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Jedi Temple Hangar
General information

Jedi Temple; rebuilt in the New Jedi Temple


Jedi Order; later the New Jedi Order

The Jedi Temple of Coruscant had several hangars throughout its structure to assist in the movements of its Jedi Knights, including one hangar in each of the four Council towers. Each was a fully stocked hangar bay for the maintenance and launching of the Order's spacecraft.




Tower hangars

The compact space afforded by the Temple's four smaller towers were designed for maximum efficiency, with Jedi starfighters and interceptors lining the inner circumference of the High Council Tower's hangar. To launch the fighters, a retractable landing pad slid into position from a hatch allowing it enough space to land and take off. Once the ship reached orbit it would then dock with its assigned hyperdrive ring to continue its journey. Within the towers, the Jedi also kept LAAT/is, DC0052 Intergalactic speeders, and various other multipurpose ships.

A hangar in another tower filled with LAAT/is.

Ships needing repair before use could be lowered through the floor into a small maintenance bay, fifteen stories below the Council Chambers. When vehicles needed a more thorough form of maintenance, they were transported to the one of the Main Temple Garages on the roof of the Temple Ziggurat. Also along the roof of the Temple complex were various smaller hangars that held more specific vehicles. Ground, water, and more unique flying machines could be dispensed out of the Temple for use on Coruscant or loaded into ships for Jedi missions offworld.

Lower Level hangars

Within the Temple Precinct were hangars for Jedi and non-Jedi alike. While not accessible by the public, the hangars were used by delivery services that brought food to the Temple or other materials that could not be obtained or made within the Temple itself. Several Temple Security Force agents guarded the hangars at all hours, insuring the lower level residents did not attempt to infiltrate the Temple and steal any of the incoming goods.

A subsurface hangar was located just under the surface of the Temple Court on the southern side of the Temple. Accessed via a blastdoor that was carefully hidden behind a wall of bushes, the two-lane access ramp descended below street level into the hangar, which was used to house speeders and other ground vehicles the Jedi may need.


As the Temple grew, new hangars were being built to accommodate new ships and the growing number of Jedi. With the Clone Wars approaching, the Jedi commissioned the refurbishment of the tower hangars and and updating all technology within the others.

During the raid on the Jedi Temple the Tower hangars were utterly ruined by cannon fire. Jedi tried to escape in their fighters from the Main Garage, but were ultimately shot down in their attempt, many by Darth Vader himself. A Padawan, Zett Jukassa attempted to escape through the hangar of the High Council tower, but was shot down shortly after reaching the landing platform.

The lower hangars were patrolled by troops of the 501st Legion, waiting to apprehend any Jedi or those hoping to aid them. Because the hangars were largely left in ruin, with the landing platforms hanging precariously from the towers, the Empire built a new landing pad on the steps of the Jedi Temple Main Entrance.


When the new Jedi Temple was constructed these hangars were recreated as they once were. Although the towers were incorporated into the larger structure, the hangars were in relatively the same location, with retracting areas in the transparisteel pyramid that now enclosed the Temple Ziggurat. In one of the vehicle hangars, nine X-wings and one E-wing could be found. Jag Fel would come to use some of these craft in his hunt for Alema Rar an official mission assigned to him by Luke Skywalker. Also amongst the new ships of the Order were the StealthXs, the most advanced form of stealth technology.

The Jedi also made use of areas in the Precinct to house some of their transports, as did the Old Order. These hangars were frequented by Jedi Jaina Solo as she left the Temple secretly to aid in her organization, Darkmeld.

When the Sith conquered the Temple, they converted much of the building to their own purposes. The hangars on the roof of the Temple was to house their ships, though it would be destroyed during a skirmish there.

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Concept art of hangar landing pad.
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