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Final Fantasy VIII Enemy
HP (Level 1) HP (Level 100)
510 6,500
Elemental affinities
- - - -
Weak Misses - Very Weak
Japanese ダブルハガー
Romaji Daburuhagā
Location Centra - Lolestern Plains, Almaj Mountains, Lenown Plains, Yorn Mountains, Cape of Good Hope, Serengetti Plains, Nectar Peninsula, Poccarahi Island
Esthar - Minde Island, Kashkabald Desert, Talle Mountains, Shalmal Peninsula, Abadan Plains
Galbadia Garden (Garden Clash) - Hall
Ultimecia Castle - Chapel, Balcony, Passageway, Stairway Hall
Scan Changes tactics as the battle progresses. Its magic also changes from fire to ice, to thunder, etc.
HP Formula 0.5(Lv)2 + 10(Lv) + 500
Card Jelleye, Raijin and Fujin

Jelleye is an enemy is Final Fantasy VIII. It regularly appears in groups.

Jelleye's unique ability is Morph. When Morphed, Jelleye will either use physical attacks, magic attacks, or combine both. In physical attack mode, its Vitality is increased and Jelleye will use Tentacle for attacks and counterattacks. In magic attack mode, its Spirit is increased and Jelleye will use one of the three elemental spells for attacks and counterattacks. In combined mode, it uses all attacks, and will counter depending on a party member's attack type.

Triple Triad

Image:TTJelleye.png Level 2 (Monster Card) Element None
Refine 1 refines into 1 Magic Stone
Drop Jelleye
Card Jelleye
Win N/A

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