and is better versed in firearms than originally thought. His knowledge of a Glock pistol surprises Sayid. His one year of training he alluded to in a flashback may have covered this. Sun intervenes in his initial confrontation with Michael claiming that she was protecting him from what Jin might do to him.
    • Jin could have learned his his gun skills in the army as national service isn't optional in South Korea.
  • At the 2007 Emmy Lost Panel discussion hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, all of the actors playing characters who have killed someone in the past were asked to raise their hands. When Daniel Dae Kim didn't raise his hand, Carlton Cuse says, "Daniel, you should probably raise your hand also." [1]
    • Jin is probably more accomplished in the killing arts than he lets on. He was drafted into the Korean Army, served his term, and tried to escape his peasant roots. He knows how to kill, but has no wish to do so. He accepted his position to destroy the enemy in "Through the Looking Glass" but still never killed anybody, even in wartime. He did try, but his peaceful nature might have impacted his judgment. To his surprise, Sun is willing to kill.
    • Killed someone in the past, maybe during his time in the army, but was so traumatised by it that he cannot bear to do it again. When he has been in a situation where he has been asked to kill, the memory of this return.
      • Korea has not been involved in an armed conflict (as a nation) since the Korean War of the 1950's. Since he served his army term in the 1990's it's impossible for him to have killed someone as part of the Korean Guard.

Urashima Taro

  • Jin is a fisherman that ends up in a place seemingly off-world and off-time. The oceanian legend of Taro tells the story of a fisherman ending up in the Dragon's underwater palace, which is also in a different time flow continuum. When he comes back to his village, centuries have passed and all he has is a box that he's been told not to open except if he wanted to leave. He opens the box and dies. It contained it's real age/soul, depending on which version. This story was made recently popular among anime audience through Urusei Yatsura, from the Lamu series, directed by Mamoru Oshii.
  • The legend starts when Taro rescues a turtle and is then granted his voyage. The turtle his also a recurring myth in Oceania, notably in Hawaï. The myth is strongly cognate to the one of Mu, a phantom island who is supposed to have collapsed into the sea. Mau'i Nui might have been this island and nowadays, Mau'i is one the four major islands in Hawaï.
  • Hydra is the name of a legendary water dragon with several heads that endlessly grow back if cut, until they are all cut at the same time.


  • Jin's biological father is Sam Austen. During his military career, Austen was stationed in Korea. As we are fairly certain Jin was not raised by his biological father, we might surmise that Sam Austen visited a prostitute, thereby tying Jin/Sun into the complex family web already in play.
    • Jin seems to be 100% Korean (instead of half white)
      • Maybe Sam shacked up with Mrs. Paik instead. Sun could probably pass for half-white more so than Jin. She's a lot lighter.
  • His Father is Mr.Paik.
    • It does not make sense. Jin and Sun has a baby, and Paik never disaproved of their marriage that way, he disliked him because he was poor. Second, Jin's mother would have known, Sun's family is famous and she is informed of Jin's family and life.
  • Jin is the son of Pierre Chang we see in the beginning of season 5. He somehow got taken to Korea (maybe after the purge?) and was raised by a fisherman. This will give him a special connection to the Island and will allow him to come back to life once his dead body (if he's dead indeed) gets in touch with the land, brought ashore by the ocean.
    • The young son of Pierre Chang who was seen living with the Dharma Initiative was clearly, and repeatedly, identified as Miles.
    • Or Pierre Chang was "on leave" from Dharma in Korea when he slept with a prostitute, who turned out to be Jin's mother
  • Jin taught Charlotte Korean in the seventies, when they where both member of the Dharma Initiative. He did this because during this time, he fell in love with Charlotte's mother and became Charlotte stepfather.
    • That first part sounds pretty plausible, but the second is mostly conjecture.


  • When Jin first met Danielle after the plane crash he could not speak English, so if Danielle tried to communicate with him to tell him that she had rescued him in 1988 (during a flash) he would not have recalled or understood her, this does bring a question as to why Danielle did not tell the survivors she had met Jin before.
    • Danielle could also just have forgotten about Jin.
      • Also, Danielle and Jin barely interacted when Jin didn't know english. Danielle is also a bit crazy; she's been alone for 16 years on an island after killing all of her friends.
      • Being secluded for so long on the island, it is very likely she would remember meeting one of the only few asians on the island during any given time period. Most likely the writers had not decided which character would be aboard the ship early in the storyline, and it just made the most sense to have Jin be the one at the time.

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