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A Jelly is a Slayer monster that requires level 52 Slayer to kill. They are commonly killed to obtain level 3 clue scrolls, as they are one of the weakest creatures that drop them. Unlike most monsters, Jellies have multiple examine texts depending on the individual Jelly.



Strengths and weaknesses

The Jelly's attack is based on the player's Magic defence, so it is highly recommended that players wear Dragonhide armour or Karil's armour so they take little damage from them. If the player has a low Ranged level, Mystic robes or Ahrim's robes are an acceptable substitute. Void Knight equipment is also a good option if available since it can be worn at level 42 ranged and gives a +85 magic bonus—almost as high as a set of black dragonhide armour, which provides +90 magic defence.

However, if praying, the Protect from Melee prayer should be used rather than Protect from Magic. Melee is the preferred attack method of most players when fighting Jellies, but it is also possible for players to attack with Magic or Ranged, as there are a few safe spots available. Magic is not recommended, because of the Jellies' high Magic defence.

The Jellies that are located in the Chaos Tunnels are in the same room as Poison spiders and Giant Crypt Spiders, therefore it is suggested not to use that location. However, if the player has a Combat level of at least 129, the poison spiders will not be aggressive to you (although the giant crypt spiders will still be). Most players regard the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon as the best place to kill Jellies, as there are many of them and they are the only monsters in the room to deal with.

Another good place to kill them is at Soul Wars, if they are the player's current Slayer task. It may be slower, and you will probably be killed by other players, but you get the minigame's rewards. Also, you don't need food, as bandages can be obtained for free. Unfortunately, the Jellies at Soul Wars will drop nothing but soul fragments. The Trollweiss ice caves found during The Tale of the Muspah quest, where you help Jhallan go back into hibernation, is host to some Jellies. You can get there by boat from the Trollweiss hunter area, and Jellies are the only monsters there.



100% drops(kills of the darker jellies only)


Weapons and armour



Please do NOT add to the log if you are killing within Soul Wars!!!

Charm drop percentages
No Charm


10 - 11%

21 - 24%

4 - 5%

8 - 9%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 3,634 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)



  • A jelly may be seen at the HD login screen.
    A jelly at the RuneScape HD login screen.
  • Unique white Jellies can be found in the Mahjarrat Ritual site cavern which have a white "outer shell".
  • Jellies may be based on a creature in the game Dungeons & Dragons called a gelatinous cube, which is a large cube of a jelly like substance that lived in dungeons, dissolving anything in their path.
  • If needed for a slayer task, one can simply go to Soul Wars and kill them there for slayer experience (although it may be hard to get them as enemy players are a nuisance, and they are usually piled by other players) without caring about losing anything (and then spend your hard earned zeal on MORE slayer experience!). If a player takes this approach to slaying jellies however, it should be noted that they will not receive any drops aside from soul fragments.
  • The examine text "There is always room for more jelly" is a reference to the Jell-o advertising slogan "There is always room for more Jell-o"
  • Each Jelly has some misc items inside, probably from dead adventurers. These items are for example Shears, Chisel, Banana and Skull.

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