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race: Human
role: Retired Raider,Chain-smoking Alcoholic
location: Megaton
appearances: Fallout 3
SPECIAL: 6ST, 5PE, 4EN, 3CH, 3IN, 6AG, 5LK
derived stats: Hit Points: 235 → 310 → 360 (Broken Steel only)
tag skills: Big Guns: 45 → 100
Melee Weapons: 49 → 100
Small Guns: 49 → 100
level: 5 → 20 → 30 (Broken Steel only)
actor: James Lewis
base id: 00000A71
ref id: 00003B5D

Jericho is a possible companion NPC in Fallout 3 who reveals that he has left the life of a raider in the Wasteland behind him, tired of the killing and violence.



Jericho was born in 2212.[1]

Jericho, like several other companions, has most of his backstory revealed in a fashion that requires interpretation. Reading Moriarty's terminal suggests that Jericho either attempted to rape Jenny Stahl, or the two were caught in an attempt at a tryst. The language Moriarty uses suggests the former. When encouraging Jericho to join with the Lone Wanderer, he will become quite enthusiastic about 'getting back out there'. Upon being fired, he remarks something along the lines of "Oh, I see how it is, old man can't keep up. I'll be at Moriarty's when you change your mind." (or "I'm going to see if there is anything left of Megaton." if you blew up Megaton while he was a companion). The overall effect is that Jericho did not choose to retire from the life of raiding, but instead found that due to his aging body he could not go solo, and as it continued to age other raiders began to refuse him into their party. Thus his remarks about the horrors of the Wasteland may be self-justification for his retirement. The Wanderer's arrival, should the Wanderer be evil enough, rekindles that spirit within him, and after the Wanderer pays the thousand caps Jericho needs to prepare will join without hesitation.

Interaction with the player charater


  • At long range, Jericho will use his Chinese Assault Rifle; at moderate range he may switch to a Combat Shotgun if he has one, and at close range Jericho will switch to whatever melee weapon he's holding. He may also switch to a Flamer.
  • Jericho is one of the few followers that achieves 100 skill in Big Guns.
  • He can use stimpaks in combat.
  • Jericho's Chinese Assault Rifle is in about half condition, will do about half damage, and will jam often.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Leather Armor Jericho's Chinese Assault Rifle
Jericho's Nail Board
- 20 5.56mm


  • If you can't find Jericho, check near Mister Burke's house in Megaton or the house closest to yours (he is your neighbor). You can find him there. He's usually wandering around in Megaton.
  • If you place a cigarette, pack of cigarettes or carton of cigarettes into Jericho's inventory, he will chain smoke when idle, without actually using up the cigarettes you gave him. He will not smoke when wearing a helmet that covers his mouth, like a Power Helmet, and will complain how he wants a cigarette. He does manage to smoke, however, when wearing the Enclave Hellfire Armor helmet. He coughs blood and mentions for the PC to stop so he can catch his breath, but his combat skill and movement are unchanged.
  • If you kill one of the followers that you fired in near Jericho, he will turn hostile.(using stealth boy will turn him unhostile)
  • Jericho will occasionally disappear or stop following the player after certain events, such as after the Tranquility Lane simulation of Vault 112, or the Raven Rock story mission. Speak to him to ask him to follow you again. If you don't, he will return to Moriarty's in Megaton, and will still have all of your gear, but if your karma is too high he will not join up with you until you "pick up some bad habits."
  • When player's karma is positive Jericho comments on that fact showing his disapproval. However, he remains loyal to you (but if fired he won't come back to you unless your karma drops back to evil).
  • Even if you kill all of Megaton with him as your follower he will not attack, although if you kill the Brahmin outside the clinic, he turns on you and starts to shoot at you.
  • Jericho's alignment is Neutral. Killing him before or after he becomes a follower grants the player negative karma.
  • If you access Moriarty's terminal, it is suggested that Jericho tried to rape Jenny Stahl. However this can't be brought up in conversation with either character. You can, however, overhear an exchange between Jenny and Jericho which hints at past trouble between them.
  • He will tell Gob to "Quit messin' with that fuckin' thing" If he is in the saloon while Gob is banging on the radio.
  • In Moriarty's Saloon, he can be seen asking Nova out. She says no, because of Moriarty's rules. However, if Nova approaches and makes a pass at him, he will simply answer "Fuck you".
  • Jericho is tagged as an good character and will drop an Ear if killed.



  • "Good to be out here again. Damn good."
  • "Man, am I out of smokes again?"
  • "*Coughs*...Dammit!"
  • "*Coughs*... Is that blood?"
  • "Goddamned cigarettes are getting harder to find!"
  • "Hey, I found a... dammit, never mind, it wasn't anything."
  • "What the... did I step in something?
  • "I forgot how fucked up everything was out here"
  • "*Breathes heavily* Hang on... I just need to catch my breath.
  • "I think I've been here before."
  • "Goddamn collar on this armor is too tight."
  • "I'm glad to finally be out of Megaton."


  • "Up there, that's a good fuckin' spot for a sniper. Keep an eye out."
  • "I forgot how fucked up everything was out here."
  • "I don't like it out here..too many open spaces."


  • "I just hope this building stays standing long enough for us to leave."
  • "This floor don't look stable."


  • "There's not a lot of cash in being good you know."
  • "What's going on here kid? I thought you were some sort of badass."
  • "I didn't sign on with you so we could be playing Santa Claus out here."


  • "Don't piss around, I don't want to be standing here with my thumb up my ass all day." - After being told to wait
  • "What the fuck man, I've been standing here forever." - After being told to wait and spoken to later.
  • "What the fu... You think that's funny?" - After being told "I just wanted to make sure you were still here. Goodbye."
  • "What? Are you serious?" - After being told that he is fired
  • "Yeah, very funny. Ha ha. Hilarious." After being told you were just kidding about firing him
  • "I see how it is: the old man cant keep up. Whatever. I'm gonna go see if there's anything left of Megaton." After firing, with Megaton destroyed
  • "Oh, I see how it is, old man can't keep up. I'll be at Moriarty's when you change your mind." After firing
  • "Thank Christ. I really didn't want to go back to Megaton after what happened to that place." - After asking him to join you again (Again you have to have blown up Megaton for this piece of dialog)
  • "Now that's what I like to hear! I'll be right behind you." - When rehiring, if you didn't blow up Megaton
  • "Thank Christ. I thought I was gonna grow a fourth arm sitting next to all this fucking radiation." - After asking him to join you again, with Megaton destroyed


  • "Are you fucking kidding me!"
  • "Two hits, kid! Two hits!"
  • "I'm gonna fuck your shit up kid."
  • "I'm gonna tear you a new asshole."
  • "It's good to be back."
  • "It's been a long time since I killed someone."
  • "Suck on this!" or "Eat this" - when using explosive big guns like a Missile Launcher
  • "Man I missed this shit."
  • "Godammit, I love violence."
  • "Are you afraid boy/girl? I can smell it!"
  • "Die! Die! Fucking die!"
  • "I can't wait to see you bleed out!"
  • "Aren't you fucking dead yet?"
  • "Fuck you!"
  • "Dammit that hurt"
  • "That didn't even hurt"
  • "Watch it!" - Taking friendly fire
  • "Oh, fuck, no. I don't take that shit from anyone! You're dead!" - After turning him hostile and attempting to begin conversation
  • "Just don't fuckin' do it again" - After holstering your weapon after you turn him hostile (He only forgives you one time)
  • "You fuck with me, you're fucked" - After finishing a fight
  • "Holy fucking shit he/she is strong!" - When he is badly hurt from a single attack.
  • "It's a fucking grenade!"
  • "Run! Grenade!"
  • "Pineapple!" - Referring to a grenade.


  • Xbox 360: After other party members (such as Star Paladin Cross, Charon, and Fawkes) have all died, recruiting Jericho causes the messages for all these followers to come up mentioning that they have all returned to their "homes."
  • If Jericho has died and you recruit another follower a follower the status will come up saying "Jericho is waiting in Megaton."(Only happens if Jericho was a follower before recruiting anyone else.)
  • Going to certain places (Craterside Supply, Oasis, Underworld) will make Jericho ,when spoken to, ask for another 1000 caps for "supplies," but he will not join you even after you have paid him again. In rare cases if you pay and exit the dialogue Jericho will start to attack nearby NPC's.
  • Although Jericho will smoke unless wearing face-covering armor such as most power armor helmets (provided you supply him with cigarettes), he is somehow able to smoke through the Enclave Hellfire Helmet.
  • If you leave Jericho in Paradise Falls (with very bad karma), buy Clover from Eulogy and immediately re-join Jericho, Clover will find you and join your team, even if you also have Dogmeat! The result is Jericho, Clover and Dogmeat in your team.
  • If you enter Moriarty's Saloon with Fawkes while Jericho is inside they might begin to shoot at each other.
  • Placing an Auto Axe or any of the variations will render Jericho invisible(can't see him, but has no affect on gameplay) when he uses it. This can be solved by taking it out of his inventory.

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