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Biographical information
Began service

Prior to 2552

Physical description

Male Programming


A tiny spark of light with a formal butler voice.

Political information and functions

Dr. Catherine Halsey

Notable battles

Battle of Onyx


Jerrod was the first experimental "micro" Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) created by the United Nations Space Command at the Sydney Synthetic Intellect Institute. In 2552 he took the form of a tiny spark of light and had a formal butler voice.

Jerrod was smaller and had less processing power than the standard UNSC AI, and while the standard AI had a Riemann Matrix large enough to fit into a Data Crystal Chip, Jerrod's matrix was only large enough to fit into a pea-sized crystal. This cut into his processing powers significantly but also allowed him to be highly mobile and usable on a laptop computer, whereas a normal AI needed an entire system, a ship, or specialized MJOLNIR Armor to function. Despite his severely reduced processing power, he still could do far more than any computer, or human.[1]

Jerrod was in the ownership of Dr. Catherine Halsey. She took him with her to Onyx and he helped her navigate the Beatrice, locate Endless Summer, and eventually discover the entrance to Shield World. His eventual fate is unknown, though it is presumed that Doctor Halsey took him with her as she and the Spartans entered the Shield World and went into the Micro Dyson Sphere.


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Jerrod is a central character and one of two primary antagonists in the first RuneScape novel, Betrayal at Falador. Jerrod, for much of the book, disguised himself as a human traveller, preying on numerous individuals (including the residents of a Gypsy Caravan) in the snow-laden forests of northern Asgarnia. In reality, Jerrod was a werewolf, sent by Lord Drakan to bring his werewolf nephew, Gar'rth, back to Morytania.

Jerrod eventually allied himself with Lord Sulla, a Kinshra lord attempting to overthrow the white knights and the Asgarnian government. After failing to capture Gar'rth during the War of 164, Jerrod fled to Morytania with the crippled Sulla as part of an unknown plan orchestrated by Drakan.


Early Life

Born sometime between Year 1 of the Fifth and Year 69 of the Fifth in Canifis, Jerrod spent a childhood with an unnamed brother or sister. When he came of age, he was blooded and became a fully fledged werewolf. Soon, his brother/sister settled down and had children, one who was Gar'rth. Gar'rth hated being a werewolf and the taunting of his siblings and fled Morytania, forcing Lord Drakan to send Jerrod after him, as "children are rare among werewolves".

Betrayal at Falador

Jerrod was hunting for his nephew, Gar'rth in the Kingdom of Asgarnia, slaughtering a farm girl and a Gypsy Caravan for food, causing the citizens of Asgarnia to panic.

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