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The town of Jidoor in the World of Balance
The interior of Owzer's House
Jidoor on the WOB map

Jidoor (ジドール Jidōru) is a city in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is the westernmost city in the game and is very class structured. The middle class lives in the southern part of town, while the wealthy live in the northern part of town. The working class was banished from Jidoor, and travelled north to build the city of Zozo. Sometimes, thieves from Zozo will lurk in Jidoor looking for people to rob. Jidoor contains an Auction House. Owzer, the wealthiest man in the world and an avid art collector, also lives there.


World of Balance

The party first passes through Jidoor in the search for Terra, but there is nothing of interest there just yet. After finding Terra in Zozo, the party returns to Jidoor to look for a way to reach Vector on the Southern Continent. They find the Impressario in Owzer's house, who tells them about Setzer, the owner of the world's only airship: the Blackjack. The Impressario tells them that Setzer will kidnap the opera singer Maria at an opera.




Item Shop

(Note: The Auction House opens after returning from Vector.)

Item Price
Potion 300 Gil
Tincture 1,500 Gil
Phoenix Down 500 Gil
Antidote 50 Gil
Echo Screen 120 Gil
Soft 200 Gil
Holy Water 300 Gil
Tent 1,200 Gil

Weapon Shop

Weapon Price
Kodachi 1,200 Gil
Forged 1,200 Gil
Kaiser 1,000 Gil
Full Moon 2,500 Gil
Shadow Edge 400 Gil
Fire Skean 500 Gil
Water Edge 500 Gil
Bolt Edge 500 Gil

Armor Shop

Armor Price
Mithril Shield 1,200 Gil
Head Band 1,600 Gil
Ninja Gear 1,100 Gil
Mithril Vest 1,200 Gil
White Dress 2,200 Gil

Relic Shop

Relic Price
Barrier Ring 500 Gil
Mithril Glove 700 Gil
True Knight 1,000 Gil
Peace Ring 3,000 Gil
Sniper Sight 3,000 Gil
Earrings 5,000 Gil

World of Ruin

Jidoor on the WOR map
Owzer's House in the World of Ruin
Owzer's Basement
The party meets Owzer

In the World of Ruin, Owzer has purchased a new portrait of a woman. However, it is possessed by a demon which came out of a stone called Lakshmi. Owzer hired Relm, a gifted artist, to help him get rid of the problem. However, not even Relm can do it. Once the party shows up, they defeat the demon and Relm rejoins the party.



(Note: The Auction House is always open.)

Item Shop

Item Price
Potion 300 Gil
Tincture 1,500 Gil
Phoenix Down 500 Gil
Holy Water 300 Gil
Remedy 1,000 Gil
Sleeping Bag 500 Gil
Tent 1,200 Gil
Teleport Stone 700 Gil

Weapon Shop

Weapon Price
Man Eater 11,000 Gil
Crystal 15,000 Gil
Partisan 13,000 Gil
Sniper 15,000 Gil

Armor Shop

Armor Price
Circlet 7,000 Gil
Dark Hood 7,500 Gil
Crystal Helm 10,000 Gil
Dark Gear 13,000 Gil

Relic Shop

Relic Price
Czarina Ring 3,000 Gil
Atlas Armlet 5,000 Gil
Guard Ring 5,000 Gil
Cherub Down 6,300 Gil

Monster formations

Outside: Plains (WOB)

Outside: Forest (WOB)

Outside: Barrens (WOR)

Outside: Forest (WOR)

Owzer's basement



"Kids Run Through the City" from Final Fantasy VI
Image:Kids run through the City.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Kids Run Through the City" is Jidoor's background theme for the World of Balance, and is replaced by "The Magic House" in the World of Ruin.

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