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Jeraddo in 2369.
Jeraddo in 2374.

Jeraddo is a moon of Bajor. Centuries ago, it was the home of a group of Bajorans who worshipped the Pah-wraith. A mural which showed the Orbs of the Pah-wraith was located there in a large temple.

Mullibok escaped to the moon in the late 2330s and built a house there. Baltrim and Keena arrived in 2351. The Cardassians were not interested in Jeraddo and never discovered Mullibok and the others during the Occupation. (DS9 episode: "Progress")

In 2369, the Bajoran Provisional Government began a project to use the energy from Jeraddo's molten core to provide energy, using a technique the Klingons had developed on Praxis. (DS9 episode: "Progress", DS9 novel: The Fall of Terok Nor)

Major Kira Nerys discovered Mullibok and the others and found it difficult to force them to leave. With the Provisional Government intent on continuuing the project that would lead to Jeraddo becoming uninhabitable, Kira burned Mullibok's house, telling him she would look after him. (DS9 episode: "Progress")

Obanak Keelen began working on the Jeraddo project soon after. (DS9 novel: The Fall of Terok Nor, DS9 video game: The Fallen)

In 2370 when the USS Odyssey entered the Bajoran system to help set up a farm on Bajor's second moon, Jeraddo appeared fiery red. (ST novel: The Brave and the Bold)

In 2374, Benjamin Sisko, Worf and Kira travelled to Jeraddo with Obanak to find the Jeraddo temple and salvage the mural. The Kahl-taan attempted to stop them from doing so. DS9 video game: The Fallen)


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