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Jihl Nabaat
"Do be careful with those. For every task, there's a perfect tool."

Lieutenant Colonel Jihl Nabaat (ジル・ナバート Jiru Nabāto) is an antagonist in Final Fantasy XIII. She is an officer in the Cocoon army, the commander of PSICOM, and is an enemy of Lightning and her allies. She wears glasses and blond hair reaching all the way down to her knees, and wields a high-powered sniper rifle and a cane which she uses in a fencing fashion. Jihl is voiced by Mie Sonozaki in the Japanese version.


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Jihl has both political and personal motivations for opposing Lightning's group. She graduated first in her class and quickly advanced in the ranks of the military to the position she holds as lieutenant colonel. She is in charge of daily policy and takes strategic command of the PSICOM soldiers. Jihl is described as intelligent, yet cruel and heartless, and she sees the l'Cie as subhumans. Yaag Rosch is her right-hand man.

Arriving at Nautilus, Jihl plays with Sazh Katzroy's emotions by revealing how his crystallized son, Dajh Katzroy, became a l'Cie before turning him against Vanille. After Sazh and Vanille are captured, she interrogates Sazh by telling him that Sanctum will use Dajh as a monument to "the tragic hero who saved Cocoon", before rendering him unconscious. She later watches over a captive Vanille being boarded to an airship along with a coffin holding the seemingly dead Sazh.

When Lightning's group broke into the Palamecia with Cid's help, where Vanille and Sazh are held, Jihl stood between them and Galenth Dysley. However, Galenth, who would reveal his true nature as a fal'Cie, fatally struck her down with his magic.


Early concept art for Jihl
  • Jihl was designed by Nao Ikeda, who also designed the members of Team Nora.
  • Jihl is 166 cm tall and 176 cm tall with heels, according to the Ultimania Guide.
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