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Javis Tyrr
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"Javis Tyrr, average size, perfect hair, smirk that begs to be wiped off with a blaster?"
Han Solo, describing Javis Tyrr

Javis Tyrr was a Human male journalist during the time following the Second Galactic Civil War. In 43.5 ABY, Tyrr was present in the Temple Precinct when Jedi Knight Jysella Horn—who had just come down with an enigmatic madness—dueled her friends Yaqeel Saav'etu and Bazel Warv. Tyrr recorded the duel and Horn's subsequent capture by Galactic Alliance Security forces. For his highly successful coverage of this event, Tyrr was given his own weekly show, called Javis Tyrr Presents: The Jedi Among Us. He later followed Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel to the Indigo Tower where Lina Zev and Karn Valanti were posing as their doubles.

Because of Tyrr's frequent meddling, Fel created the codename "Mynock" to represent the journalist.

Tyrr was present at the Coruscant Livestock Exchange and Exhibition when Jedi Knight Natua Wan also contracted the Force Psychosis. He recorded the resulting chaos, at the same time attempting to pry an interview from Jaina Solo.

Tyrr also managed to obtain information about Seff Hellin's imprisonment inside the Jedi Temple, which he released to the public. This led to a furious statement from Chief of State Natasi Daala, as well as exposing the secret organization Darkmeld.

His favorite drink was said to be Créme D'Infame.


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