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Ithorian Jedi historian with a holocron

Jedi historians, also called Jedi scholars or Jedi chroniclers, were members of the Jedi Order who specialized in research into the history of the Jedi Order. Often Jedi historians would also be Jedi librarians or Jedi archaeologists.

Jedi scholars studied many fields and listened to the Force to guide them to their specialties. These Jedi often dedicated themselves to thoroughly understanding at least a few subjects in the hopes of increasing their comprehension of the galaxy as a whole and their place in it.

These scholars were at their greatest numbers when times were relatively peaceful. During the height of the Old Republic, large groups of these Jedi would meet to discuss and analyze their most recent theories and findings. The Jedi scholars greatly expanded the Jedi High Council's databanks, aiding the council in making critical decisions on all manner of subjects. Many of these scholars traveled to the fringes of civilized space to study newly discovered space and uncover lost and forgotten artifacts like holocrons and fragments of historic writings. Additionally, the Council of First Knowledge was made up of Jedi historians, and advised on matters requiring the use of ancient Jedi lore.

There was a special set of Jedi robes based on Ansatan design available for Jedi historians and Jedi librarians. Atris and Jocasta Nu wore Jedi historian robes. These robes were not, however, obligatory, and some historians, like Dorak and Deesra Luur Jada, preferred ordinary Jedi robes to the historian's robes.

As the days of the Old Republic faded, the previously large number of Jedi scholars also diminished. None were known to have survived the Empire's Jedi purge after the execution of Order 66. Since the Rebel Alliance victory at the Battle of Endor though, scholarly pursuits became more important to the Jedi once again and the number of Jedi scholars grew.

Jedi historians

Rachi Sitra was a Jedi historian seeking to uncover forgotten knowledge


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