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Kwon Ji Yeon
Kwon Ji Yeon
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Kwon Ji Yeon
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Jin-Soo Kwon - Father
Sun-Hwa Kwon - Mother
Mr. Paik - Maternal Grandfather
Mrs. Paik - Maternal Grandmother
Mr. Kwon - Paternal Grandfather
Jin's mother - Paternal Grandmother
Soo - Maternal Great Aunt
Jin and Sun's Daughter

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Kwon Ji Yeon is the daughter of Jin and Sun Kwon and was conceived on the Island after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

On the island

The positive result of the pregnancy test. ("The Whole Truth")

Sun found out she was pregnant using a Widmore Corporation pregnancy test and was shocked, as Jin was sterile before the crash. Jin stated it was a miracle, but Sun was concerned that the pregnancy was the result of her affair with Jae Lee prior to the crash. ("The Whole Truth")

On day 87, Juliet took Sun to the Staff and showed her an ultrasound of Ji Yeon, telling her that the baby was conceived on the Island. ("D.O.C.")

After the island

Ji Yeon after her birth. ("Ji Yeon")

In summer 2005 (presumably in July, 9 months after her conception in November 2004), Sun gave birth to Ji Yeon in Choogdong Hospital in South Korea. Shortly thereafter, Sun and Hurley took Ji Yeon to visit her father's grave. According to Hurley, Ji Yeon looked just like Jin. ("Ji Yeon")

Three years after the rescue of the Oceanic Six, Sun was in London to confront Charles Widmore. Just prior, Sun spoke on the phone with her mother, who was taking care of Ji Yeon. Sun smiled as Ji Yeon said "Mama. Mama." ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Later, while Sun was on the same trip, Ji Yeon again spoke to Sun on the telephone. She exclaimed that she missed her mother and wanted her to come back. She was still in her grandmother's care at that time. ("This Place Is Death")



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