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Jericho VII
Planet Statistics
Star, position

Lambda Serpentis System


4 "silver" moons





Technology Tier

Tier 3


Jericho VII was a lightly populated UNSC colony world located in the Lambda Serpentis System. The world contained a biosphere suitable for human life, characterized by vast green oceans and rolling plains of palm grass. Natural satellites included four, uninhabited, 'silver' moons.[1]

In 2525, SPARTAN-II's were dispatched to Jericho VII to suppress rebel factions on the planet. [2]

During the Human-Covenant War, the planet was glassed by the Covenant via orbital bombardment in the final stages of the Battle of Jericho VII in 2535. At the end of the battle, Master Chief asked Captain De Blanc for permission to watch Jericho VII being glassed. A large number of orphans from this planet also enlisted for the SPARTAN-III project.

Prior to the Battle of Jericho VII, the planet had been known as the sole producer of Alt Burgundy, a fine alcoholic beverage.[3]

Jericho VII is also the site of another Space Elevator. Dutch fought on this elevator during the Battle of Jericho VII.[4]


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