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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Quest
Race Half Elf
Zone Antonica (Shattered Lands)
Location Middle floor on Southern Qeynos Tower ( -391, 10, 271 ) /waypoint -391, 10, 271

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Jenkins is a surname. "Jenkins" could refer to either of the following:

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"Steve" redirects here. For other uses of "Steve" or "Stephen" see Steve (disambiguation).

Steve Jenkins was a middle-section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. His character was commonly mistaken for Scott Jackson, a confusion that became a running joke in the script. Steve survived on the Island for 101 days before being killed with flaming arrows during a jump through time.


Before the crash

According to Dustin Watchman, who plays Scott, Steve was apparently also friends with Scott before the crash and was traveling back home with him after going to Australia.[1]

The night before the flight, Steve was staying in the same hotel as Michael and Walt. When he heard Michael and Walt arguing in the hallway around 5:25am, Steve left his room to inquire what the problem was. ("Exodus, Part 1")

On the Island

Days 8-44 (Season 1)

Steve and Scott formed a friendship of sorts on the island, which was most likely what led to people mistaking them for each other. According to Sawyer, Steve sleeps near, and is implied to have relations with, Tracy. After, Jack made a decision to move into the jungle and use the caves as a suitable living space, Steve and Scott decided to stay on the beach. On Day 8, Steve was with Scott and Jerome at the beach, when Charlie rushed to the beach to inform the survivors that Jack was caught in a cave collapse. Michael asked Scott and Steve to help him, however mistaking them for each other. He was then seen trying to help. ("The Moth")

Steve after Michael calls him to help save Jack ("The Moth")

Steve and Scott were also present for Hurley's "Island Open" golf tournament and Jack's climatic putt. After the attack on Claire in the caves, Scott and Steve help Hurley look around for who possibly attacked her. The next day he and Scott are seen at the beach folding clothes, while Hurley conducted his survey. ("Solitary") ("Raised by Another")

Scott and Steve watch Jack's climactic putt. ("Solitary")

The next day Steve is seen at the caves when Jack asks the group if they have seen Ethan. On day 28 Scott's corpse was found on the beach, with several broken bones, battered and bloody and was allegedly murdered by Ethan. Steve attended his funeral. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues") ("Homecoming")

When Danielle Rousseau arrived at the camp to deliver her dire warning about “the Others”, he was present to hear this, and later was witness to the black smoke that filled the sky, as he was helping the party with the raft. Steve also listened to Jack deliver his speech about gathering in the caves, and packed his supplies and prepared to leave. When the raft launched, he was present on the beach to say goodbye. ("Exodus, Part 1")

Days 46-64 (Season 2)

While inventorying the food inside the Hatch, Hurley comments to Rose that all of the food is going to mess everything up. He gives the example of Charlie and Steve both wanting a bag of potato chips, and it would be he who would have to choose between them on who would get it, and then the one that didn't would resent him. That day Steve was hanging out with fellow survivor Craig at the beach on the day that Hurley passed out the food from the Hatch to the group. Steve would join his fellow survivors in the partaking of the food that night, and thanked Hurley for doing what he did. ("Everybody Hates Hugo")

Steve attends Boone's funeral. ("The Greater Good")

A few days later Steve talked to Rose and welcomed the return of the survivors. A few days later Steve agreed to join the army when asked by Ana Lucia. Based on a conversation between Ana Lucia and Jack, Steve's tent is also located close to Sayid's tent. ("The Long Con")

When Bernard builds the S.O.S. sign, he asks Hurley to ask "Jenkins" (likely referring to Steve) to help. He soon lost interest however, and abandoned him. ("S.O.S.")

Days 76-84 (Season 3)

When Kate and Sawyer returned from captivity at the hands of the Others, Steve was one of the many survivors who rushed to welcome them back. A few days later Steve is seen walking to the tents. According to Hurley, Steve brings water to the trough every morning. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead") ("Catch-22")

Steve on the beach.

Days 91-100 (Season 4)

Steve left the beach and went with Locke's camp to the Barracks according to the 4/19/08 podcast. In the 5/8/08 Podcast, Damon and Carlton said that Steve was the second one shot during the invasion of the Barracks, but they seemed to be joking and the actual scene shows Blonde Casualty being shot second, and Jerome being shot third.

However Steve is seen on the beach when the Zodiac reaches the beach. After Daniel successfully finishing the first trip to the Kahana, Steve and four other survivors boards the zodiac raft. However, the raft did not reach it's destination, as the Kahana was destroyed beforehand, with the raft moving along with the Island. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Season 5

Time Flashes

After the Island moved, Steve was not seen returning to the island on the Zodiac raft with the rest of the passengers (most likely a continuity error). However it is presumed Steve fled into the jungle with the majority of the survivors, when fire arrows rained down on the survivors. ("The Lie") Three years after the flaming arrow attack, Rose, Bernard, and Vincent were revealed to be the only survivors, ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2") implying that Steve, along with the other remaining survivors, had died during the attack in 1954.


  • Until his implied death, Steve was the only living fuselage redshirt on the television show with an official last name, Jenkins.
  • Steve's last name has never been revealed on the show or in the credits. But his name is in an unaired scene in the official script of "Raised by Another" when Hurley is doing the census. You can see it here (PDF), page 23A. Also, when Bernard builds the S.O.S. sign, he asks Hurley to ask "Jenkins" (likely referring to Steve) to help. ("S.O.S.")
  • Stephan Jenkins is the lead singer of the American Alternative Rock group Third Eye Blind

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Chronological and political information

Lok Revenants

Jinkins was a male Bith who served as an engineer and general aide to the pirate captain Nym, in the years surrounding the Invasion of Naboo.



Jinkins was originally an engineer with the Nubian Design Collective, and the lead engineer on the Scurrg H-6 bomber, a prototype model designed for the Naboo Space Fighter Corps. After the Naboo rejected the design, the Nubians scrapped the project, though Jinkins was not about to let his work go to waste. He arranged a deal with Nym, who stole the prototype and took Jinkins along with it.


Now part of the Lok Revenants, Jinkins served as sensor and scanner operator aboard the newly-christened Havoc, and Nym considered his new comrade to be the best engineer in the galaxy, rivaled only by the shipwrights of Charros IV. Though Jinkins worked aboard the Havoc, he often piloted his own vessel, the Freefall. Jinkins also engaged in patrols around Nym's hideout on Lok, though he was almost killed during one such scout mission that coincided with a full-scale invasion by the Trade Federation. The Revenants fled Lok, but continued to harry the Federation for the next decade.

Jinkins remained in Nym's service, helping liberate Nym's crew from the infamous Station 1138, and later aided in the fall of Nod Kartha and the destruction of Cavik Toth's Hex fleet. During the Galactic Civil War, Jinkins served as Nym's chief lieutenant, after the pirate took control of Lok.

Behind the scenes

If you fail your mission to save Jinkins during the assault on Nym's base in Star Wars: Starfighter, Jinkins is killed during the invasion, though the game continues without him. Since the character reappears in the sequel, this part of the game is non-canonical. It is also worth noting that in the first he speaks with an American accent, while in the sequel he speaks with an English accent, voiced by Ross King.

In Star Wars: Starfighter, Jinkins's name is misspelled as "Jenkins."



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City of Heroes

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Jenkins is an Arachnos NPC Ally that can be found during the initial Breakout, when you are sent in to assist as part of the Tutorial mission from the Arachnos Pilot.

Jenkins later appears a second time, in the same place, as a Wolf Spider Huntsman to assist you in breaking out 3 other prisoners, during the mission Break prisoners out of the Zig, which is part of Operative Wellman's "Breakout at the Zig" Story Arc.

In addition, Jenkins can be found on City of Heroes from Agent G's mission, Draw out Nocturne, from his Story Arc, "A Faultline in the Sands of Time."

To know more about the origins of the name, please visit the Ingame References page.


During the mission Break prisoners out of the Zig, he can be found captured by Longbow:

Longbow Officer: You're in big trouble now, Arachnos creep!
Jenkins: Maybe we can work something out?


Jenkins: Hey, Villain! Over here! Remember me? Jenkins!
Longbow Officer: Look out!

(once free)

Jenkins: Thanks, Villain! Funny meeting you here again, eh?
Jenkins: Anyway, we got to take down the prison doors to get to our targets! Let's go!




Arachnos soldiers are well-paid paramilitary commandos who follow orders to the letter.


Heavy Pistol Ranged Lethal, Medium Damage
Small caliber side arm.

Pummel Minor Smash Damage
When all else fails, you have only your two fists to depend on.



The most brutal and effective members of the Wolf Spiders are eventually promoted to Huntsmen. They're armed and armored for many situations, so tread lightly when they are around.


Frag Grenade (Ranged) Targeted Area of Effect, Lethal/Smash, Foe Knockback
Launches an M30 grenade at long range from under the barrel of your Assault Rifle. The explosion of this grenade affects all within the blast and can knock them back.

Wide Area Web Grenade (Ranged, Area of Effect) Foe Immobilize, -Fly, -Recharge
You have been caught in a web. You cannot move or fly and your attack speed is reduced.

Shotgun Ranged, Cone, Lethal damage, Foe Knockdown
Good at close range. Fires a cone of buckshot pellets and can knock some foes down.

Rifle Butt Melee, Smash
A smash with the butt of your rifle.

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