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Crystal Beasts

Opponent Outcome
Jaden Yuki Lose
Trapper Win
Titan, the Rock Spirit Win
Masked Knight of Impassivity Win
Zane Truesdale Interrupted
Marcel Bonaparte/Yubel Win (With Jaden Yuki)
Jaden Yuki No result
Yusuke Fujiwara and Jaden Yuki Lose

Jesse plays a Crystal Beast Deck. His monsters are based on seven precious gemstones collected from around the globe for the construction of a lithograph as evidence of Julius Caesar's reign during the time of the Roman Empire. On its return trip, the ship carrying the stones was battered by a storm, and the treasures disappeared into the depths of the ocean. Employing this concept, Pegasus specially designed and created the Crystal Beasts, which have the unique ability to retreat in a crystallized Continuous Spell form to their controller's Spell/Trap Zones when destroyed as means of avoiding complete annihilation. Due to the exclusivity of the cards, the Princeton family once attempted to purchase them using all its assets, but were rejected. Instead, Pegasus awarded them to Jesse at the end of a European tournament (in the English anime, it was a Southern Tournament). The only Crystal Beast card not given to Jesse at that time was Rainbow Dragon, which wasn't even found until Duel Academy was sucked into the alternate dimension. However, when he gets the card, Jesse focuses his strategies around gathering all the Crystal Beasts together to summon Rainbow Dragon.

Aside from Counter Cards, Jesse's Deck does not contain any other specific resources aimed towards directly destroying the cards of his opponents. He feels that a strategy of merely destroying his opponent's cards through effects is far too simple to execute, and thus values battle over cunningness.

Crystal Beast Deck

Advanced Crystal Beasts

Opponent Outcome
Zane Truesdale Win
Jaden Yuki Draw

Under Yubel's influence, Jesse uses Advanced Crystal Beasts, which, like Jaden's Evil Heroes, are darker versions of his original Crystal Beasts. Some of the cards in this deck were related to the Crystal Beasts and were no doubt already in Jesse's Crystal Beast deck they just weren't seen before his disappearance.

Advanced Crystal Beast Deck

Sacred Beasts Deck

Opponent Outcome
Adrian Gecko Win

Also under Yubel's control he used the Sacred Beasts against Adrian Gecko in a separate Deck. His Sacred Beast Deck focuses on cards that can duplicate themselves (such as "Triangle Force", "Delta Barrier", and "Phantom Skyblaster") as Tributes for the Sacred Beasts. As with Marcel, several of his cards go by different names in the dub from the TCG. His ace card is "Yubel".

Sacred Beast Deck


Opponent Outcome
Alexis Rhodes and Bastion Misawa Lose (with Adrian Gecko

In the manga, Jesse uses a Butterfly Deck, including the "Papillon" monsters.

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