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Lord Hoth, leader of the Army of Light.

Jedi Lord was a coveted title used by members of the Jedi Order during the New Sith Wars. It was a military title used by the Jedi. However, numerous Jedi Lords used the title of Jedi General as well.

The use of the title was abolished in the Ruusan Reformation as it carried the connotation of conquest and political power, while a Jedi's role was to serve the Republic. Later, during the Dark Nest Crisis, UnuThul became the self-styled "Jedi Lord" of the Colony, though there is no evidence it was done to acknowledge the term's use by the ancient Jedi.


Known Jedi Lords

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Behind the scenes

  • It has been speculated that "Lord" was an additional title given to the twelve members of the Jedi High Council at the time. However, as of this writing, this notion remains in the realm of fanon.
  • The Jedi Lord was first seen used in the Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight computer game. It was the highest possible rank to be acquired as a light Jedi.


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