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Jedi Temple Detention Center
General information

Jedi Temple; rebuilt in the New Jedi Temple


Rise of the Empire era


The Detention Center was a series of rooms housed in the Jedi Temple used to hold anything from captive Sith, Dark Jedi, and their creatures during the Jedi Civil War, to insolent Jedi. They were constructed using metals that were unaffected by the Force. These cells could be found near the base of the Tower of First Knowledge.



Constructed during the Jedi Civil War, these chambers housed many of the Jedi's powerful enemies during their history.

During the Clone Wars these chambers were used to hold any Dark Jedi caught in the war, which included Kar Vastor. He was later removed from Jedi custody and sent to work in the spice mines of Kessel.

With the destruction of the Temple in 19 BBY, the rooms were laid bare and unused until the Temple was completely destroyed in the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion. With the Reconstruction Authority tasked with the rebuilding of the Temple, the Detention Center was restored. After the Dark Nest Crisis, Knight Raynar Thul was kept in the Asylum Block, where he was treated for his burns and maladies, along with his mental state. His door was left open in the latter stages of treatment; the healers determined that he was ready to leave, he just needed to realize it. In 43 ABY, Knights Seff Hellin and Natua Wan were housed here after they were overcome by Force Psychosis.


The Detention Center was a large area located a few levels above the Room of a Thousand Fountains. With specialized facilities within, each had its own type of architecture.


Holding Rooms

These simple rooms were used when a Jedi acted inappropriately and needed to be held separate from the rest of the Temple residents. From minor infractions such as riding the laundry chutes to greater offenses, these rooms were very simple and the least secure of all the chambers in the Detention Block.

Asylum Block

The Asylum Block of the Temple Detention Center was a comfortable two-story block that resembled an upscale apartment. Enclosed in a barrier field, the main hall had several rooms connected to it. Olbio trees were lined the entry hall, all of which housed a ysalamari to suppress the use of the Force. Each room contained a living area filled with flowform couches, tables, chairs, and a holo-center. A refresher and bedroom were connected to each room. Observation decks were located above each room so that Jedi Healers could monitor the patient's progress and behavior.

Sith Containment cells

These containment cells were specially designed to house malicious Force-users who were bent on escape. Crafted from Force-resistant metals and covered in rayshields, the rooms were all but impregnable.



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