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Jaster Mereel
Biographical information

Concord Dawn[1]


52 BBY (17BrS), Korda 6[1]

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Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


True Mandalorians

"So what's wrong with being a mercenary? Is your war worth fighting? If it is, then why does it matter who fights it for you? Aren't we imbued with the righteousness of your cause when we take up arms for you? Would you rather your own men and women died to make the point? And if your war is so noble, so necessary - why aren't you fighting it for yourself? Think of all that before you spit on us, aruetii."
―Jaster Mereel

Jaster Mereel was a Human male and former Journeyman Protector of Concord Dawn. A Mandalorian who eventually became leader of the Mandalorian clans, he adopted an orphan named Jango Fett on his homeworld in 58 BBY. Six years later, Mereel was gunned down by his rival, Tor Vizsla, on Korda 6 during the Mandalorian Civil War.



"Jaster will do what's right for the Mandalorians—he always has."
Jango Fett

Jaster Mereel was originally a Journeyman Protector of Concord Dawn and a reformed murderer[1]. He joined with the Mandalorians and eventually became Mandalore in 60 BBY[2][3]. Hoping to restore honor to the Mandalorians, he outlined a Supercommando Codex, which outlined proper terms of conduct for the Mandalorian clans.[3]

Jaster is betrayed by Montross on Korda 6 and about to get killed by Tor Vizsla.

Some clans, however, disagreed with Mereel's vision, and rebelled, forming schismatic groups of their own.[2]

Mereel led the Mandalorians through the Mandalorian Civil War, where they fought against the splinter group known as the Death Watch[2][1]. The conflict spilled on to the world of Concord Dawn.

Mereel and his Mandalorians were saved by the Fett family, who hid the soldiers on their farm. Unfortunately, the Death Watch soon caught up with Mereel.[1]

Jaster's shoulder emblem

When Jango Fett's parents were murdered, Jaster took the young boy under his wing and raised him as a son, while Jango's sister Arla was taken in prisoner by the Death Watch. When the field they were hiding in was set on fire by the Death Watch, Jango proved himself to be useful by leading the Mandalorians through a sewer pipe to escape. Later, Jaster was betrayed by his second-in-command, Montross, and killed on Korda 6 by Tor Vizsla, leader of Death Watch. Jango Fett succeeded him as Mandalore and took ownership of Mereel's ship, which Fett named Jaster's Legacy in his honor.[1][4]

The Null Arc trooper Null-7 was known to his comrades as Mereel.[5]


Jango's son, the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett, later took Mereel's name as an alias during his brief occupation as a Journeyman Protector sometime between 19 BBY and 12 BBY. This led to rumors that Jaster Mereel and Boba Fett were the same person, rumors which Fett did nothing to dispel, as they only added to his mysterious aura.[6][7] Boba also used Mereel's symbol as his chest emblem.

The Null Arc trooper Null-7 was known to his comrades as Mereel.[5]

Jaster Mereel's symbol later used by Boba Fett, and seen on Jango Fett's first ship: Jaster's Legacy

Behind the scenes

Jaster Mereel is killed on Korda 6.

Jaster Mereel was originally proposed as the true identity of Boba Fett in the novella The Last One Standing: The Tale of Boba Fett and repeated in Fett's entry in the The Essential Guide to Characters. When Attack of the Clones was released, its depiction of Fett's childhood relegated the other backstory to non-canon status.

Jango Fett: Open Seasons retconned the Jaster Mereel character to be a different individual entirely, and the mentor of Fett's father, Jango. It was also revealed that Boba Fett sometimes used Mereel's name as an alias, thus saving the story from being apocryphal.


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Jaster Mereel
Biographical information



Unknown (resurrected 35 ABY)


Unknown, remains MIA (killed again 37 ABY)

Physical description




Chronological and political information

Old Republic era


Mandalorian Empire

Jaster Mereel was the Mandalore of the Mandalorian Empire from 3,949 BBY to 3,939 BBY. He was good friends with Mandalorians Rikenn Tarbann and Bage Nylos. Mereel disappeared during the Battle of Onderon in the Second Mandalorian Wars where he still remains MIA.

It was Jaster whom had started the war by attacking a non-hostile, rescue group of Jedi and Republic soldiers. Not much else is known about Jaster except he was an excellent tactician and had almost taken over the entire galaxy, the first Mandalorians to come so close.

In 35 ABY, Mereel was resurrected by Azeroth the Profit for his Army of Bounty Hunters. He was a formidable opponent but in 37 ABY, however, he was killed by Kalendor.

Behind the scenes

According to the creator of the fanon character Jaster Mereel, the character is in "no way related [to] or even affiliated with" the canon Jaster Mereel, despite sharing the same name. Why the author chose to use the same name is unknown.

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