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A Twi'lek Jedi General during the Clone Wars.
"They're good. No words needed. Perfect sync. Like clones in a way. Better. They're the best. That's why they command."
Clone Commander Bly

While the Jedi Order was not a military organization, in times of need its members often became Jedi Generals to lead military forces.

The earliest generals fought in the Mandalorian Wars as Revanchists, opposing the Neo-Crusader invasion. The end result was them falling to the dark side and forming a Sith Empire.

Jedi were assigned to serve as generals (some as Lords) of the Army of Light during the New Sith Wars. Most, if not all, of those still alive by the Seventh Battle of Ruusan perished in that battle.

During the Clone Wars, most Jedi Knights and Masters were given the rank of General. ORBAT for the Grand Army of the Republic accommodated for 80 Jedi generals in command of corps (along with a Clone Marshal Commander) and 320 in command of legions (along with a Senior Clone Commander). There were also ten High Jedi Generals in command of systems armies, and twenty Senior Jedi Generals in command of sector armies. Padawans were given the rank of Jedi Commander and put in command of each of the army's 1,280 regiments. There were also Jedi of other rank, such as Colonel Tyneir Renz. Some Jedi also refused to accept their new military status and left the Order, while others still chose to work undercover rather than on the battlefield. Many of the Jedi officers died during the war against the Separatists, and clone troopers killed most of the remaining Generals when Order 66 was executed by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, a Sith Lord.


Jedi Generals during the Mandalorian Wars

Jedi Generals during the New Sith Wars


Jedi Lords

Other Generals

Jedi Generals during the Stark Hyperspace War

Jedi Generals during the Clone Wars (as of 19 BBY)

High General Kenobi and General Skywalker

Divided into High Jedi Generals, Senior Jedi Generals, and the common Jedi Generals. Specific rank stated where known.

Rahm Kota, a Jedi General during the Clone Wars and survivor of Order 66
Jedi General Yoda with clone troopers Rys and Jek

Jedi Generals during the Yuuzhan Vong War

Unlike the Clone Wars Generals, Jedi who served as commanders in the New Republic and Galactic Alliance forces were generally serving members of those Governments military arms, often with long decades of professional experience behind them.


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