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Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC
Guest star: Hugh McIntyre May 24, 2006

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is a late-night talk show on ABC in the United States created and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, broadcast from the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. It airs Weeknights 12:05 PST (11:05 CST).


DVD Extra Feature

On Set with Jimmy Kimmel is a DVD extra from Lost: The Complete First Season. The special featurette can be watched here.

Selected highlights:

  • Confronting Matthew Fox about Jack's facial hair
  • Composing a theme song riff with Dominic Monaghan
  • Slow-motion encounter with the FX department
  • Rejection by Evangeline Lilly, after both she and Jimmy hear one anothers' thoughts outloud
  • Helping Jorge Garcia compose a catch-phrase
  • Bartering with Josh Holloway for bug spray, which leads to a near-kiss
  • Bribing the crew to reveal secrets about the show, leading to an encounter with the Cookie Monster

Lost: The Musical

Lost The Musical is a Lost parody skit presented by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on January 13th 2006, mocking both LOST and the perceived tendency to capitalize on the success of any phenomenon by transforming it into a musical. Also, Evangeline Lilly was a guest on that episode.

Selected highlights:
  • 'Kate' gives the instructions from the Swan Orientation Film at the tune of the opening act of RENT.
  • The polar bear comes out from the hatch to guide the cast into Riverdance style choreography.
  • The polar bear looks strikingly similar to the one in MADtv's parody.
  • 'Hurley' and 'Charlie' share a Brokeback Mountain moment.
  • The building of the raft is shown and interrupted by a dance number.
  • 'It will open on Broadway on February the First'.

Other Interviews and Spoofs

  • Introduced "Hurley" cologne for men on May 23, 2006. The commercial can be viewed here.
  • Tom (or someone looking a lot like him) appeared in the audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 12, 2006. J.J. Abrams was guest-directing the show. When Jimmy commented on Tom's appearance, Tom responded with a sentence that was obviously pre-recorded and played backwards. The J.J. Abrams interview from that night (also featuring Dominic Monaghan and a brief shot of Tom) can be found here at
  • Matthew Fox was a guest on the show on December 19th, 2006.
  • Kiele Sanchez was a guest on the show on March 29, 2007. The interview can be watched here.

Deleted scene

Secrets of Lost

The Secrets of Lost was a series of parodies wherein Lost cast members revealed supposedly secret information about the show.

  • Daniel Dae Kim reveals that in real life he's "actually Asian".
  • Daniel Dae Kim reveals that "every time you see a book on the show... it's a prop."
  • Daniel Dae Kim reveals that before the passengers of Oceanic flight 815 arrived on the island, The Others just called themselves "us".
  • Michael Emerson reveals that Oceanic Flight 815's digits add up to 14, and the digits of 14 add up to 5, which is exactly the number of fingers he has on each hand.
  • Michael Emerson reveals that LOST is an acronym for Lamar Odom Shoots Two. He says that no one knows why, but he was obviously fouled.
  • Michael Emerson reveals that The Trees on The Island can, but they don't.
  • Michael Emerson reveals that Ben Linus is a anagram for Bun Lines.
  • Michael Emerson and Daniel Dae Kim discuss Ben Linus's name. Daniel Dae Kim realizes that the name, spoken slowly, is really "Been Lyin'-to-us". Upon realizing that Daniel Dae Kim has learned an important secret, Michael Emerson shoots Daniel Dae Kim, and says, "Stay in school kids."
  • Evangeline Lilly reveals that she can't tell Jack where Aaron is because Aaron has been grounded to his room for "being a little (bleep)"
  • J.J. Abrams, Carlton Cuse, and Damon Lindelof are doing Mad Libs, Damon ask for lexical J.J says Fashionation, Name Carlton says Sawyer, noun J.J. says Bear, another lexical Cartlon says Smokey and another noun Cartlon says Death. Finish Damon reads "On a Fashionation afternoon, Sawyer and a magical Bear swim to their smokey death", J.J. says "And that's how Lost is Written".
  • J.J. Abrams, Carlton Cuse, and Damon Lindelof discuss their extreme security regarding the final scene of Lost. During this discussion they discover that they were each under the impression that another of them knew how the series would end, but that in fact none of them do. Lindelof concludes by saying "(bleep) it then!"
  • Jorge Garcia reveals that his character Hurley, sounds like Mr.Furley the Landlord on Three's Company, who always arguing with Jack
  • Jorge Garcia reveals Hurley got his name by replacing the 'C' in the word 'Curly' with an 'H' for 'Hair,' because his hair is curly. "Suck it."

Emmy Panel Discussion

Jimmy Kimmel hosted a panel discussion on January 13, 2007 with the entire cast of Lost, with the exceptions of Naveen Andrews and Terry O'Quinn.

Part I[2]

Part II[3]

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  • YouTube Lost DVD Extra with Jimmy
  • YouTube Lost Musical

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  • Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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