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Biographical information



3,988 BBY[2], Osadia [3]

Physical description

Arkanian (offshoot)[4]/Sephi [5]



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Chronological and political information

Old Republic era[6]

"Nobody's ever sacrificed himself for any of us before. Couldn't let you go around thinking that was sensible behavior."
―Jarael, to Zayne Carrick

Jarael, born Edessa, was a female Arkanian Offshoot Force-sensitive, bearing the DNA of Jedi Master Arca Jeth and a pupil of Antos Wyrick of the Osadia School before being kidnapped by Crucible slavers two decades before the outbreak of the Mandalorian Wars. Jarael was a hot-tempered Arkanian offshoot with eyes and hands like Humans and pointed ears, bearing tattoos that were known as the Flames of the Crucible bearing the name "Jarael" in the ancient language of the Crucible meaning "protector". She was a fierce fighter who demonstrated an extreme loyalty to Camper and her other allies; normally armed with a shockstaff, she was a tough opponent when fending off enemies, whether they be bounty hunters, Mandalorians or Jedi Masters. Before taking the name Jarael, Edessa was a slave, then slaver after besting the Zeltron Chantique, of the Crucible where she attempted to help the slaves survive and succeed in their training to prevent them from being sent off to far worse conditions. A former scientist of The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania, named Gorman Vandrayk or "Camper", assisted in her escape from the Crucible for which she dedicated her life to protecting him for.

Jarael and Camper eventually settled on Taris in the Lower City, living out of a garbage hauler, The Last Resort. She became a traveling companion to the fugitive Zayne Carrick after he was framed for the Padawan Massacre of Taris. Along with the criminal Marn Hierogryph, the four attempted to evade capture by the Taris Civil Authority and the Jedi until Zayne turned himself in to save them. As the Jedi were about to pass sentence, Jarael rescued Zayne, touched by his sacrifice. The four, including a recovered bulk-lifter droid called "Elbee," escaped Taris, and went into hiding from the Jedi as the Mandalorian Wars erupted and the Republic found itself engaged in a devastating conflict.

However, after Camper fell ill, Jarael was forced to take him to Arkania, to the businessman Arkoh Adasca. Adasca, however, had other plans for both Jarael and Camper, and blackmailed Camper into serving him, while Jarael was helpless to stop the mad Arkanian. As Adasca sought more power from both Mandalorians and representatives of the Republic, the timely trap sprung by Zayne Carrick and other individuals stopped his plans. However, the weapon Adasca was bargaining with, creatures known as exogorths, forced Camper to lead them away from the Republic and known space. With the loss of Camper, Jarael traveled with Zayne Carrick to help him confront his notorious Jedi Masters and to clear his name. After the Covenant had been uncovered and both Zayne and Marn Hierogryph's names were cleared of the crime, Jarael turned to assisting the Mandalorian scientist "Demagol", her former teacher Antos Wyrick — disguised as the runaway Rohlan Dyre, in his quest for the answers to the Mandalorian Wars, all the while exploring her latent Force abilities and confronting her past as a slaver.




A peculiar childhood

Pupil in the Osadia School

"I failed you — and everybody else at the school. We're not just your teachers — we're your protectors."
―Antos Wyrick, to Jarael, twenty-five years after her kidnapping.
Edessa as a baby, with her parents and Antos Wyrick.

Following the Great Sith War, Zeltron scientist, Antos Wyrick discovered DNA belonging to the late Arkanian Jedi Master Arca Jeth. Wyrick however could not make usage of the discovery without proper facilities. As such, Wyrick reestablished contact with the Mandalorians bent on avenging themselves after their defeat in the Sith War. Along with Arkanian offshoots whom were purged of the Arkanian universities by the Adasca family, Wyrick and his researchers began a research colony on the uncharted world of Osadia — far from the prying eyes of the Republic in attempt to create a race of Mandalorian Knights from the cells of Arca Jeth. At first, the project was unstable and unsuccessful with Wyrick unable to make clones of Arca nor could a pure Arkanian be produced until he discovered that Arca was not a pure Arkanian but one who had Sephi blood. The mixture made it impossible to introduce Arcas DNA into the test tube growing organisms. However, the Arkanian offshoots were discovered to be able to adapt to the introduction of the DNA in vitro. A male and a female Arkanian offshoot researchers were the first to successfully grow a child with Arca's DNA. The child was a girl whom would be called Edessa, or "triumph" in old Arkanian.[4][5]

With the success of Edessa, more children were created—all of whom bore the DNA of Arca Jeth. Wyrick fashioned his research facility into a school for the children, who were all physically talented, that was purposefully fashioned like Arca Jeth's praxeum on Arkania. During her brief childhood as a student, she developed a strong relationship with Wyrick—becoming his best student or as he put it "his triumph". However, Wyrick began dealing with a massive slaving organization called the Crucible to obtain parents for his test tube grown children. The Crucible then attacked the school while Wyrick was traveling off world, reporting his progress to Mandalore the Ultimate.[5] Led by Dace Golliard using Skyreaper drones, the organization burned the school and took the settlers on the planet as slaves. While adults attempted to protect her and the other children, Edessa was forced to run from the drones on her own until Golliard found her and nicknamed her "snow-hair", ironically as snow flakes began to fall. Unaware of his identity, Edessa took his hand and went with him to become a slave of the Crucible.[10] Upon returning to his school, Wyrick discovered it pillaged and the students gone in which began a quest to find Edessa, whom he would not see again for nearly twenty-five years.[5] His researchers then broke off their connections with him due to the loss of what were essentially their children.[5]

Member, then fugitive of the Crucible

"They're just searching is all — searching for you. But they'll stop now. They'll stop — because I've found you."
―Dace Golliard
A young Jarael, while still known as "Edessa," meeting Dace Golliard.

In the Crucible, Edessa fought other slaves as part of their difficult training regiment.[11] She also became subordinate to a Zeltron woman known as Chantique.[8] As a teenager, she challenged her minder and defeated Chantique becoming the new trainer and slaver, leaving Chantique to be discarded[2]. At some point, she was assisting a delivery to the Sungrazer cooperative in the Koornacht Cluster where she believed eight to ten slaves were kept. Here, she realized the slaves who had lost their matches were not being set free but rather sent off to mine on comets, such as the ones in the Koornact Cluster or to corrupt medical researchers.[12][11]She then began to help the younger slaves from failing and shipped off.[11] The slaves under her guidance granted her the name "Jarael" — meaning "protector" in the Crucible language and thus no longer went by the name "Edessa".[2]

At some point, Jarael couldn't take being part of the Crucible anymore. She met an older Arkanian called Camper who helped her escape.[11] Jarael stowed away with a merchant the Crucible had done business with and fled.[2] Out of gratitude, she began traveling and protecting him in an attempt to return the favor. She also hoped that no one would know the meaning of the marks the Crucible placed on her. Eventually, the two wanderers ended up on the planet Taris, hiding in a dump in the Lower City district known as Junk Junction, and living in an old ship known as the Last Resort.[13] The pair deliberately avoided contact with the gangs that inhabited the Lower City such as the Hidden Bek gang and the Black Vulkars. Jarael worked from day to day as a scrap hauler for a Kedorzhan reclamation plant though that eventually closed and the pair turned to selling items Camper had fixed for credits. The Last Resort was kept on top of an old abandoned apparel warehouse and while growing up, she would frequently play "dress-up" to pass the otherwise boring and tiring time.[14]

On the run

"I'd say, 'Welcome to my life.' But, oh wait. You ruined that!"
―Jarael, to Zayne Carrick
Jarael confronts Zayne Carrick.

Following the Padawan Massacre of Taris, Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph sought the aid of Camper, but the two were nearly killed by Jarael, who proved quite adept in fighting with an electrostaff. Jarael ordered them both to leave immediately, and not return—she was afraid that the Republic would follow Carrick's trail directly to them and discover their hiding place. Meanwhile, the Padawan Massacre incident had caused Lhosan Industries to announce their pullout from Taris, financially ruining many people in the Lower City. Frustrated and annoyed by Jarael's demeanor, Carrick referred to her as "Darth Sunshine". Even so, when an arrest party arrived at Junk Junction, she and Camper helped Carrick and Hierogryph flee aboard the Last Resort.[6]

Being chased by the Jedi, as well as the Taris Civil Authority, the ragtag group fled into a nearby asteroid field. While Jarael wanted to shove Gryph out the airlock for dragging them out of the Lower City and into the forces of the Civil Authority, he batertered that they were in this together until they manage to get out of the system. Jarael reluctantly agreed and dropped the Snivvian. While Camper had a dizzy spell and Jarael went to assist him, Zayne attempted to fly out of the asteroid field to make a holographic transmission to Master Vandar Tokare on Dantooine when Zayne attempted to explain what happened to the small Jedi, Jarael arrived in time to knock Zayne unconscious with her shockstaff and fly the Last Resort back into the asteroid field where they could avoid further detection. While the pair were forced to pry Gryph from a large pile of environmental suits, Zayne realized they were directly on top of the Rogue moon, the site of the former Padawans' last training exercise. Jarael accompanied him to the surface of the moon, where they discovered the remains of T1-LB, the Jedi's bulk-loader droid, just before Jedi Master Lucien Draay discovered them.[13] Thanks to the Last Resort's repaired weapon systems, it scattered the Civil Authority forces and allowed for Jarael and Zayne to escape with the remains of T1-LB.[15]

Inside the battered droid, thanks to repairs made by Camper, Carrick and Jarael found a recording that revealed that the Jedi Masters had received a vision of a Sith Lord in red armor, killing Jedi and destroying cities across the galaxy. The hologram was cut off when it was revealed that T1-LB or simply "Elbee" was pushed off the cliff side by Lucien Draay. Soon after the revelation of the Jedi Master's vision, the Last Resort was attacked by the bounty hunter vessel Oroko and trapped by its tractor beam.[15]

Jarael rescues Zayne from the Jedi Covenant.

On board the Oroko, they were detained by the bounty hunter Valius Ying. However, due to Marn Hierogryph's bartering, all but Zayne were allowed to go free—the price on Carrick's head was far too high to ignore. On Gryph's suggestion, Zayne pretended to leave with the bounty hunters, but sneaked away and tried to reach the Last Resort. Zayne, though, was surprised to find Jarael patiently waiting for him. She immediately told him to stop running away, and that, by giving himself up, he would save the lives of his friends. Feeling defeated, Zayne tossed his lightsaber to Jarael, and decided to give up himself to the bounty hunters in order to stop the dark prophecy from coming true—doing this, he reasoned, would also save his friends from any persecution.[15]

As Zayne finally stood before his former Masters, blaster fire rocked the Jedi Temple. Touched by Zayne's sacrifice, Jarael had disguised herself as the Sith Lord which had appeared in the Masters' vision and crashed into the Council chambers, fit with audio and helmet trick. After threatening the Masters with Zayne's lightsaber, she revealed herself to Zayne. While Lucien ordered the Masters to take her down, she used the suit's rocket thrusters to launch her and Zayne onto the rooftop where the Last Resort hovered. Due to the efforts of Jarael, Gryph, Camper and Elbee, Zayne was able to escape Taris and avoid being wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit.[16]

Mandalorian prisoner

"This is payback, isn't it? I posed as a Jedi and now this is Zayne's Force getting back at me!"

Following the Last Resort's escape from Taris, the team of fugitives fled to the mining colony on Vanquo. Low on supplies, the team devised a plan to steal what supplies they could from the miners there. While Zayne disguised himself as a refugee to get into close contact with the head of the mining staff, Jarael disguised herself again as a Jedi — this time as one of the Jedi Covenant's members, the Miraluka Q'Anilia. In a holographic transmission on the miners distress channel, hijacked by Camper, to the miners, "Q'Anilia" reported that the Mandalorians were invading Vanquo. Though the miners were initially skeptical of the transmission, Zayne used a Jedi mind trick to convince them that the Mandalorian Invasion was in fact real and they should abandon their camp. Distracted by Vanquo's scenery — it's trees, mountains and skyline, far different than the Taris scenery in the Undercity that she had become accustomed to, Jarael began to hone her lightsaber skills, finding it fun, while Zayne and Gryph gathered the supplies.[7]

Jarael, disguised as Q'Anilia, is surrounded by Mandalorians.

Against all odds, the Mandalorians attacked Vanquo under the command of Mandalorian Commander Rohlan Dyre. Distracted by her practicing with Zayne's lightsaber, Jarael quickly found herself surrounded by the Mandalorians. Vastly outnumbered, Jarael attempted to break free was soon overwhelmed, captured and dragged off to a teroch-type gunship.[7] Despite her protests of not being a Jedi, her cries fell on deaf ears as they lifted off Vanquo and brought her to a former Republic research station, Flashpoint Stellar Research Station. Though still claiming not to be a Jedi, she was dragged into the facilities waiting room to join other Jedi captured by the Mandalorians on Suurja.[17] These Jedi were experiments for the Mandalorian scientist known as Doctor "Demagol" or Demar'agol — the flesh carver — in Mando'a.[5] Soon after Jarael's arrival, the Jedi known commonly as "Squint" was tossed back into the waiting room after being experimented on by Demagol and bearing the scars to prove it. Despite the obvious pain Squint was in, he volunteered himself to take Jarael's place, knowing Jarael was not a Jedi, when Demagol stepped in and wished to make Jarael his next experiment.[17] Squint would only be able to keep the doctor occupied for so long. He immediately wanted to make Jarael his next test subject however when he pulled Jarael's hair away and saw her ears[17], gained from Arca Jeth's DNA introduced into her during her conception, Demagol recognized her from Osadia though Jarael would remain unaware of Demagol's true identity of Antos Wyrick for months.[3][5]

Fortunately for Jarael, the Mandalorian commander from Vanquo had attempted to desert the Mandalorians to discover the true reason behind the invasion of Republic space by stealing the Last Resort. Zayne, Camper, Elbee and Gryph subdued the Mandalorian and struck a deal with him in order to rescue Jarael. Rohlan brought the "captured" Zayne to Flashpoint Station and insisted to Demagol that he be the next test subject due to his desire to see the young Jedi suffer for "nearly breaking his neck". Demagol complied with Dyre and the three exited to his laboratory. Moments later, only Dyre and Demagol came out, commenting on Zayne's apparent death in the lab. This prompted Jarael to lash out at Demagol, strangling him while keeping him tackled to the floor. Jarael heard a simply telepathic voice and released Demagol, allowing him to throw her off. Demagol, in reality a disguised Zayne, used the Force to throw mining charges on key points at the facility, with Gryph, disguised as a Republic fleet admiral, made it seem that they sabotaged Flashpoint Station. The Mandalorians, in response to the confusion, fled the station, leaving only Dyre, Carrick and the captured Jedi. The true Demagol had actually been locked inside a storage cabinet. Rohlan and Zayne freed the captured Jedi, and during the evacuation of the facility, Squint and Jarael said their goodbyes to each other—Jarael was told that the next time they met, she was to simply call him Alek. Following the evacuation of the other prisoners, Zayne and Jarael left Flashpoint station on the Last Resort.[18] Unbeknown to anyone, when Rohlan Dyre left to bring Demagol out from the storage cabinet, the Zeltron doctor injected Dyre with a substance that made him weak and forced into a coma. Taking his armor, Demagol gave Dyre to the Jedi leaving Flashpoint while he himself, wishing to discover if the other children from Osadia survived, stowed away on the Last Resort under the guise of Rohlan Dyre.[5]

A bounty

"We're here to resolve a problem, but I guess I was expecting some kind of an office."
―Jarael posing as "Chantique"
Jarael posing as "Chantique" on Telerath — fighting the Moomo Brothers.

Following their escape from Flashpoint Station, Jarael and Camper had problems to solve on the banking world of Telerath. Disguised as high level officials, the pair was expecting an office type world with large cities and a bleak, impersonal atmosphere—however, what they found was a beautiful resort planet with beaches, warm weather, and a relaxed environment, where they were greeted by the droid GG-36. Jarael and Camper were lacking of funds—fortunately, Gryph had a perfectly legal bank account on Telerath. The pair disguised themselves as "Baron Hyro Margryph" and "Chantique". Jarael explained how the bank administration must have mistaken the baron for the fugitive Marn Hierogryph, and as a result, froze the account. After a brief validation process, the account was reopened and they were allowed to collect the funds. However, while observing the beautiful scenery with the banker, they were intercepted by the Moomo Brothers, a pair of second-rate bounty hunters. During their attack, Jarael displayed amazing fighting prowess as she defended Camper. However, the two bounty hunters quickly made off with the banker who had assisted Jarael in reopening the account. The banker, as it turned out, was none other than Arvan Carrick, Zayne Carrick's father.[19]

The Moomo Brothers were contracted by Master Raana Tey to observe and watch Arvan and his family in case Zayne decided to make contact with them. Once Zayne had made contact with his family, the Moomo Brothers were then to contact Raana and allow her and the other Masters to take control of the situation. However, the Moomos had a history of being third rate bounty hunters, and decided to go against Raana's orders and capture Arvan instead of merely watching him—their reason being that it was less boring, and that it made more sense to them, and therefore, more sense overall. Raana expressed her anger to the two bounty hunters and advised them that she would have to consult the other Masters to see what should be done. Meanwhile, Camper, Zayne and Gryph developed a plan which allowed them to rescue Arvan—Gryph convinced Dob, one of the Moomos, that Zayne was on the planet and was willing to trade his life for Arvan's. Gryph and Dob negotiated a trade, since Dob believed that this was a better deal for Raana. When Gryph arrived with a hooded Jedi, who was in fact Camper, Zayne secretly infiltrated the Moomos' ship and rescued his father from the two bounty hunters. Jarael personally refused to disguise herself as a Jedi to rescue Arvan, since the debacle which had led to her being previously captured by the Mandalorians. Once Arvan was rescued he helped transfer the money needed by both Gryph and Zayne.[20]

Trip to Arkania

"Welcome to Arkania. Bet you wished you stayed wherever it is you were!"
―Zadawi, to Jarael
Jarael attacks HK-24.

Following the rescue of the banker Arvan, Jarael, Camper and T1-LB decided to part ways with Zayne and Gryph. Upon their departure Jarael informed Zayne of her admiration for his integrity despite his being a notoriously hunted man. She wished him luck in finding what he was looking for, and concluded with telling him that she wanted the Force to be with him.[21]

Unfortunately, Camper's past caught up with him, and Jarael was faced with an assassin droid by the designation HK-24. After T1-LB was incapacitated by the assassin droid, Jarael fought HK-24 herself, only to be beaten by it. The fortunate reappearance of Demagol (disguised as Rohlan Dyre), who had been hiding in one of the ship's smuggling compartments, managed to incapacitate the assassin droid and save Jarael's life.[22]

However, during the fight, Camper had been injured by the HK unit and the injury caused him to have a serious "spell", much worse than anything previously experienced by him—Camper had always been prone to these "spells" during stressful situations which caused him to go into a coma-like state where he was totally unresponsive to those around him. Demagol treated what physical wounds Camper had suffered but to help him, Jarael needed to take the Last Resort to Arkania, the homeworld of the Arkanians, where she had to find a cure—despite the fact that hybrids like her and Camper were despised by "pure" Arkanians.[4]

While in Adascopolis, disguised by using heavy clothing and goggles, Jarael attempted to find help for Camper. However, she was immediately discovered to be an off-shoot Arkanian and forced to leave the city—in the process, Jarael met a young Arkanian off-shoot named Zadawi. Zadawi explained to Jarael the plight of the other off-shoots, who were being forced to work in mining camps. Zadawi took Jarael to her grandmother that night where she was made to feel welcome. However, her grandmother felt ill after she and Jarael had a disagreement concerning Adascorp.[4]

Jarael, though, still required help getting medical attention to Camper. With Zadawi's assistance, she more effectively disguised herself as a true-blood Arkanian with claw-fingered gloves, blank-eye lenses, and blush. While attempting to get help, the civil authority of Adascopolis was immediately called in to apprehend her due to her giving doctors the blood-sample of an offshoot. Jarael kept several of the guards at bay, but was eventually taken prisoner by Lord Arkoh Adasca himself. Jarael called Camper and Rohlan, and told them that Adasca had offered to help them with regards to Camper.[4]

Arkoh Adasca's prisoner

"This is the worst dinner I've ever had."
―Jarael, regarding Adasca's revelation of his plans
Jarael, Adasca's dinner guest.

Camper was immediately taken in for treatment and Jarael found herself in the care of Lord Adasca. Adasca informed Jarael of Camper's previous status as a promising worker for Adascorp until he caught the Balinquar's Virus and ran away. Jarael was given the treatment of royalty during her stay on the Arkanian Legacy. However, Adasca and one of his workers, Eejee Vamm, kept the truth from her concerning Camper's condition—he, in fact, did not have any virus. Her stay on the Arkanian Legacy was just a ploy to get Camper to finish the project he had started for Adascorp before he ran away.[23]

Jarael proceeded to act as a prisoner to Arkoh Adasca without her even knowing that she was, indeed, an actual prisoner. Eejee Vamm continued to play on the story of Camper having the Balinquar's Virus by displaying images of him in the quarantine on board the Arkanian Legacy. Adasca also kept up the illusion of himself being the benevolent businessman by sympathizing with her over her and Camper's life conditions. Despite Jarael being an offshoot, the pure blooded Adasca found himself attracted to the woman and invited her for dinner in the Arkanian Legacy's observatory.[23]

As Jarael ate dinner with Adasca, he informed her of his plans to ensure that the true blooded race of Arkanians was able to expand and thrive—starting with Jarael's future children, a notion which she found to be unpleasantly abrupt. Adasca told her that he wanted to put Arkania at the center of the galaxy and of his plans to use the mysterious creatures known as exogorths to accomplish this. Adasca informed her what he knew of the creatures who seemingly devoured everything metal and mineral and how a scientist named Gorman Vandrayk had discovered a way to control these beasts. Once the beasts were able to be controlled, then Adasca said that he would be able to implement his plan—though he refused to elaborate further for Jarael during this time. However, as a final note, which he stressed with much importance, was that this scientist was known to her as the man she protected—Camper.[1]

The first of Adasca's other guests arrived almost immediately. What was left of Battle Group Serroco, traveling in a freighter known as the Deadweight, arrived at the Arkanian Legacy. While Eejee Vamm suggested locking her up, Adasca thought she might have some uses greeting their guests. Jarael refused to be apart of Adasca's plans of selling off the exogorths to the highest bidder and ran from him. She was intercepted by several HK-24 units, however, but managed to destroy them in the ensuing fight.[24]

Holding Adasca at gunpoint with an HK-24 blaster rifle, Adasca threatened her that he'd cut off Camper's hands if she did not comply with his orders. As she handed over the blaster rifle, the first of Adasca's guests had landed in the hangar bay. As the members of the Serroco Battle Group disembarked, Jarael spotted her old friend, Zayne Carrick. Jarael rushed over and kissed him—only as a resort to give him information of what was really occurring on the Arkanian Legacy and to Camper. Zayne was quickly taken to a secure area though Jarael begged Adasca not to allow them to take him back to Coruscant—a wish in which Adasca used again to bind Jarael to do as he says or spend the rest of her stay under the guard of HK-24 units.[24]

The representative of the Jedi Crusaders arrived afterward with another of Jarael's old friends, Alek. Jarael attempted to make Alek see that Adasca was a madman but she was quickly interrupted and restrained by Adasca. While in the observatory with Adasca and his guests, showing them the exogorths, Adasca's final guest arrived. The guest was none other than Mandalore the Ultimate—his arrival made it apparent to her that Adasca had also bound Demagol into his game just as he did to her.[24]

Jarael and Camper say good-bye to each other.

Despite Adasca constantly watching her, she was able to sneak away to the observatory alcove to receive a transmission from Camper. Jarael apologized for allowing Adasca to find him. Camper told her to find the Last Resort and escape. Jarael knew she couldn't with the armed guards surrounding her but reassured Camper by informing him that Zayne and Alek were on the Legacy. Adasca discovered her and ended her transmission. She resisted him, fighting him off but he managed to keep her down by striking her. Adasca, through Jarael's locater bracelet (torn from her when Adasca struck her), informed him that Jarael would become the plague designers next test subject if he didn't continue doing his work.[25]

Fortunately, Zayne Carrick had been able to escape and along with Demagol, Republic lieutenant Carth Onasi and Lucien Draay, whom had also been captured by Adasca, a trap was sprung and brawl took place between Republic forces and Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. Zayne managed to release Jarael of her binds and grab a guards shockstaff and joined the brawl. Jarael, Zayne, Demagol, and Alek managed to escape the Arkanian Legacy's observation deck as the exogorths plunged into it and consumed it, killing Arkoh Adasca. The four managed to meet up with Elbee who displayed a holographic transmission from Camper. Camper informed them that he was going to take the Last Resort and lead the exogorths away into wild space. Jarael and Camper tearfully said good-bye to each other as Camper jumped into hyperspace.[26]

Jarael, feeling guilty for bringing Camper to Adascorp, was told by Zayne that he needed her to help him face his masters. At that moment, Lucien arrived and informed him that if he turned himself in, then he would agree to take all of them all away from the burning Arkanian Legacy. Zayne agreed to these terms but another ship had arrived. Moomo Williwaw crashed inside the vessel and emerged from it was the Moomo Brothers and Slyssk. Slyssk revealed that Marn Hierogryph was still alive on Taris and sent for Zayne to help him in his resistance against the Mandalorians.[26]

Beginning anew without Camper

"I may not know what I'm supposed to do since Camper left—but everyone else seems to."
―Jarael, to Zayne Carrick

Jarael traveled with Zayne and the others to Taris in their new, temporary home, the Moomo Williwaw.[14] While Zayne left the Williwaw to seek out Marn Hierogryph, Jarael, Demagol and Alek remained on board the vessel, floating amongst the Mandalorian blockade in orbit. With Camper in wild space and due to the events that had transpired at Omonoth, Jarael felt a sense of loneliness and her trust in others diminished. Demagol took notice of her behavior and asked her to deal with her problems in the Mandalorian fashion—a sparring match. In the cargo hold of the Williwaw, Jarael spared with Alek and bested him. Her abilities were commented to be better then before and can still be better the more she trains.[27]

Alek is turned away by Jarael.

The match, however, brought Alek and her closer together. Alek explained that since the Great Sith War Jedi have refrained from forming such relationships, however, he still wished for a more romantic relationship with her. Jarael asked that she be given time before she pursued a relationship with anyone due to the trust that Arkoh Adasca abused. Alek was unconvinced, and told her to ask herself whether it was really just the timing or because it was just him that she did not want a relationship with.[27]

The stay at Taris would not last long after Zayne's encounter with Raana Tey however. When the resistance base came under siege by Mandalorians, Zayne requested for Jarael, Alek and Rohlan to take two children, the children of Constable Sowrs, to their father on Alderaan with the assistance of Zayne's childhood friend, Shel Jelavan. While on Alderaan, Jarael received another message from Zayne to come to the ice planet Jebble for pickup. On arrival, they found the planet swarmed with Rakghoul-turned Mandalorians, with Zayne and Gryph at the center of it. Though rescued, Zayne ordered the Williwaw to turn around to pick up a friend of his, Celeste Morne, agent for the Jedi Covenant. Before they were able to, Cassus Fett had arrived and fired off nuclear warheads, effectively wiping out the entire Mandalorian force stationed there. Jarael, Alek and Shel reassured Zayne that they could count on them to help him clear his name after he became upset by the apparent death of Celeste. First, by heading to Odryn, using the key Celeste gave to Zayne.[28]

Infiltration on Odryn

"Third Jedi impersonation's the charm, I guess."

At Odryn, Jarael disguised herself in heavy robes while donning make up and dying her white hair black to appear as human Celeste Morne. While Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph stowed away in a laundry hamper, the Moomo Brothers would assist in carrying it into the Sanctum of the Exalted on Odryn to make it seem as if she was bringing an artifact—more specifically, the Muur Talisman. Upon landing, she was greeted by a native Feeorin, Borjak. Borjak immediately noticed the accompanying Ithorians with her and informed her of the one outsider per visit rule. Jarael, disguised as Morne, dealt several blows to the much larger man and had him at the mercy of Zayne's borrowed lightsaber. Jarael managed to convince Borjak that they were simply pirates hired to carry the Talisman. He approved provided they do not enter the Sanctum itself. En route to the Sanctum, Borjak showed Jarael the troubled state of the local village and how the weather has been negatively affecting it. Borjak showed her the temple and explained how only the Exalted, the oldest Feeorin—Jedi Covenant member Feln, may enter along with any guest. Before leaving her and the Moomo Brothers, he asked to tell Feln that he did his duty.[29]

Jarael, disguised as Celeste Morne.

With Borjak gone, Zayne and Gryph were released from their tight compartment and entered the Sanctum using Celeste's key. Inside, they found a storeroom full of ancient artifacts and trinkets encased in green containers embedded with Covenant Identichips. While recording pictures of the artifacts, Zayne explained how he escaped Taris and how he thought it was nice to talk to her again while thanking her for helping him to which he asked why when Demagol wanted her to be a warrior and Alek wanting her to help against the Mandalorians. The answer simply being he asked first. Jarael and the Moomo Brothers left for the rendezvous point while Zayne and Gryph continued recording the artifacts.[29]

Onboard the Moomo Williwaw, Jarael discovered that the Moomo Brothers had actually stolen several of the artifacts found in the Sanctum inside their laundry hamper. When the Williwaw returned to Odryn to pick Zayne and Gryph up, the Jedi Master, Feln, believed that they were returning to raid the Sanctum again and as such, destroyed it. After the Feeorins on Odryn turned on Feln and killed him, Jarael and the Williwaw landed on the surface. While Zayne and Gryph, believing that they were at a dead end due to Feln destroying the evidence they had collected, didn't need to see the Ithorians laundry, Jarael showed them the artifacts that they stole.[30]

Journey to the capital

"Jarael—this is a fool's errand! We have taken risks to help your friend but this—"
"You're the one who wants me to find my potential, Rohlan! The only way to start my life over is with something to do. I'm doing it!"
―Demagol and Jarael, arriving at Coruscant

The Moomo Williwaw, with its cargo of ancient Sith artifacts, left for Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Republic and location of the Jedi Temple. However, as the Williwaw approached the planet, Admiral Saul Karath, commanding the Swiftsure, took notice of the gunship's approach and deployed Lance Squadron to stop them. The Moomo Brothers sprung into action, commanding the gun turrets while Rohlan attempted to reason with Jarael on Zayne's mission, Jarael refused to listen however, stating she wanted to start her life over again by doing something and that was to help Zayne.[31]

As the Williwaw continued on its course toward Coruscant, Karath's coordinated fleet fired upon it, nearly destroying it. Zayne prepared to pull the Moomo Williwaw back when he and Jarael realized that he simply needed another ship. Jarael agreed to allow Zayne, Gryph, Slyssk and the stolen artifacts from Odryn to escape while she, Demagol and the Moomo Brothers allowed themselves to be captured though Zayne was hesitant to allow Jarael to do this for him. Demagol attempted to veer Jarael from this but she berated him and told him to go hide in a crawl space. Jarael took the Williwaw and crash landed it in the hangar of the Swiftsure. Admiral Karath recognized Jarael instantly from the Arkanian Legacy and ordered his men to find Zayne and Gryph—who had already escaped to Coruscant aboard the Deadweight.[31]

Jarael captured by Saul Karath.

Zayne and Gryph were however captured by Covenant member Xamar who brought them to masters Vrook Lamar and Vandar Tokare[31] where he confessed to them the true killers of the Padawan Massacre. A plan was devised to secure the headquarters of the Covenant at the Draay Estate. There, as Jedi Knights attempted to infiltrate the estate, the retainer and actual Sith Acolyte Haazen revealed himself to have been manipulating the Covenant from under Krynda Draay's, Lucien's mother and founder of the Covenant, notice. During the encounter, the Republic fleet was taken control of by Haazen who had the fleet fire upon Coruscant to prevent the Jedi Council's Knights from storming the estate.[32] During the chaos, the entire Covenant fell apart as Xamar was killed by cruiser fire and Q'Anilia committed suicide. Krynda herself was revealed to had been trapped in stasis ever since the Padawan Massacre and died soon after her release.[33] While at first, Lucien Draay believed Marn Hierogryph to have been the cause of his mothers death, during his duel with Zayne, Lucien turned against Haazen and launched both Zayne and Gryph away from the estate as he took control of the fleet himself and destroyed Haazen, the estate and seemingly himself.[34]

While the Republic forces and Jedi Order agreed to make the public believe the destruction was caused by the Mandalorians, Zayne and Gryph were cleared of the murders and their bounties paid off. Alek testified on their behalf during which Jarael hoped that the Jedi Council would make their peace with the crusading Jedi. In protest, Alek decided he would go under the alias of Malak until the war had ended. Jarael considered going to fight the Mandalorians with Zayne safe but decided that Demagol needed her help to find the answers in his own quest. During Saul Karath's speech regarding the supposed Mandalorian terror plot, Gryph gave Jarael Zayne's Padawan braid, wanting her to give it to him. However, Zayne turned down the offer of being promoted to a Jedi Knight and opted to partner up with Gryph while protecting the little people who slip beyond their notice.[34]

Hierogryph's schemes

Metellos 3

"Only one there is, moneybags. You oughta know — you named it! Problem is, you claimed it — and my new buddy here ain't too happy about it!"
―Jarael, disguised as Captain Brackel
Jarael under the guise of "Captain Brackel."

One month after the events of Vindication, Zayne took leave of Jarael and Gryph to visit his family — a fact which Gryph felt was suspicious. Despite the circumstances of losing his now-parter, Gryph created a new scam. On Metellos 3, planetary exchanges were being made for a hefty sum of money. Jarael and Rohlan Dyre, with a mining ship called the Hot Prospect, entered the trading floor of Metellos 3. Demagol, disguised as a disgruntled native speaking in an unidentified language, and Jarael, disguised as Brackel — the captain of the Hot Prospect, stormed the area and held up the Chev Cipiter. "Brackel" explained how the natives of the planet Italbos were disgruntled with their planet being claimed and sold off by the auctioneers. Gryph, disguised as Gryphomarn — a professor of law, volunteered to represent the natives of Italbos in a new auction where the natives would get paid a large sum of money for their supposed mineral-riched planet.[9]

Cipiter, to arrange the new auction, closed the market for the rest of the day and allowed for Brackel and her Italbos friend to stay with the professor. Without hearing word from the auctioneers, Jarael felt they were stalling though Gryph simply thought that it allowed the traders to come up with more money — money that would be transferred to the crew of the Hot Prospect though Jarael wanted to send her share of the money to friends on Arkania. While discussing Zayne Carrick's whereabouts, the trio were ambushed by a task force of Chevs utilizing energy bolas and Sentinel droids. Demagol and Jarael managed to hold off the task force while Gryph attempted to make a get-away but was captured in the end.[9] Restrained with energy leashes, the two met Cipter's master, the Chevin Nunk Plaarvin of the Raff Syndicate. While being led away, Jarael attempted to make an escape as she attacked Mongorrt, the head of the security forces on Metellos 3. However, Plaarvin stopped the escape attempt with his massiveness and had them restrained even further.[35]

The Chevin had both Jarael and Demagol strung up in an observation tower whose glass was meant to magnify and increase the intensity of Metellos's already powerful sunlight and incinerate anyone in the room. Left to their fates by Nunk and his slaves, the companions watched as the sun began clearing the edge of the observatory's lens. As the heat built up, Demagol revealed his suspicion to Jarael that she might be Force sensitive. Having seen her spar with multiple Jedi, he encouraged her to reach out with the Force and break the chains that bound them. Despite an initial protest that she did not have the power, Jarael ended up saving them both from the burning sunlight, breaking herself and the rogue Mandalorian free. Upon a happy reunion with Zayne, Gryph and Slyssk, after they had dealt with Nunk Plaarvin, Demagol remarked that Zayne would need to instruct Jarael in the ways of her new-found powers.[35]

The Chancellor Fillorean

"Wait. I recognize something in you—But that's impossible!"
―Toki Tollivar to Jarael
Jarael cradles a dying Slyssk.

After Metellos 3, Gryph went off to the planet Pantolomin[36] to set up their next scam. Meanwhile, Jarael and the Hot Prospect came across the lost luxury vessel, the Chancellor Fillorean. While exploring in the no-gravity ship, the crew discovered that all the passengers were dead save for one by the name of Toki Tollivar and his droid, Kayo. Toki informed Zayne and Slyssk of how everyone began to turn up dead in hyperspace and eventually he was the only one left. While Zayne left to call a Republic vessel, Jarael came across a strangled Slyssk in the galley. While Zayne was trying to use the Force to clear Slyssk's throat unsuccessfully, Jarael begged Demagol to save him. The Mandalorian scientist surgically implanted a breathing tube into Slyssk's throat. While the tube would be temporary, it would be enough to keep him alive.[37]

Zayne noticed Toki had been witness to the surgery. Toki claimed that he had been in his cabin to rest and sent Kayo to get his food. Zayne and Demagol rushed off to apprehend the droid servant while Jarael remained to guard Toki and Slyssk. However, while Kayo was believed to be responsible for the murders and the attempted murder of Slyssk, Toki Tolivar was the real strangler or better known in Republic space as the Corellian Strangler. Toki revealed himself as a Sith adept during the Great Sith War as he put Jarael into a Force Grip. However Toki, much like Arkoh Adasca, sensed something beyond what they saw in Jarael. This disturbance upset the Bimm and made his killing more enjoyable. Before he could crush Jarael's windpipe, Zayne shot Toki. The blast however did not kill him and he attacked him. The Sith adept overwhelmed Zayne but the timely arrival of Kayo saved him. Kayo grabbed Toki and electrocuted him while Toki screamed remarks about the Jedi and Jarael. Demagol shot Kayo in the back, resulting in an explosion that incinerated the Bimm. He shoved Zayne and retorted that he was no use to him if he could not protect Jarael.[37]


Malak: "You haven't told us the truth."
Dyre: "Of how you can do the things you can do."
Adasca: "Of who you were before Camper "saved" you. A pretty package..."
Demagol: "...With so many secrets inside."
—Jarael's vision confronts her past

Upon arriving on Jervo's World, a large network of swoop-dueling arenas above Pantolomin owned by Lhosan Industries, Jarael was brought by Zayne Carrick into the Hall of Champions, a subject of extreme interest among swoop bike fans such as Carrick himself, where he told her about the history of the track and the rules of the dueling matches. While witnessing one of the matches, they re-united with Marn Hierogryph, who infiltrated the arena under the alias of inspector Bulgryph Mandrake. The conman planned to use a small delay in the feed from the secondary dueling arenas to place bets on the winners before the result of the race was revealed to the audience. But much to his dismay, Zayne had entered the dueling games himself to win a replica swoop bike of his hero, Goethar Kleej. In Zayne's absence, Hierogryph entrusted Jarael to place bets while he sent her the information. However, she found herself unable to place the bets due to her being uncomfortable making wagers on brawls — for reasons even she didn't understand. While Gryph vented over his frustration with Zayne, Demagol had been spotted, thanks to his wearing of Rohlan Dyre's armor, and apprehended by security forces under the suspicions of him being one of the supposed saboteurs from the Vindication-cover up. Gryph protested and explained how Demagol's appearance was for show. Going on to explain that he was Jarael's client and she wished to sign him up for the duels.[38]

Jarael is exposed to her connection to The Crucible by Goethar Kleej.

Later, while resting aboard Hot Prospect, Jarael experienced a Force Vision. In this vision she was back on Taris in the Jedi Tower, wearing the red spacesuit and wielding Carrick's yellow lightsaber. But instead of Zayne's Masters she saw the men who played significant role in her life over the past few months: Malak, Rohlan Dyre, Demagol and Arkoh Adasca. The four men who expressed interest in Jarael in reality, told her that the reason for that was hidden within herself, pointing to her clouded past and mysterious destiny. A moment later Zayne Carrick appeared in the vision as well, bound in chains and blaming Jarael for betraying him. A mysterious woman who held Carrick's chains told Jarael that he now belonged to her and left her at the mercy of the four men. At that moment Jarael woke up and unwillingly overheard Zayne Carrick speaking to, what appeared to be, T1-LB. Realizing that Zayne was concerned about Goethar Kleej, Jarael showed him the non-edited version of his "retirement speech" which Hierogryph had lifted from the broadcast center.[39]

Back on Jervo's World, Jarael disguised herself as a blue skinned species and flirted with the composer for the games. She managed to switch his data cube containing musical scores for the duels with one that had the full version of Goethar's speech as well as a statement by Jervo Thalien concerning the illegal funding for the duels, which exposed the slave dealings. While Thalien's attempts to kill Zayne, Demagol, Goethar and his son, Aubin, went awry, the composer unknowingly played the Goethar's speech and Jervo's confession for the audience. The resulting uproar allowed for Goethar and Aubin to escape the duels in a garbage bin, while Demagol became the dueling champion and received a swoop nicknamed "Goethar Special" as a prize. After Zayne offered his service to help Jarael with her Force abilities, Goethar recognized her tattoos as being the Flames of the Crucible—worn by members of the same organization that provided the slaves for the duels. Goethar forced her away in disgust and stormed off with Aubin—telling Zayne that that a person like him would never be around someone like Jarael. Distressed, Jarael fled from the scene to her quarters aboard the Hot Prospect while Zayne went after her to ask what Goethar had meant. Jarael confessed that she was once a slaver herself before meeting Camper. Later, Jarael's bitter arch-rival and former slaver colleague, Chantique, executed Thalien and stated that she would be coming after Jarael and her friends.[8]

Malak's recruitment

"Everything has changed, Jarael. Everything — except you. And you're why I'm here!"
―Malak to Jarael

For a time, Zayne attempted to talk to Jarael concerning her past, especially on the matter of her reasons for keeping it a secret. The crew of the Hot Prospect made its way to Wor Tandell where Zayne was going to meet up with representatives from the Republic. In that time, Jarael took to riding a tandreed in the forests in the area. During the ride, the creature stumbled and fell, throwing her off, though she was kept afloat by Zayne who was passing through. Jarael finally opened up and revealed how she ended up with the Crucible and how she attempted to help the slaves. While Zayne asked to help her in bringing the organization down, Jarael angrily returned to the Hot Prospect demanding that he simply help her run from it as she helped him during his run from the Jedi Covenant.[11]

Jarael is kissed by Zayne Carrick as a part of ruse.

Instead of finding Slyssk waiting for her at the ship, she was greeted by Malak who had come to officially recruit her into the joining him against the Mandalorians and, though he tried to mask it, win her over romantically. Malak explained how the Jedi had sanctioned the war effort and hoped to recruit Jarael due to her uncanny fighting abilities. Gryph unwittingly mentioned her recently discovered Force talents which overjoyed Malak though Jarael was still unwilling to go with him. While Malak continued to try and convince her, Demagol returned and was enraged at the fact that Malak was attempting to take her away. He struck Malak and a brawl between the two began. Jarael begged Malak to stop fighting though he refused to listen and slashed Rohlan's blasters with his lightsaber, forcing Demagol's head into a campfire. Malak was only stopped when two of his own comrades, Captain Telettoh and Ferroh, arrived and were forced to restrain him, along with Zayne, who accompanied them. Malak explained how he simply wanted Jarael to join him claiming that the Jedi would welcome her. Zayne could see that this was not what Jarael wanted and, in an attempt to get Malak to leave, Zayne kissed Jarael and claimed that they were in love and were going far away from the war. The ruse was successful and Malak, rejected again by Jarael, left along with Ferroh and Telettoh. Zayne later promised to Jarael to use the resources, which he acquired after the events of Vindication and that he had kept a secret from Gryph, to break the Crucible.[11]

Breaking the Crucible

"Zayne's right. I have to do something — before another family is destroyed like mine was."

Using Zayne's sources, he and Jarael were able to discover that the Crucible was still operating with the Sungrazer Cooperative on comets in the Koornacht Cluster. Hoping to ruin the Crucibles relationship with the Cooperative and free the slaves forced to mine thorlide crystals, they disguised themselves as Crucible officers. Jarael and Zayne forced the Koorivar officer in charge, Sariyah Budan into handing over a portion of the Cooperatives crystal harvest or else she'd be collecting the crystals herself. Budan obliged and granted the two stay in a cabin while they wait for the harvest to be transferred over to the Hot Prospect. While Zayne went to go find the slaves, Jarael went to find a shuttle to transport the slaves out. Budan on the however discovered that the two of them were not sent and ordered them held and survey shuttles deactivated. With their escape ruined, Jarael and Zayne were forced into environmental suits and onto the surface of a comet, pursued by security forces while enduring the comets violent storms.[12]

Jarael and Zayne disguised themselves as Crucible operatives.

Finally hailing the Hot Prospect, Zayne ordered all the airlocks on the vessel opened while he used the Force to transport the eighty slaves on the comet inside — much to the displeasure of Gryph who was unaware of Jarael's past involvement in the Crucible and believing it was a simple con to rip off the Sungrazer Cooperative. During the rescue however, the Crucible vessel called the Gladiator arrived under the command of Fleet Captain Dace Golliard who had dispatched Skyreaper drones.[12] Distracted by the unexpected reunion with her kidnapped as a child, Jarael was taken by a drone but quickly rescued by Zayne and subsequently, Rohlan who hauled them back into the Hot Prospect. The Gladiator pounded the Prospect with it's superior firepower, preventing it from turning it's thrusters and allowing Jarael to blast it with it's cannons that were fixed in one direction. However, the Hot Prospect used it's array of drills and hooks and cables to create considerable damage to the Gladiator and then eventually, by jamming one of the ships main components, allowed the Prospect to spin wildly and allow Jarael to fire upon the Gladiator and escape into hyperspace.[10]

At a transit hub near the Koornacht Cluster, the released slaves were unloaded and taken to a refugee center. Jarael finally came clean with Rohlan and Gryph regarding her past as a slaver and made a resolution to stop the Crucible. While Demagol did not hesitate in agreeing to assist her in anyway, Gryph proved reluctant in crossing a slaving organization though agreed when Zayne informed him he was going to work his next con alone.[10] Disguised as a Republic navy officer, by the name of "Carth Kamlin" in a salvaged Aurek fighter, Zayne infiltrated the Crucible on Volgax. However, Chantique discovered his true identity as Zayne Carrick and as a Jedi just prior to revealing Jarael's birth name and the meaning of "Jarael" as "destroyer".[40]

With Zayne's tracker discovered, the crew of the Hot Prospect had no means of locating Zayne. Jarael became desperate for help in finding Zayne even going as far as to ask the rejected Malak for assistance much to Rohlan's discomfort. Knowing Elbee was aware of Zayne's new contacts, Jarael pleaded with the bulk-loader droid in help finding him. Elbee established a connection to his contacts who turned out to be Shel Jelavan on Coruscant, working for Senator Goravvus of Taris. With Shel's help and records of travelers gone missing, Jarael and the crew were able to locate Zayne on Volgax, stranded in the pouring rain. However, Jarael found Zayne disgusted with her and miserable from his experience with the Crucible where Chantique made him become witness to the thousands of years of torture by melding minds with a Caamasi slave known as Ralthar Sitan and then informing him of Jarael's actions in the organization when she was a teenager. Jarael attempted to defend herself by explaining that she was merely trying to help the slaves but Zayne rejected the idea in favor that she could have done more for them instead of simply running away from the Crucible and then keeping her name which he still believed to mean "destroyer". Jarael, now dejected herself over Zayne's anger, declared that if he really didn't know her after all they had been through together, then it was time for the two to part ways for he had standards that no one could possibly meet. While she went to tell the crew of the separation, she informed Zayne of the true meaning of her name.[2]


"I guess I won't be bringing the Crucible down, after all. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with myself!"
"I do. I can fix the past, Jarael — And you can do what you were born to do. I have an adventure in mind. I have already rented the ship ..."
―Jarael and Wyrick

Jarael was accompanied by Demagol to Wor Tandell, where she lamented that there appeared to be no way that they could bring down the Crucible. However, Demagol told Jarael that he had learned the Crucible had a power base on the planet Osadia. He also believed that Jarael's kidnapped schoolmaktes were being held captive on Osadia. Demagol plotted a course for the planet, then revealed his true identity as Antos Wyrick. Wyrick promised Jarael that he would help her find her fellow students.[3] Throwing her arms around her lost teacher, Jarael was ecstatic to find her old master alive and well. Wyrick informed Jarael of how he became a Mandalorian after the school fell. However, Wyrick kept the Rohlan Dyre persona — claiming to have taken the name Rohlan Dyre when joining the Mandalorian Wars and constantly running away to find her. Wyrick did not inform Jarael of his other identity, Demagol, and of drugging the real Rohlan Dyre on Flashpoint station — a fact which Zayne and Gryph were discovering on Coruscant during "Demagol"'s trial.[5]

Arriving at Osadia, Wyrick readied Jarael's supplies, expressing his wish to be the students' salvation and for Jarael to be his redemption. The pair found the school heavily guarded by security forces led by Bar'injar. Wyrick gave Jarael a lightweight armor he had crafted over the past several weeks, as well as a weapon stolen from the cache of weapons brought from the Jedi Covenant's artifact storehouse on Odryn — Sith Lord Exar Kun's Exar Kun's lightsaber.[5] Jarael used the weapon to wound the guards as Wyrick killed Bar'injar. Wyrick then told Jarael to search the training hall, stating that she could not hold back against the people who had ruined their lives. As Jarael investigated, she heard a familiar voice taunting her &dash that of Chantique, whom Jarael had presumed dead. The Zeltron used the Force to send spears flying toward Jarael, who easily cut through them with her lightsaber. Chantique gloated on her successful attempt to turn Zayne against Jarael, implying that would attempt to get him back to the dueling pits. This provokeed Jarael into attacking. After a brief, Jarael overcame Chantique and stood above her rival, ready to strike the killing blow.[41]

Personality and traits

"You're good. Better than you have any right to be."
"And she can be better still. A warrior can tell."
―Alek Squinquargesimus and Rohlan Dyre, after a sparring match
Jarael, armed with her shockstaff.

While in the slaving organization known as the Crucible, Jarael became witness to the horrible treatment of slaves. As a slave herself and wishing to improve the lives of the others, she challenged the Zeltron, Chantique, and defeated her resulting in Jarael becoming a slave minder and doing her best to improve the lives of the slaves she tended to. However, she could not bear it any longer and fled, hoping to hide away from the Crucible forever. Years after her time with the Crucible, she would still carry an immense amount of guilt of working with the Crucible despite her best efforts in helping the slaves.[2] Jarael was a fierce and hot-tempered Arkanian Offshoot, passionately devoted to the older man she only knew as Camper. While living in the lower cities of Taris, Jarael was emotionally defensive, not allowing anyone to see her true self. Despite Jarael's fierce temper, a softer side of her emerged upon traveling with Zayne Carrick after he had sacrificed himself to the Jedi Covenant in order to spare her, Camper and Gryph.[16] When captured by Mandalorians, she felt more concern towards others, notably the Jedi Alek when she witnessed the wounds dealt to him by the sadistic scientist Demagol.[17] When she was led to believe Zayne was killed by Demagol, she lunged at the scientist, enraged by the death of her friend, although, she soon discovered that it was Zayne in Demagol's armor.[18] When Zayne and Gryph parted from her and Camper's company, despite her distaste for Gryph and initial feelings of Zayne, she felt saddened by the loss of their presence.[21]

Jarael's letting her guard down around others proved to be an undoing when Camper fell ill and she was forced to travel to Arkania to get him aid.[4] She unexpectedly found help in the very company Camper was running from. Lord Adasca charmed Jarael by granting her a suite to stay in and a vast wardrobe, though she was unknowingly being used to further Adasca's agenda,[23] until he revealed his plans of making her children purebloods.[1] Learning from this experience, Jarael became distant from others again, turning away from the romantic relationship sought by the Jedi Alek Squinquargesimus and later again when he came to recruit her for the Mandalorian Wars.[27][11]

Even with Camper gone, Jarael found herself now in the assistance of her friend Zayne in his quest to bring the Jedi Covenant to justice — despite Rohlan's attempts to stop his foolhardy quest, going as far as throwing herself in front of the Republic fleet to allow Zayne to make it to Coruscant.[31] After Zayne had cleared his name, Jarael became torn between her friends in Zayne, Rohlan and Alek. She could not abandon Rohlan, a Mandalorian stuck in Republic space, but did not wish to part from Zayne and Gryph's company.[34] During this time, she was exposed to the slavery and brawls of Jervo's World and disliked the usage of brawlers and slaves for entertainment value due to her own past as a slaver.[39][8]

After she was discovered to have the ability to use the Force, Rohlan constantly spoke to her to learn about how to use it from Zayne. Though she did not appreciate what she defined as nagging, she did appreciate that Zayne did not concern himself with her previously benign ability and let her ask him for training herself, though he still opened himself to her if and when she ever needed help.[36][39]Still fierce and hot-tempered however, she snapped back at Zayne when he became angry with her for her past actions in the Crucible slave organization, finding that he had too high of standards, and ended their partnership in bringing down the Crucible.[2]

Powers and abilities

"Living things are capable of many wonders, Jarael. You sparred with the Jedi. Perhaps you have learned something more."
―Demagol, posing as Rohlan Dyre, encouraging Jarael to use the Force.
Jarael, wielding a double-bladed lightsaber.

Jarael became an exceptional fighter with a melee weapon as well as with her hands as a a result of being trained within the Crucible. With these skills, she had managed to defeat her own minder, Chantique, leaving her to be sold off. Her skills in fighting had fended off bounty hunters, multiple law enforcement agents,[4] and extremely dangerous assassin droids.[1] Even when fighting proved useless, such as when she was surrounded by many Mandalorians, she fought viciously and valiantly.[7] She was also adept in riding beasts through rough terrain though it was not her strongest ability as she was flung from a tandreed on Wor Tandell.[11]

Jarael demonstrated an advanced mastery of disguises. Since the start of her travels with Zayne Carrick, Jarael disguised herself as a Sith Lord[16], a Jedi twice[7][29], a wealthy official and as a true-blood Arkanian, only blowing her cover when she desired or when her actions caused suspicion.[4] Her most successful disguise was during her infiltration mission on Odryn when she disguised herself as Celeste Morne using face paint and dying her hair black. She had managed to slip in and out of the Sanctum of the Exalted without any of the guarding Feeorins suspecting her.[29] Even after clearing Zayne's name, Jarael would disguise herself twice — as Captain Brackel — a pirate wearing an unusually designed eye patch to disguise her Flames of the Crucible tattoos — to rip off the Raff Syndicate on Metellos 3.[9] Then as a Crucible slaver — dressed in a pink variant of Chantique's revealing skirt — to release the slaves found on a mining facility in the Koornact Cluster.[12]

With the DNA of the Arkanian Jedi Master, Arca Jeth, flowing through her, Jarael had a significant connection to the Force.[42] At the urging of Demagol, Jarael used her natural affinity with the Force for break her chains on Metellos 3, without Jedi training.[35] She was also capable of Force visions when her fears concerning her mysterious past manifested itself in a dream depicting Malak, Rohlan, Demagol and Arkoh Adasca all wishing to open her and reveal her past and then finally Zayne, beaten and chained, being pulled into shadows by Chantique.[39] On a comet in the Koornacht Cluster, Jarael naturally sensed a rush of ice coming toward Zayne and pushed him out of harms way without any known prior training in the Force.[12]

After separating from Zayne's team, Jarael and Demagol left for Osadia to release the former students of the New Generation Academy of Crucible's slavery. On the planet, the sadistic scientist gave her the double-bladed lightsaber of the Sith Lord Exar Kun,[5] a deadly weapon that she had no trouble mastering to use against Chantique, stopping the dozens of sharp objects that the Zeltron sent on her by telekinesis. [41]


Antos Wyrick

"My Edessa. My triumph."
―Antos Wyrick to Jarael

The Zeltron Antos Wyrick, on the surface, was the beloved teacher of Jarael during her early childhood at the Osadia School. Beneath the surface however and unknown to Jarael, Wyrick bore a sadistic personality, developed by the Iskalloni — using live and sentient test subjects for his experiments as his Mandalorian persona as Demagol during the early stages of the Mandalorian Wars. Wyrick claimed Jarael as his greatest student and after her kidnapping by Crucible slavers, searched for her.[5] Though the first time seeing Jarael after her kidnapping, he did not recognize her, he immediatly realized his mistake upon witnessing her ears though the timely arrival of Zayne Carrick prevented him from looking further into the matter.[17] Jarael would later regret never having the chance to say goodbye to Wyrick before her kidnapping.[3]

Though Jarael regarded Wyrick as an honored elder[3], "perero" in the old Arkanian language[15] , Wyrick used trickery and frequently lied to Jarael[5]. The first being him stealing the identity of Rohlan Dyre after the Mandalorians had fled the station in an effort to become closer to Jarael. The second being he never revealed his identity to Jarael until her return to Osadia[3], supposedly in fear of her rejecting him for his failure to protect her. And the third being he continued to use the Rohlan Dyre persona and did not inform her that he was Demagol &mdash the butcher who had tortured and tried to torture and experiment on two of her friends at Flashpoint.[5] Despite these faults of Wyrick, while disguised as Rohlan, he swore to protect her soon after Camper went into Wild Space after the Battle of Oomonoth[26]. He frequently expressed his desire to make Jarael better by developing her combat skills[27] and exploring her Force Sensitivity.[35] He also valiently protected her aganist others such as the two Jedi, Lucien Draay when he suggested killing her[26], and then again when the Jedi Malak attempted to persuade her to join the Revanchists — resulting in a violent brawl.[11]

Gorman Vandrayk

"You're very close to him."
"He rescued me when I was in trouble, years ago. Since then, I've pledged to take care of him. I didn't do so well, I guess."
―Arkoh Adasca and Jarael, expressing her sorrow over Camper's illness.

His real name was not even known to Jarael until a number years after meeting him, only being referred to as "Camper".[23] While Antos Wyrick served as a father figure during her early childhood, Camper served Jarael as the father figure after her escape from the Crucible at age thirteen.[2] For this reason alone, Jarael swore to protect him for the rest of either of their lives.[23] Due to his increasing age and the life lived in Junk Junkture; living out of an old junk hauler, the Last Resort, Camper relied heavily on Jarael to help him when he would on occasion when he would become ill or to protect him when attacked.[15] Jarael found Camper's mind and intellect to be incredible, despite his senility and inability to inform her of what exactly he was running away from; only vaguely referring to "The Company".[15] Camper had constructed for Jarael her shock-staff — often which became her weapon of choice[15] and a communicator bracelet.[17]

However, when the Last Resort was reactivated during Zayne and Gryph's escape from the Jedi Covenant, Camper's became seriously ill. Jarael became torn between helping the man she now considered "perero" and keeping "The Company", better known as The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania, from him. Despite Jarael's best efforts of obtaining a cure for Camper during her time on Arkania, it inevitably led Adascorp straight to Camper and both their capture.[4] Jarael assisted in bringing in medics to bring Camper into the Arkanian Legacy[23] though it would be the final time Jarael would see Camper in person.[26] During this time, Jarael learned of Camper's past as scientist Gorman Vandrayk, working on the Exorgorth project for Argaloh Adasca and then escaping upon learning of his intention to use the creatures for galactic dominance. Argaloh's grandson, Arkoh, kept Jarael content by attempting to be a sympathetic friend to her as he constantly fed misinformation to her regarding Camper's condition — information which involved him remaining in a coma which deeply upset Jarael.[23] Arkoh soon revealed his desire to continue his grandfather's scheme of galactic dominance using the exogorths and Camper's knowledge of them and with it, the truth that Camper was had in fact gotten well and was being held aganist his will by Adasca.[1] Though Jarael was knowingly a prisoner herself, during Adasca's selling of the exogorths to Admiral Saul Karath and Mandalore the Ultimate, she managed to sneak away and communicate with Camper with the bracelet he had made during which she expressed her sincerest apologies for leading Adascorp and telling him to stop helping Adasca though he refused due to his own desire to protect Jarael. Their conversation was cut short by Adasca who seized her communicator and threatened to use Jarael as a test subject.[25]

Fortunately, a battle had sprung out between Republic forces and Mandalorians on the Arkanian Legacy, allowing Camper to drive the exorgorths into Arkoh Adasca's command bridge. Camper took the exogorths into wild space but not before opening up a holographic communications with Jarael. Jarael begged Camper to wait for her but Camper confessed that she deserved better then hiding like they were for years. Camper bound Rohlan Dyre to protect her before saying his final goodbye and cutting communications. Jarael attempted to embrace the faded holographic image in her sorrow.[26] Due to Camper leaving her, Jarael became distant from Zayne Carrick and Rohlan Dyre, unsure of what to do for herself.[27] She found purpose in fully pledging herself to Zayne's quest to clear his name of the Padawan Massacre of Taris[29] and then becoming part of Cargryph Capital as a con artist[9] which led her back into the Crucible slaving organization.[8] After having a falling out with Zayne, Jarael confessed that her goodbyes were rarely pleasant due to Camper's farewell being a hologram.[3]

Zayne Carrick

"I guess I always saw her with someone...older. More established. You know what I mean."
―Malak, to Zayne Carrick

Upon the first encounter of Zayne and Jarael, the tensions between the two were extremely hostile — with Jarael attacking him and numbing his arm with her shock staff in the Undercity of Taris. The pair couldn't barely be in the same room without one insulting the other with Zayne addressing Jarael as "Darth Sunshine". Zayne found Jarael to be difficult to be around with her short-temper and she blamed him for Lhosan Industries moving off Taris resulting in hundreds of jobs lost in response to the Padawan Massacre of Taris on top of her already bitter attitude.[6] Despite Zayne's discomfort around Jarael, he showed concern for her safety to which Jarael angrily brushed off and would again strike Zayne again during his holographic transmission to Dantooine.[13]

The pair, as they spent more time together hiding out in the asteroid field near Taris, found it vital to work together as they ventured on the Rogue Moon's surface on a search for the bulker-lifter droid, Elbee. However, the two would find more matters to fight about soon after retrieving the droid and evading the Taris Civil Authorities once more.[13] Marn Hierogryph became prepared to strike a deal with the bounty hunter Valius Ying when they were discovered in order for him, Jarael and Camper to escape but meant Zayne would be turned over. Zayne attempted to steal the Last Resort away to escape but was stopped by Jarael. Jarael passionately reprimanded Zayne for his selfishness to which Zayne took to heart and willingly sacrificed himself to save her and the others, throwing his lightsaber at Jarael's feet.[15] The sacrifice would move Jarael and her, along with Gryph, Camper and Elbee, to stage a daring rescue and assault on the Jedi Tower. Jarael herself plunged through the Jedi Tower's glass ceiling, wielding Zayne's lightsaber and wearing a red environmental suit, the same seen in Zayne's captors Force vision. Zayne and Jarael rocketed out of the Tower and escaped on board the Last Resort, commenting how they couldn't allow Zayne to go around sensibly sacrificing himself for others, ending Jarael's life on Taris and moving her out of the Lowercity to begin a new life of conning targets for credits.[16]

Zayne and Jarael's friendship began to take form quickly after escaping Taris. The two constantly protected the other, with Zayne rescuing her from Flashpoint station and just prior to her lashing out at the mad scientist Demagol (in reality, a disguised Zayne) for Zayne's supposed death.[18] When the two parted ways, to each others regret, Jarael covered her sadness over the departure with a crack at Marn Hierogryph. Due to Camper's declining health Jarael admitted she was happy that she hadn't killed him. As Jarael and Camper sped away on the Last Resort from Ralltir, Zayne only wished he had company, apart from the con-artist Gryph.[21]

Though separated from each other for a certain length of time, the friendship Jarael and Zayne possesed would not wither during that time. In fact, when the two met up again on the Arkanian Legacy, Jarael kissed Zayne — if only to get close enough to provide Zayne with information on her and Camper's situation as Arkoh Adasca's prisoners. When Camper departed for Wild space with the exorgorths, leaving Jarael with no obvious purpose, Zayne would ask her for her help in bringing down the Jedi Covenant — believing himself to die without her.[26] Though the two were not yet romantically linked, their relationship was growing to be more then mere friendship though Jarael often forgot about Zayne being five years her junior due to his experiences on the run.[36] Returning to Taris to help Gryph and the Taris Resistance, the Jedi Alek remarked soon afterwords, after Jarael had rejected his own pursuits for a romantic relationship, that she should ask herself if it was just "not now" or if it was just not him.[27] The Taris Resistance was soon attacked by Cassus Fett and forced to flee further underground. Jarael became tasked with Zayne's childhood crush, Shel Jelavan, to bring Constable Sowrs children to Alderaan. During the trip, the pair at the very least became acquainted with one another without any signs of tension between the two — with Jarael finding Shel to be "nice".[29]Though Shel would later wonder, and comment to Alek, if there was anything more to Jarael and Zayne's relationship. Jarael helped Zayne run and then gave him time to face the Covenant and finally "face the music" when he was ready.[11]

It wouldn't be long before the Jedi Covenant was brought down and Zayne and Gryph were exonerated for their crimes.[34] Jarael and as a result, Rohaln Dyre, continued to help Zayne and Gryph with their criminal activities (though the targets were those who Zayne believed deserved it)[9] and after almost being killed by the Raff Syndicate, Jarael discovered her dormant Force sensitivity[35] but with it, her guilt regarding her past as a Crucible slaver began to increase and the guilt steamed into her feelings for Zayne. She had at least one Force vision that mirrored her rescue of Zayne from the Jedi Covenant on Taris though the masters were replaced by Demagol, Arkoh Adasca, Malak (formerly Alek) and Rohaln Dyre. Zayne would also be involved in the vision as Jarael saw him beaten and in chains being pulled in by the Zeltron Chantique, asking Jarael how she could have done it.[39] On Jervo's World, the dueling champion Goethar Kleej recognized her as a Crucible slaver and told Zayne to stay away from her. Despite Goethar's advice, Zayne pursued Jarael, who fled into her private quarters. Jarael informed Zayne that she was in fact a slaver and slammed the door.[8] The revelation put a strain on their relationship. Whenever Zayne tried to talk to Jarael, she ran from it, avoiding talking to him at all believing that due to his wish to be a Jedi Knight, it would place the two at odds. Jarael simply wanted Zayne to drop the subject and help her run from the Crucible.[11]

To Jarael's surprise, Zayne refused to reject Jarael and desperately wanted to help her and stop the Crucible's slaving organization. Zayne evidently sympathized with Jarael for who she was and believed her story regarding the fact that she was only a slaver to help the other slaves. When Malak approached Jarael and asked him to join him aganist the Mandalorians, Jarael evidently was uncomfortable with the still-smittened Jedi and his request. Discouraged, Malak ceased pursuing Jarael any further and left while Jarael and Zayne prepared to bring down the Crucible. Though Zayne did not know if Jarael wanted to be with Malak, he preferred that she would make that choice herself.[11] Zayne's trust in Jarael would not last long however. Zayne was soon captured by the Crucible and brought before Chantique — the minder Jarael had known and beaten in the past. Chantique informed Zayne that Jarael was in fact a liar and the marks on her face meant destroyer.[40] She also delved into his mind that "his Jarael" was not worthy of his trust and in his heart, he knew it. Chantinque played on the fact that Zayne was unsure of Jarael's age of twenty-five — a fact that would relevant to the nineteen year old Jedi who may or may not have romantic feelings towards the woman. Though Zayne sensed that Chantique was infact influencing his thoughts with the Force, Zayne still believed Chantique. The Crucible dumped Zayne and Jarael and the crew of the Hot Prospect found him. Ecstatic to see him again, Jarael rushed out to him thought Zayne was less than pleased and rejected Jarael, forcing Jarael to admit that Zayne had standards that nobody could live up to despite his own failures.[2] The two parted ways again on far less than good terms. Jarael was once again lost and unsure what to do, deeply upset over her fight with Zayne, while in tow with Rohaln Dyre who wanted to continue her fight aganist the Crucible and returned her to Osadia.[3]

Despite their argument, Zayne felt an immense amount of guilt when discovering that Rohaln was in actuality Demagol in disguise and used all the resources he had at his disposal, including the debt owed to him by Cassus Fett for the events that occurred at Jebble.[5]


"You - using the Force? Now that's news worth crossing the galaxy for! This is perfect. You belong with me - I mean, with the Jedi."
―Malak tries to convince Jarael to join his master's crusade.

Jarael would first cross paths with the Jedi Knight she met as "Squint" under less than ideal circumstances: while both were in Mandalorian captivity on the volatile world known as Flashpoint. The Mandalorians who had captured Jarael, falsely believing her to be a Jedi, had taken her there for the experiments of the notorious Mandalorian scientist Demagol, the sadistic scientist who had been studying Jedi in an attempt to discover just what it was that gave them their considerable powers and abilities. Squint met Jarael immediately after one of Demagol's "studies", recognizing her as a new prisoner and, not detecting her latent Force Sensitivity, realizing she herself wasn't a Jedi. Knowing that Demagol's experiments would likely kill anyone who didn't have a Jedi's resiliency, Squint volunteered to continue to be Demagol's subject in Jarael's place, in spite of the fact that he himself could hardly stand.[17] Jarael recognized the sacrifice Squint was making and following the arrival Zayne Carrick and Rohland Dyre and the liberation of the prisoners, Squint and Jarael departed on good terms, in which he revealed to her his real name, Alek.[18]

Jarael and Alek would later be reunited at Omonoth aboard Arkoh Adasca's Arkanian Legacy, where Adasca had invited several parties, including the Revanchist's group of Jedi whom Alek represented, to negotiate a price for rights to the exogorth swarm Adascorp had discovered. Jarael was delighted to see Alek again; to her he was a friendly and familiar face in an increasingly dangerous situation as Adasca held her hostage for Gorman Vandrayk's hidden knowledge of the giants slugs. The pleased feelings appeared to be mutual on Alek's part of this unexpected reunion.[24] When Adasca later struck Jarael, claiming he thought her to be special compared to her fellow Arkanian Offshoots, Alek came to Jarael's defense, holding his lightsaber to Adasca's throat and noting that she was indeed special and promising to end Adasca's life if he hurt her again.[25]

After the situation on Omonoth deteriorated and the Arkanian Legacy destroyed,[26] Alek accompanied Zayne, Jarael, and their companions back to Taris, where Alek remained with Jarael, Rohlan, and Dob Moomo aboard the Moomo Williwaw in orbit. Hoping to take her mind off of losing her longtime friend Vandrayk, Rohlan suggested she spar with Alek. In spite of the Jedi's considerable skill, Jarael was able to knock him down during their match, to Alek's surprise. After finishing sparring, Jarael to Alek expressed her regret and sorrow that Camper was gone. Alek, with his own fondness and attraction for Jarael growing and seeing her distress tried to comfort her, both emotionally and physically. Jarael rebuffed him, however, stating that it was too soon after being taken advantage of by Adasca as well as losing her longtime friend and father figure to consider any kind of physical companionship. Alek claimed to understand, but questioned if it was necessarily a bad time for her or if he simply wasn't the person she wanted.[27]

Alek soon parted ways with Jarael again when he went ahead to Coruscant with Shel Jelavan to make contact with members of the Jedi Council in an effort to help Zayne clear his name.[31] He would return to the Revanchist's Jedi Crusaders shortly after the Vindication incident, though not before he offered to take Jarael with him. Jarael was tempted to go with Alek, now going under the alias Malak, but chose to stay with Zayne and the others, noting that her companions, particularly Rohlan, still needed her help.[34]

Shortly after this, the Jedi Crusaders encountered a vision of Mandalorian barbarism on Cathar, strengthening their resolve to stop the Mandalorians and making the Revanchist Jedi and the Republic military official allies. With this sanction and the fact that Rohlan was now a sports hero thanks to swoop dueling, Malak felt that there was nothing stopping Jarael joining him and the Revanchist movement. He tracked Jarael to Wor Tandell where he made the offer to join him once again, claiming that they needed her and her natural combat abilities, which he had witnessed firsthand at Omonoth as well as in their sparring. Though Jarael was reluctant to accept she also couldn't reject him outright and Malak was insistent, especially when he learned of her Force sensitivity. It was only when when Zayne kissed Jarael, claiming to be with her, that Malak gave in. Malak was unhappy to have seemingly lost Jarael for good, for both his movement and especially himself, but he departed without incident to continue fighting the war.[11]

Arkoh Adasca

Behind the scenes

Jarael's pointed ears.

Jarael was created by writer John Jackson Miller for the Knights of the Old Republic comic series, first appearing in the first story arc, Commencement, drawn by Brian Ching.[13] Initially, a supporting character to main protagonists Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph, the 2007 story arcs of Days of Fear, Nights of Anger, and Daze of Hate gave Jarael a central role of the story with the origins of Camper revealed to the reader.[26] Upon completion of the series first overall arc involving Zayne's quest in exposing the Jedi Covenant, the series shifted it's arc towards Jarael's past and focusing on her and Zayne's efforts to bring down the slaving organization known as the Crucible[11] which concluded the series itself with Demon as the final story arc.[43]

Jarael, like Camper, is described as an Arkanian offshoot. However, she bears pointed ears like those of Aleco Stusea and Jedi Master Fay, which may hint at a third species being involved in her birth. Her ears made her an anticipated subject of Demagol,[18] and also drew the attention of the young Arkanian Zadawi. Jarael claims not to have any knowledge of how they came to be and preferred to keep her hair draped over them.[4] It would not be until the final story of the series that would inform the reader of the different ears. The ears would be a genetic trait of Arca Jeth that was introduced into her DNA in vitro. This genetic trait retconned Arca Jeth to be part Arkanian, part Sephi with all previous appearances of Jeth to be of after an accident which burned the tips of his ears or to be images of Jeth that were altered by the Adasca family to keep their Arkanian hero "pure".[5]

According to Brian Ching, he had designed Jarael to step away from the conventional appearance of comic characters having too much sex appeal in favor for an appearance that made it seem she has to work for a living.[44]Dean Zachary, when drawing the thirty-eighth issue, Faithful Execution, has been reported saying that he based Jarael's depiction on actress Liv Tyler.[45]

Brian Ching's model sheet of Jarael's tattoos.

John Jackson Miller commented that when developing Jarael's character, she would be more rough but his intentions changed when realizing that her attitude was brought about by the lifestyle she lived on Taris and once removed from it, her resentment would "melt away". Jarael's overall attitude, especially towards Zayne and Gryph, was later attributed to Jedi Shadow, Celeste Morne.[46]

While joking about the week of April 13th, 2008 being "National Offshoot Week" due to Jarael being featured on the main page of Wookieepedia, Miller commented that when putting a voice to Jarael, he'd imagine actress Catherine Zeta Jones fitting the role.[47]

In Nights of Anger, Part 3, there is a mistake in the entire sequence of Jarael's dinner with Arkoh Adasca: she is drawn missing the tattoos on both of her arms. John Jackson Miller's comment on this was an evasive answer that Madam Darvla, the woman who dressed Jarael for dinner, applied cover up.[48]

Continuity-wise, her nickname (given that the KotOR comics take place in 3,964 BBY, four years before the Battle of Malachor V) establishes that the title Darth predated Darth Revan, the earliest Darth whose position in Star Wars chronology is defined.[49]

In a promotional ad for Star Wars Miniatures: Knights of the Old Republic, Jarael is seen fighting Mandalore the Ultimate and Darth Sion alongside Zayne Carrick. When a character called "Todd" appears and claims he is roleplaying as a Jedi with them as his unwitting pawns, Jarael grabs Zayne and asks for him to hold her, while Marn Hierogryph says that he certainly will.[50]

Jarael's birth name, Edessa, is also the name of a city in Greece as well as a city in Mesopotamia.[51]


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