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2008 was Coronation Street's forty-ninth year. Kim Crowther succeeded Steve Frost as producer, while in January the regular Sunday episode was dropped and a new 8.30pm Friday episode added to the weekly lineup. In October, exclusive-to-DVD spin-off Out of Africa was released, the first such spin-off since 1997.

Main storylines included the death of Vera Duckworth, the hit-and-run murder of Liam Connor orchestrated by Tony Gordon, David Platt pushing his mum Gail down the stairs and Michelle Connor finding out her son Ryan isn't her biological son. The year also saw the return of Kenneth Cope as Jed Stone, who hadn't been seen since September 1966, 42 years later.

258 new episodes were broadcast on ITV in 2008.



# No. Date Part Production code Writer Director
1 6722 Wednesday 2nd January P694/6722 Jan McVerry Pip Short
2 6723 Friday 4th January P694/6723 Jan McVerry Alan Wareing
3 6724 Sunday 6th January P694/6724 Stephen Bennett Alan Wareing
4 6725 Monday 7th January 1 P694/6725 Joe Turner Alan Wareing
5 6726 Monday 7th January 2 P694/6726 Simon Crowther Alan Wareing
6 6727 Wednesday 9th January P694/6727 Carmel Morgan Alan Wareing
7 6728 Friday 11th January 1 P694/6728 Jonathan Harvey Michael Kerrigan
8 6729 Friday 11th January 2 P694/6729 Jonathan Harvey Michael Kerrigan
9 6730 Monday 14th January 1 P694/6730 David Lane Michael Kerrigan
10 6731 Monday 14th January 2 P694/6731 Julie Jones Michael Kerrigan
11 6732 Wednesday 16th January P694/6732 Mark Burt Michael Kerrigan
12 6733 Friday 18th January 1 P694/6733 Peter Whalley Tim O'Mara
13 6734 Friday 18th January 2 P694/6734 Lucy Gannon Tim O'Mara
14 6735 Monday 21st January 1 P694/6735 Mark Wadlow Tim O'Mara
15 6736 Monday 21st January 2 P694/6736 Joe Turner Tim O'Mara
16 6737 Wednesday 23rd January P694/6737 Martin Allen Tim O'Mara
17 6738 Friday 25th January 1 P694/6738 Simon Crowther Tim O'Mara
18 6739 Friday 25th January 2 P694/6739 Simon Crowther Kay Patrick
19 6740 Monday 28th January 1 P694/6740 Peter Whalley Kay Patrick
20 6741 Monday 28th January 2 P694/6741 Peter Whalley Kay Patrick
21 6742 Wednesday 30th January P694/6742 David Lane Kay Patrick
22 6743 Friday 1st February 1 P694/6743 Jan McVerry Kay Patrick
23 6744 Friday 1st February 2 P694/6744 Jonathan Harvey Kay Patrick
24 6745 Monday 4th February 1 P694/6745 Carmel Morgan Stuart Davids
25 6746 Monday 4th February 2 P694/6746 Damon Rochefort Stuart Davids
26 6747 Wednesday 6th February P694/6747 Stephen Bennett Stuart Davids
27 6748 Friday 8th February 1 P694/6748 Jayne Hollinson Stuart Davids
28 6749 Friday 8th February 2 P694/6749 Debbie Oates Stuart Davids
29 6750 Monday 11th February 1 P694/6750 Julie Jones Pip Short
30 6751 Monday 11th February 2 P694/6751 Julie Jones Pip Short
31 6752 Wednesday 13th February P694/6752 Stephen Bennett Pip Short
32 6753 Friday 15th February 1 P694/6753 Catherine Hayes Pip Short
33 6754 Friday 15th February 2 P694/6754 Peter Whalley Pip Short
34 6755 Monday 18th February 1 P694/6755 David Lane Terry Dyddgen-Jones
35 6756 Monday 18th February 2 P694/6756 Simon Crowther Terry Dyddgen-Jones
36 6757 Wednesday 20th February P694/6757 Martin Allen Terry Dyddgen-Jones
37 6758 Friday 22nd February 1 P694/6758 Damon Rochefort Terry Dyddgen-Jones
38 6759 Friday 22nd February 2 P694/6759 Chris Fewtrell Terry Dyddgen-Jones
39 6760 Monday 25th February 1 P694/6760 Jan McVerry Michael Kerrigan
40 6761 Monday 25th February 2 P694/6761 Carmel Morgan Michael Kerrigan
41 6762 Wednesday 27th February P694/6762 Mark Wadlow Michael Kerrigan
42 6763 Friday 29th February 1 P694/6763 Jayne Hollinson Michael Kerrigan
43 6764 Friday 29th February 2 P694/6764 Lucy Gannon Michael Kerrigan
44 6765 Monday 3rd March 1 P694/6765 Carmel Morgan Tim O'Mara
45 6766 Monday 3rd March 2 P694/6766 Lucy Gannon Tim O'Mara
46 6767 Wednesday 5th March P694/6767 Jan McVerry Tim O'Mara
47 6768 Friday 7th March 1 P694/6768 Julie Jones Tim O'Mara
48 6769 Friday 7th March 2 P694/6769 Jonathan Harvey Tim O'Mara
49 6770 Monday 10th March 1 P694/6770 Mark Wadlow Kay Patrick
50 6771 Monday 10th March 2 P694/6771 Chris Fewtrell Kay Patrick
51 6772 Wednesday 12th March P694/6772 Mark Burt Kay Patrick
52 6773 Friday 14th March 1 P694/6773 Debbie Oates Kay Patrick
53 6774 Friday 14th March 2 P694/6774 Jayne Hollinson Kay Patrick
54 6775 Monday 17th March 1 P694/6775 Joe Turner Stuart Davids
55 6776 Monday 17th March 2 P694/6776 Joe Turner Stuart Davids
56 6777 Wednesday 19th March P694/6777 Simon Crowther Stuart Davids
57 6778 Friday 21st March 1 P694/6778 Simon Crowther Stuart Davids
58 6779 Friday 21st March 2 P694/6779 Peter Whalley Stuart Davids
59 6780 Monday 24th March 1 P694/6780 Mark Burt Pip Short
60 6781 Monday 24th March 2 P694/6781 Damon Rochefort Pip Short
61 6782 Wednesday 26th March P694/6782 Martin Sterlin Pip Short
62 6783 Friday 28th March 1 P694/6783 Carmel Morgan Pip Short
63 6784 Friday 28th March 2 P694/6784 Lucy Gannon Pip Short
64 6785 Monday 31st March 1 P694/6785 David Lane Terry Dyddgen-Jones
65 6786 Monday 31st March 2 P694/6786 Chris Fewtrell Terry Dyddgen-Jones
66 6787 Wednesday 2nd April P694/6787 Peter Whalley Terry Dyddgen-Jones
67 6788 Friday 4th April 1 P694/6788 Simon Crowther Terry Dyddgen-Jones
68 6789 Friday 4th April 2 P694/6789 Joe Turner Terry Dyddgen-Jones
69 6790 Monday 7th April 1 P694/6790 Julie Jones Jerry Smith
70 6791 Monday 7th April 2 P694/6791 Jonathan Harvey Jerry Smith
71 6792 Wednesday 9th April P694/6792 Peter Whalley Jerry Smith
72 6793 Friday 11th April 1 P694/6793 Stephen Bennett Jerry Smith
73 6794 Friday 11th April 2 P694/6794 Jayne Hollinson Jerry Smith
74 6795 Monday 14th April 1 P694/6795 Peter Whalley Tim O'Mara
75 6796 Monday 14th April 2 P694/6796 Mark Wadlow Tim O'Mara
76 6797 Wednesday 16th April P694/6797 Stephen Bennett Tim O'Mara
77 6798 Friday 18th April 1 P694/6798 David Lane Tim O'Mara
78 6799 Friday 18th April 2 P694/6799 Simon Crowther Tim O'Mara
79 6800 Monday 21st April 1 P694/6800 Jonathan Harvey Dominic Leclerc
80 6801 Monday 21st April 2 P694/6801 Jayne Hollinson Dominic Leclerc
81 6802 Wednesday 23rd April P694/6802 Martin Allen Dominic Leclerc
82 6803 Friday 25th April 1 P694/6803 Chris Fewtrell Dominic Leclerc
83 6804 Friday 25th April 2 P694/6804 Damon Rochefort Dominic Leclerc
84 6805 Monday 28th April 1 P694/6805 Jan McVerry Kay Patrick
85 6806 Monday 28th April 2 P694/6806 Debbie Oates Kay Patrick
86 6807 Wednesday 30th April P694/6807 Julie Jones Kay Patrick
87 6808 Friday 2nd May P694/6808 Lucy Gannon Kay Patrick
88 6809 Sunday 4th May P694/6809 Lucy Gannon Kay Patrick
89 6810 Monday 5th May 1 P694/6810 Lucy Gannon John Anderson
90 6811 Monday 5th May 2 P694/6811 Julie Jones John Anderson
91 6812 Wednesday 7th May P694/6812 Martin Sterling John Anderson
92 6813 Friday 9th May 1 P694/6813 David Lane John Anderson
93 6814 Friday 9th May 2 P694/6814 Joe Turner John Anderson
94 6815 Monday 12th May 1 P694/6815 Debbie Oates Ian Bevitt
95 6816 Monday 12th May 2 P694/6816 Simon Crowther Ian Bevitt
96 6817 Wednesday 14th May P694/6817 Stephen Bennett Ian Bevitt
97 6818 Friday 16th May 1 P694/6818 Carmel Morgan Ian Bevitt
98 6819 Friday 16th May 2 P694/6819 Jan McVerry Ian Bevitt
99 6820 Monday 19th May 1 P694/6820 Mark Burt Terry Dyddgen-Jones
100 6821 Monday 19th May 2 P694/6821 Mark Burt Terry Dyddgen-Jones
101 6822 Friday 23rd May 1 P694/6822 Chris Fewtrell Terry Dyddgen-Jones
102 6823 Friday 23rd May 2 P694/6823 Peter Whalley Terry Dyddgen-Jones
103 6824 Sunday 25th May P694/6824 Mark Wadlow Terry Dyddgen-Jones
104 6825 Monday 26th May 1 P694/6825 Martin Sterling Pip Short
105 6826 Monday 26th May 2 P694/6825 Peter Whalley Pip Short
106 6827 Wednesday 28th May P694/6827 Simon Crowther Pip Short
107 6828 Friday 30th May 1 P694/6828 David Lane Pip Short
108 6829 Friday 30th May 2 P694/6829 Mark Wadlow Pip Short
109 6830 Monday 2nd June 1 P694/6830 Chris Fewtrell Jerry Smith
110 6831 Monday 2nd June 2 P694/6831 Lucy Gannon Jerry Smith
111 6832 Wednesday 4th June P694/6832 Martin Allen Jerry Smith
112 6833 Friday 6th June 1 P694/6833 Joe Turner Jerry Smith
113 6834 Friday 6th June 2 P694/6834 Joe Turner Jerry Smith
114 6835 Sunday 8th June P694/6835 Debbie Oates Tim Dowd
115 6836 Wednesday 11th June P694/6836 Julie Jones Tim Dowd
116 6837 Friday 13th June 1 P694/6837 Jan McVerry Tim Dowd
117 6838 Friday 13th June 2 P694/6838 Jan McVerry Tim Dowd
118 6839 Sunday 15th June P694/6839 Damon Rochefort Illy
119 6840 Monday 16th June P694/6840 and P694/6841 Jonathan Harvey
Stephen Bennett
120 6842 Friday 20th June 1 P694/6842 Jayne Hollinson Illy
121 6843 Friday 20th June 2 P694/6843 Mark Burt Illy
122 6844 Monday 23rd June 1 P694/6844 Simon Crowther John Anderson
123 6845 Monday 23rd June 2 P694/6845 Mark Wadlow John Anderson
124 6846 Wednesday 25th June P694/6846 Jonathan Harvey John Anderson
125 6847 Friday 27th June 1 P694/6847 Jayne Hollinson John Anderson
126 6848 Friday 27th June 2 P694/6848 Jayne Hollinson John Anderson
127 6849 Monday 30th June 1 P694/6849 Peter Whalley Tony Prescott
128 6850 Monday 30th June 2 P694/6850 Peter Whalley Tony Prescott
129 6851 Wednesday 2nd July P694/6851 David Lane Tony Prescott
130 6852 Friday 4th July 1 P694/6852 Lucy Gannon Tony Prescott
131 6853 Friday 4th July 2 P694/6853 Martin Allen Tony Prescott
132 6854 Monday 7th July 1 P694/6854 Stephen Bennett Pip Banyard
133 6855 Monday 7th July 2 P694/6855 Jan McVerry Pip Banyard
134 6856 Wednesday 9th July P694/6856 Chris Fewtrell Pip Banyard
135 6857 Friday 11th July 1 P694/6857 Mark Burt Pip Banyard
136 6858 Friday 11th July 2 P694/6858 Carmel Morgan Pip Banyard
137 6859 Monday 14th July 1 P694/6859 Peter Whalley Neil Johnston
138 6860 Monday 14th July 2 P694/6860 Peter Whalley Neil Johnston
139 6861 Wednesday 16th July P694/6861 Damon Rochefort Pip Short
140 6862 Friday 18th July 1 P694/6862 Simon Crowther Pip Short
141 6863 Friday 18th July 2 P694/6863 Joe Turner Pip Short
142 6864 Monday 21st July 1 P694/6864 Mark Wadlow Tim Dowd
143 6865 Monday 21st July 2 P694/6865 Mark Wadlow Tim Dowd
144 6866 Wednesday 23rd July P694/6866 Stephen Bennett Tim Dowd
145 6867 Friday 25th July 1 P694/6867 Chris Fewtrell Tim Dowd
146 6868 Friday 25th July 2 P694/6868 Chris Fewtrell Tim Dowd
147 6869 Monday 28th July 1 P694/6869 Carmel Morgan Jerry Smith
148 6870 Monday 28th July 2 P694/6870 Debbie Oates Jerry Smith
149 6871 Wednesday 30th July P694/6871 Jonathan Harvey Jerry Smith
150 6872 Friday 1st August 1 P694/6872 Martin Allen Jerry Smith
151 6873 Friday 1st August 2 P694/6873 Martin Allen Jerry Smith
152 6874 Monday 4th August 1 P694/6874 Martin Sterling Terry Dyddgen-Jones
153 6875 Monday 4th August 2 P694/6875 Jayne Hollinson Terry Dyddgen-Jones
154 6876 Wednesday 6th August P694/6876 Jan McVerry Terry Dyddgen-Jones
155 6877 Friday 8th August 1 P694/6877 Lucy Gannon Terry Dyddgen-Jones
156 6878 Friday 8th August 2 P694/6878 David Lane Terry Dyddgen-Jones
157 6879 Monday 11th August 1 P694/6879 Damon Rochefort John Anderson
158 6880 Monday 11th August 2 P694/6880 Chris Fewtrell John Anderson
159 6881 Wednesday 13th August P694/6881 Jonathan Harvey John Anderson
160 6882 Friday 15th August 1 P694/6882 Mark Wadlow John Anderson
161 6883 Friday 15th August 2 P694/6883 Lucy Gannon John Anderson
162 6884 Monday 18th August 1 P694/6884 Martin Allen Tony Prescott
163 6885 Monday 18th August 2 P694/6885 Mark Burt Tony Prescott
164 6886 Wednesday 20th August P694/6886 David Lane Tony Prescott
165 6887 Friday 22nd August 1 P694/6887 Peter Whalley Tony Prescott
166 6888 Friday 22nd August 2 P694/6888 Joe Turner Tony Prescott
167 6889 Sunday 24th August P694/6889 Carmel Morgan Ian Bevitt
168 6890 Monday 25th August 1 P694/6890 Carmel Morgan Ian Bevitt
169 6891 Monday 25th August 2 P694/6891 Martin Sterling Ian Bevitt
170 6892 Wednesday 27th August P694/6892 Julie Jones Ian Bevitt
171 6893 Sunday 31st August P694/6893 Debbie Oates Ian Bevitt
172 6894 Monday 1st September 1 P694/6894 Lucy Gannon Pip Short
173 6895 Monday 1st September 2 P694/6895 Carmel Morgan Pip Short
174 6896 Wednesday 3rd September P694/6896 Jonathan Harvey Pip Short
175 6897 Friday 5th September 1 P694/6897 Martin Sterling Pip Short
176 6898 Friday 5th September 2 P694/6898 Damon Rochefort Pip Short
177 6899 Monday 8th September 1 P694/6899 Mark Burt Tim Dowd
178 6900 Monday 8th September 2 P694/6900 Simon Crowther Tim Dowd
179 6901 Wednesday 10th September P694/6901 Peter Whalley Tim Dowd
180 6902 Friday 12th September 1 P694/6902 Jan McVerry Tim Dowd
181 6903 Friday 12th September 2 P694/6903 Jan McVerry Tim Dowd
182 6904 Monday 15th September 1 P694/6904 Julie Jones Terry Dyddgen-Jones
183 6905 Monday 15th September 2 P694/6905 Chris Fewtrell Terry Dyddgen-Jones
184 6906 Wednesday 17th September P694/6906 Chris Fewtrell Terry Dyddgen-Jones
185 6907 Friday 19th September 1 P694/6907 David Lane Terry Dyddgen-Jones
186 6908 Friday 19th September 2 P694/6908 Jayne Hollinson Terry Dyddgen-Jones
187 6909 Monday 22nd September 1 P694/6909 Julie Jones Jerry Smith
188 6910 Monday 22nd September 2 P694/6910 Debbie Oates Jerry Smith
189 6911 Wednesday 24th September P694/6911 Jan McVerry Jerry Smith
190 6912 Friday 26th September 1 P694/6912 Lucy Gannon Jerry Smith
191 6913 Friday 26th September 2 P694/6913 Damon Rochefort Jerry Smith
192 6914 Monday 29th September 1 P694/6914 Jayne Hollinson Kay Patrick
193 6915 Monday 29th September 2 P694/6915 Martin Allen Kay Patrick
194 6916 Wednesday 1st October P694/6916 Peter Whalley Kay Patrick
195 6917 Friday 3rd October 1 P694/6917 David Lane Kay Patrick
196 6918 Friday 3rd October 2 P694/6918 Simon Crowther Kay Patrick
197 6919 Monday 6th October 1 P694/6919 Carmel Morgan Alan Wareing
198 6920 Monday 6th October 2 P694/6920 Joe Turner Alan Wareing
199 6921 Wednesday 8th October P694/6921 David Bowker Alan Wareing
200 6922 Friday 10th October 1 P694/6922 Jonathan Harvey Alan Wareing
201 6923 Friday 10th October 2 P694/6923 Mark Burt Alan Wareing
202 6924 Monday 13th October 1 P694/6924 Mark Burt Ian Bevitt
203 6925 Monday 13th October 2 P694/6925 Damon Rochefort Ian Bevitt
204 6926 Wenesday 15th October P694/6926 Jan McVerry Ian Bevitt
205 6927 Friday 17th October 1 P694/6927 Simon Crowther Ian Bevitt
206 6928 Friday 17th October 2 P694/6928 Chris Fewtrell Ian Bevitt
207 6929 Monday 20th October 1 P694/6929 David Lane Tony Prescott
208 6930 Monday 20th October 2 P694/6930 Mark Wadlow Tony Prescott
209 6931 Wednesday 22nd October P694/6931 Carmel Morgan Tony Prescott
210 6932 Friday 24th October 1 P694/6932 Joe Turner Tony Prescott
211 6933 Friday 24th October 2 P694/6933 Julie Jones Tony Prescott
212 6934 Monday 27th October 1 P694/6934 Martin Allen Pip Short
213 6935 Monday 27th October 2 P694/6935 Debbie Oates Pip Short
214 6936 Wednesday 29th October P694/6936 Peter Whalley Pip Short
215 6937 Friday 31st October 1 P694/6937 Jayne Hollinson Pip Short
216 6938 Friday 31st October 2 P694/6938 Jonathan Harvey Pip Short
217 6939 Monday 3rd November 1 P694/6939 Damon Rochefort John Anderson
218 6940 Monday 3rd November 2 P694/6940 Mark Wadlow John Anderson
219 6941 Wednesday 5th November P694/6941 Chris Fewtrell John Anderson
220 6942 Friday 7th November 1 P694/6942 Lucy Gannon John Anderson
221 6943 Friday 7th November 2 P694/6943 Julie Jones John Anderson
222 6944 Monday 10th November 1 P694/6944 Simon Crowther Jerry Smith
223 6945 Monday 10th November 2 P694/6945 David Lane Jerry Smith
224 6946 Wednesday 12th November P694/6946 Martin Allen Jerry Smith
225 6947 Friday 14th November 1 P694/6947 Carmel Morgan Jerry Smith
226 6948 Friday 14th November 2 P694/6948 David Bowker Jerry Smith
227 6949 Monday 17th November 1 P694/6949 Mark Burt Kay Patrick
228 6950 Monday 17th November 2 P694/6950 Jayne Hollinson Kay Patrick
229 6951 Friday 21st November 1 P694/6951 Jonathan Harvey Kay Patrick
230 6952 Friday 21st November 2 P694/6952 Jonathan Harvey Kay Patrick
231 6953 Monday 24th November 1 P694/6953 Peter Whalley Kay Patrick
232 6954 Monday 24th November 2 P694/6954 Martin Allen Duncan Foster
233 6955 Wednesday 26th November P694/6955 Joe Turner Duncan Foster
234 6956 Friday 28th November 1 P694/6956 Mark Burt Duncan Foster
235 6957 Friday 28th November 2 P694/6957 David Bowker Duncan Foster
236 6958 Monday 1st December P694/6958 David Lane Alan Wareing
237 6959 Wednesday 3rd December P694/6959 Damon Rochefort Alan Wareing
238 6960 Friday 5th December P694/6960 Debbie Oates Alan Wareing
239 6961 Sunday 7th December P694/6961 Lucy Gannon Alan Wareing
240 6962 Monday 8th December 1 P694/6962 Carmel Morgan Jason Beresford
241 6963 Monday 8th December 2 P694/6963 Mark Wadlow Jason Beresford
242 6964 Wednesday 10th December P694/6964 Simon Crowther Jason Beresford
243 6965 Friday 12th December 1 P694/6965 Chris Fewtrell Jason Beresford
244 6966 Friday 12th December 2 P694/6966 Julie Jones Jason Beresford
245 6967 Monday 15th December 1 P694/6967 David Lane Stuart Davids
246 6968 Monday 15th December 2 P694/6968 David Lane Stuart Davids
247 6969 Wednesday 17th December P694/6969 Martin Allen Stuart Davids
248 6970 Friday 19th December 1 P694/6970 Mark Wadlow Stuart Davids
249 6971 Friday 19th December 2 P694/6971 Lucy Gannon Stuart Davids
250 6972 Monday 22nd December 1 P694/6972 Joe Turner Stuart Davids
251 6973 Monday 22nd December 2 P694/6973 David Bowker John Anderson
252 6974 Wednesday 24th December P694/6974 Simon Crowther John Anderson
253 6975 Thursday 25th December P694/6975 Chris Fewtrell John Anderson
254 6976 Friday 26th December 1 P694/6976 Debbie Oates John Anderson
255 6977 Friday 26th December 2 P694/6977 Mark Burt John Anderson
256 6978 Monday 29th December 1 P694/6978 Jayne Hollinson Kay Patrick
257 6979 Monday 29th December 2 P694/6979 Julie Jones Kay Patrick
258 6980 Wednesday 31st December P694/6980 Damon Rochefort Kay Patrick

Main cast


Cast notes



  • Steve McDonald tells his dad Jim to leave Weatherfield for good - Jim's attempt to stop his ex-wife Liz from marrying Vernon Tomlin was the last straw. A sorrowful Jim embarks on a new life.
  • While hillwalking in the Lake District, Liam Connor falls into a gorge. His fiancé Maria Sutherland finds help and he is airlifted to safety by Mountain Rescue, but when semi-conscious in hospital it's not Maria that Liam calls out for, it's Carla Connor. Maria becomes convinced this means he is in love with Carla so when he regains consciousness Maria suggests they bring their wedding date forward to February. Liam agrees, although when Carla finds out she is angry and questions Maria's motives, accusing her of pushing Liam into marriage, although when he recovers Liam insists he loves Maria and wants to marry her. Maria is incensed when Carla books a double bedroom for Carla and Liam's business trip and pretends it's a mix-up, but Carla's boyfriend Tony Gordon shows up at the hotel before anything can happen between them and Liam decides to leave early. He lets Maria think he left because he was missing her.
Jack faces life without Vera
  • John Stape is desperate to win Fiz Brown back after his affair with Rosie Webster, but when Fiz sees Rosie she's reminded of the pain John caused and tells him it's over. John leaves for pastures new.
  • Jack and Vera Duckworth are putting their plan to retire and move to Blackpool into action and decide to put an offer on a bungalow. However it's not to be - six weeks before they plan to leave, Vera dies of heart failure while Jack's in the Rovers. The neighbours rally round to help Jack but he's devastated and puts off preparations for the funeral. When he gets a condolence card from his son Terry, Jack decides to invite him to the funeral as Vera would have wanted him there. Jack struggles to bring himself to speak at the funeral, but delivers a touching eulogy for Vera.
  • David Platt meets Tina McIntyre and they immediately hit it off. David's mum Gail approves of Tina, but when she finds out he's having sex with Tina, she embarrasses him by leaving condoms on the table to make sure he is taking the right precautions.
  • Kevin Webster is given a custodial sentence of 28 days for assaulting John Stape. Sisters Rosie and Sophie Webster won't speak to each other but when Kevin returns the Websters agree to put 2007 behind them.
  • Michelle Connor postpones a DNA test which will determine whether or not Ryan is her biological son. Ryan thinks Nick Neeson is a stalker rather than quite possibly his father, with Ryan and Alex Neeson mixed up in the hospital after they were born. Ryan finds out about Nick's allegations on his 16th birthday, and runs off when he finds out everybody knew except him. When he ends up fighting with Alex, Michelle decides to take the DNA test and then Ryan and Alex can make up their own minds about seeing their biological parents. The test proves Ryan isn't Michelle's son, but Ryan wants things to stay as they are. However, Michelle can't resist going to see Alex, and tells him she's there if he ever wants to talk to her.
  • Wiki Dankowska has a party to sell underwear. Kelly Crabtree is surprised by how much she earns.
  • Darryl Morton is thrilled to be going out with Lauren Wilson, unaware she is stringing him along.


  • As Michelle continues to see Alex, Steve notices that everytime Alex calls, Michelle is there; she even misses Amy's birthday party to see him. Alex tells Michelle how much he hates living with his mum Wendy, which leaves Michelle in turmoil - she wants to be there for Alex, but doesn't want to betray Ryan, who resents Alex. When Alex is caught shoplifting, the police take him to the Rovers, where he tells Michelle he'd rather sleep rough than stay with either of his parents. Michelle relents and allows him to stay there for a few days, but she can't bring herself to force him to leave so keeps extending the deadline. Ryan is feeling edged out and goes to live at No.7 temporarily.
  • Kevin decides to start anew with Rosie and they arrange a father-daughter night out once a week. Rosie gets her old job at Underworld back.
  • No closer to making up with his wife Sarah, Jason Grimshaw ends up in bed with Becky Granger. The next morning he thinks he's made a big mistake and rushes off to Italy to see Sarah, leaving Becky heartbroken. However when he tells Sarah about Becky, she ends things with him for good.
  • Violet Wilson's pregnancy is getting closer to term. Sean Tully is the proud father but Violet wants to be with Jamie Baldwin, and she's feeling suffocated by Sean's constant presence and interference. Violet and Jamie decide to leave Weatherfield in secret to they can raise the baby as a couple, but on the day they're supposed to leave Violet goes into labour and baby Dylan is born. Lauren finds out about their plans and tells Sean but he's too late to stop them as they've just driven off for a new life in London.
Liam and Maria get married
  • Mel Morton qualifies as a police officer.
  • On Maria's hen night, Michelle tells Carla about Liam calling out for her in hospital. Carla goes to see Liam and implores him to admit his true feelings for her, as this might be his last chance. As Carla leaves, Maria sees her giving Liam a seductive kiss, which on her wedding day leaves her wondering whether or not to go through with it. When Maria's car arrives at the hotel, Maria refuses to get out, but Liam convinces her that she is the one he loves and they get married. Frustrated, Carla dumps Tony, but takes him back when he surprises her with a candlelit dinner. Tony moves into Carla's flat.
  • Fiz is upset to see the squalor her brother Chesney is living in at No.5 and is worried that he's even worse off without Cilla.
  • Roy Cropper goes to visit Hayley in Africa, leaving the café in capable hands of Becky and Ken Barlow, with Becky moving into the flat.
  • Vernon decides to redecorate the Rovers.
  • Kelly has her own knicker party but doesn't sell much and starts stealing seconds from the factory.
  • Jack discovers he's won a bet he placed at the bookie's before Vera died and is owed £3000, but he can't find the betting slip. Paul Clayton finds it and is about to hand it to Jack but when Tyrone Dobbs and Molly Compton tell him he'll have to find somewhere else to live when they buy No.9, he decides to cash the slip himself, offering bookie Dan Mason £1000 to keep quiet. However Harry Mason notices the discrepancy and makes Dan pay Jack out of his own pocket. When Paul refuses to give Dan the money back, Dan takes advantage by getting free meals at Paul and Leanne Battersby's restaurant Valandro's.
  • David tells Tina she can move into No.8 without asking Gail. David feels threatened by the fact that Tina is friends with her ex-boyfriend and decides to get a tattoo to prove his love for her.


  • Sean is hopeful that he will be able to track down Jamie and Violet but eventually comes to terms with the fact he might never see his son again.
David pushes Gail down the stairs
  • Tina tells Gail she's pregnant, and that she hasn't told David. Gail supports her decision to have an abortion but suggests that David doesn't have to know. However David notices Tina's strange behaviour and assuming she's gone off him he finishes with her, unaware that she has had an abortion that day. When Becky overhears Gail and Audrey talking about an abortion, she jumps to the conclusion that they're referring to Sarah, and tells Jason, who believes her as it would explain why Sarah hasn't returned his calls lately. Jason has it out with Gail, but their row is overheard by David, who realises the truth and confronts Gail, and in a fit of rage he pushes her down the stairs. Scared that he's killed his mum, David runs off and goes to Tina's, acting surprised when Audrey phones to tell him about the "accident". The police say Gail was pushed, but when she regains consciousness she can't remember what happened. Jason is questioned by the police, but he points the finger at David, telling them about the other things David has done. David convinces Tina to lie to the police, telling them he was at her house when Gail was pushed. As Gail's memory returns, she remembers arguing with Jason downstairs, removing him as a suspect.
  • Wendy arrives at the Rovers to take Alex back, but Michelle won't let her. Steve reminds Michelle that Alex can't stay forever, and along with Liam convinces her that she's hurting too many people by letting Alex stay. Michelle reluctantly lets Wendy take Alex away. Ryan moves back into the Rovers. When Ryan admits he wants to meet up with his real dad Nick Neeson, Michelle tells him it's fine, but is worried that having already lost Alex she's going to lose Ryan too when Ryan stays with Nick over Easter.
  • The butchers is having financial trouble and Ashley Peacock is forced to sack Kirk Sutherland as he can't afford him anymore. Kirk is carefree about his problems, but No.5 is a mess and Chesney isn't doing well at school. When Claire Peacock sees the squalor Chesney is living in she contacts the Social Services, who turn up while Kirk is at a job interview and take Chesney into care. The neighbours rally round to help Kirk. When Fiz returns from her holiday and finds out, she's determined to get Chesney back, and at first she's willing to make the sacrifice of living with her ex-boyfriend Kirk, but grows increasingly worried that he expects them to get back together and gets rid of him for a while by convincing him to visit his parents in Cyprus.
  • Dan calls in his debt - he makes Paul strip to his underwear and takes his clothes. Jack finds out and gives Paul the money to pay Dan back.
  • Tony decides to invest in the Victoria Court flats. He also puts in a bid for Liam's share of the factory, and tries to determine how Carla feels about Liam. He next surprises Carla with a marriage proposal, which she accepts.
  • Liam finds out about Kelly taking Underworld rejects, but she keeps her job thanks to Wiki Dankowska.
  • Following the redecoration of the Rovers, Vernon opens a smoker's garden.
  • Leanne decides to sell her failing restaurant Valandro's, but after receiving no offers for buyout, she takes Dan's joke suggestion of arson seriously, and decides to use Paul's infatuation with her to her advantage - she tricks him into volunteering to torch the restaurant. As it burns, she feigns shock and waits for the insurance company to pay out.


  • Leanne is thrilled when the insurance company pays out, but is stunned when Paul, having realised Leanne was only using him, gives her an ultimatum - either he gets all the money or he goes to the police. Dan assures Leanne he's bluffing, but when she refuses to pay out Paul confesses to the police. He's charged with arson, but is hopeful that Leanne will also be charged. When Jack learns what Paul has done, he's disgusted, and compares him to Terry.
David goes on the rampage and pushes Ken
  • The guilt of lying is eating away at Tina as Gail's memory continues to return. As Gail remembers her argument with David, the pieces start to come together and she realises that it was David who pushed her. Tina tells David it's over just as Gail tells him she knows he's the culprit. Gail refuses to tell the police until he explains why he did it, but David is full of self-loathing and to the shock of the neighbours goes on a rampage in the street, smashing windows and attacking a police officer, determined to get sent down. He's charged with criminal damage and assault, but David says he deserves to go to prison, and even refuses legal representation. As his court date looms, David tries to get in touch with Tina, but she's convinced there's no way back for him and says goodbye for the last time. David is given a custodial sentence, and at the Young Offender's Institute makes a friend in quirky cellmate Graeme Proctor. After a visit from Gail, David breaks down in tears.
  • When Roy finds bat droppings on the Victoria Court building site, he tells Bill Webster, who has the building contract. Tony, worried that the site could be closed down as bats are a protected species, convinces Jason to remove the bats illegally. The environmental inspector doesn't find any bats but thinks a colony might have been recently removed, which is enough to convince Roy that Tony has been up to something illegal. He has Hayley's car parked to block vehicle access to the site - since it is legally parked the police can't move it. Roy is satisfied with his victory as it has cost the builders a day's work, and has the car moved when Tony agrees to make a donation to a bat charity.
  • Lauren dumps Darryl when he refuses to give her money to pay her rent. She goes on holiday with Sean and he returns alone.
  • Steve goes to see Alex and convinces him that he can still see Michelle even though he can't live with her. Alex accompanies Michelle to Ireland to meet his grandparents.
  • Roy returns home to find Becky entertaining builder Rick. He's uncomfortable with her bringing men to his flat, but they reach a compromise: she can have boyfriends over if she tells him first. Becky dumps Rick when she finds out from Jason that he's married. Jason and Becky start dating, with Jason promising it will be different from last time.
  • Darryl gets drunk on his birthday and quits his job at the kebab shop. Jerry agrees to take him back on but makes him apply for the job properly.
  • Audrey finds out that Ted Page (Gail's father) has been trying to contact her for the first time in 50 years. She goes to meet him and tells him he has a daughter.
  • Kirk returns from Cyprus with a new girlfriend, Julie Carp.
  • Carla makes Maria think she slept with Liam when she turns away a taxi supposed to collect him from her flat after a drunk Liam falls asleep on her sofa. At the salon, Marcus Dent gets worried when Maria says she hasn't felt the baby kick for a few days, and insists she goes to the hospital for a check. The sonographer can't find a heartbeat - Maria's unborn baby has died. Maria can't bring herself to tell Liam and the following day she gives birth to a dead baby boy.
  • Vernon gets a three-week drumming job and asks Liz to come with him, but she's not keen. He leaves without her.


  • Maria doesn't know how to break the news to Liam and seeks refuge at Audrey's house, although Liam finds out when a midwife turns up at No.7 and assumes he already knows. He's disappointed that Maria chose to deal with her grief without him and she opts out of going to baby Paul's funeral - however she changes her mind at the last minute. Maria wonders if she and Liam have a future together when Liam confesses he used to have feelings for Carla. Liam turns up at Carla's flat and they have sex. After a second night together, Liam and Carla are seen together outside Carla's flat by Rosie Webster, who records a video of them kissing on her mobile phone. Maria begs Liam to take her back, and he suggests they go away together, dashing Carla's hopes of a future with Liam.
  • Gail is surprised to hear about Audrey's meeting with Ted, and decides to meet him herself. She's surprised to find out that he's gay.
  • Leanne is not to be charged over Valandro's arson. Paul is worried about his sentencing and decides to do a runner. Jack finds out and offers Paul money to stay and face the consequences, but Paul leaves anyway.
  • The Peacocks are in crisis. Ashley has cleared his and Claire's bank accounts to support the business. Claire and Sally Webster come up with an idea - the Peacocks and the Websters could swap houses. When Kevin and Ashley are finally convinced, they are disappointed when Sally and Claire try to score points off each other, both disagreeing about the valuation of the houses.
  • Tina visits David in the Young Offender's Institute, and moves into No.8 as she has fallen out with her mum.
  • Fiz and Julie think something is wrong with Chesney. He fancies Kayleigh Morton but when he asks her out she says no, but is soon required to kiss her for a role during a school play.
Hoodies raid The Kabin and attack Norris
  • With Vernon on the cruise, Liz enjoys flirting with Harry Mason. He tries to ask her out, but is sidetracked when his ex-wife Clarissa turns up and expects him to sort out her problems. Liz and Harry meet at Harry's flat but Liz pulls away when Harry tries to kiss her. Steve finds out and accuses Liz of cheating on Vernon, but she denies it.
  • Molly decides to take down the stone cladding on No.9, and is surprised to have Jack's support. However they're surprised to discover it won't come off!
  • No.1 springs a leak and Deirdre despairs plumber Roger Stiles take longer than expected to install a new bathroom and then overcharges her and Ken, although Ken insists on paying the bill.
  • A gang of teenagers including Chesney's schoolmate Kenzie Judd rob The Kabin and attack Norris. They try to steal from Roy's Rolls twice but the second time Darryl and Jerry Morton give chase. The chase causes Jerry to collape and he later has a heart attack in the Rovers. The Mortons are shocked when the kids' mother Teresa Bryant appears at the hospital. Jerry doesn't want her there but she convinces him to let her stay for the kids' sake.


  • When Teresa meets Lloyd Mullaney at the Rovers, she says she met him at a club years ago and he fathered her son Finlay. She guilts him into giving her money, although she's exposed as a liar with the other Mortons hear about it. Mel is growing tired of Teresa being around but Jerry insists she can stay.
  • Alarm bells start ringing for Jason when Becky starts talking about babies. He realises he isn't as keen on her as she is on him and starts avoiding her. Becky dumps him.
Steve and Becky get close
  • Steve and Dan enjoy a friendly rivalry and Steve winds Dan up by refusing his request to stop parking taxis outside the bookies. Steve later finds a scratch on one of his cabs (actually committed by a hapless Norris) and Dan won't pay the bill. As they try to sort it out in the Rovers after closing time, a fight breaks out and Dan ends up locked in the cellar all night. The next morning he is rushed to hospital with a haemorrhaged spleen, and Steve is arrested for assault and unlawful imprisonment. Eventually Dan agrees to change his statement, but Steve and Michelle have a row over it resulting in Steve storming off and ending up sleeping with Becky. The next morning Michelle demands that Steve tells her where he was all night but he fobs her off and hurriedly arranges to go away to see his brother Andy in Spain. Michelle pesters Lloyd to tell her what went on, convinced Steve slept with someone, and sacks Leanne thinking it was her. Lloyd reveals that Steve was planning to propose to her.
  • David's custodial sentence is over and he returns home to the news that Audrey won't re-employ him at the salon or give Tina a job. Tina gets a job at the kebab shop but the job David wants requires a reference from Audrey, which she gives him but it's not the most flattering reference. David gets the job when Ted forges a new reference from Audrey.
  • Gail leaves to visit Sarah in Milan, and Ted agrees to watch the house and keep an eye on David and Tina. However he isn't as successful as he'd hoped as a party David and Tina have gets out of control and the house is trashed.
  • Tony returns in a wheelchair. He has injured his spine and will gradually recover. Liam and Maria too return, having decided to try for another baby. Liam is shocked when Carla gives him an ultimatum - if he doesn't tell his share of the factory to Tony, she'll tell Maria that she slept with him. Liam ends up selling to Tony at a loss. Tony has big plans for the factory; he wants to expand by buying up the Kabin and the garage. Rita is intrigued by Tony's offer.
  • Ken is invited to a university reunion, but can't decide if he wants to go.
  • The Websters and the Peacocks swap houses, but while the Websters enjoy settling into No.8, the fuse box blows in No.13 and Bill tells Ashley and Claire that the house needs rewiring. For the time being, the two families are going to have to live in the same house. Claire perks up when she finds what looks like an original Lowry painting in the loft at No.13 but it turns out it was painted by a former resident of the house, Irma Ogden. Claire has better luck when she finds old concert programmes, and is able to sell them for £7,000.
  • Liz has seemed more enthusiastic about her marriage to Vernon since his return but when they go to view a wine bar they're thinking of buying Liz can't get excited about it and admits to Vernon that she wants out of the marriage.
  • Becky starts working behind the bar at the Rovers.


Tony is determined to buy the garage, and won't take no for an answer
  • Rita accepts Tony's offer, much to Norris's dismay. Tony's next target is the garage, but Kevin flat out refuses to sell. At first Tony thinks Kevin is playing hard to get but soon realises Kevin won't budge. Determined to get his way, Tony manipulates Rosie into getting the garage's client list for him, intending to send them to his mechanic friend Jimmy Dockerson who will do the job cheaper.
  • The Peacocks move out of No.4, having outstayed their welcome after taking the profits earned from selling the concert programmes.
  • Becky and Jason get back together but Roy is disapproving. The pair ends up rowing and after a few harsh words are exchanged Becky packs her bags and moves into No.11 at Jason's invitation.
  • Vernon moves out of the Rovers, his marriage over, and is offered a room in the flat above Street Cars by Lloyd. Liz meanwhile quashes Harry's hopes of a relationship. Harry is in the process of ending his marriage but as Liz starts to warm to him, Clarissa changes her mind about the divorce.
  • Ken goes to his reunion, but is embarrassed about not making a success of himself and doesn't admit to his friends that he still lives in the same street he lived in then. The incident inspires him to do more with his life and after discovering his manuscript for a novel he started writing as a student he decides to finish it.
  • Liam and his cousin Tom discuss business ideas. Tom suggests they get Carla to invest in Lad Rags but Liam isn't keen.
  • With Teresa around, Jerry is risking his health by going to the pub. He collapses as he hasn't been following his prescription, so Teresa takes charge of his medication.
  • Steve returns and is cornered by Michelle who is expecting a proposal. He's also surprised to find Becky working at the Rovers. Lloyd is feeling guilty about the trouble he has caused Steve and confesses to Michelle that he made it up, unaware that Steve has just proposed. Michelle wonders what Steve did that is worth proposing to her to cover up. Steve claims that he stayed over at a woman's house but that nothing happened, prompting Michelle to throw the engagement ring Steve bought her into a skip. He rummages through the rubbish to find it. When he returns to the Rovers Michelle throws him out. Steve however is confident he can win Michelle back by using Amy.
  • Tyrone is getting ready to propose to Molly. They go out for dinner, but when another man proposes to his girlfriend Tyrone loses his nerve. Meanwhile, Molly's auntie Pam Hobsworth shows up in Weatherfield. Tyrone and Molly finally get engaged with the help of Pam and Jack. Although Molly says she is happy with a small wedding, Tyrone decides to save up for a big wedding with Pam's help.
  • While playing golf with Vernon, Dev meets businessman Prem Mandal. As they enjoy regular games of golf, Dev is introduced to Prem's wife Nina, a former Bollywood star.
  • Fiz has been receiving silent phone calls lately, and she's surprised when the caller finally speaks and it's John Stape. He's back in Weatherfield and he's here to stay, successfully applying for a job at Street Cars. He tries to convince Fiz to take him back, and makes it clear that he isn't interested in Rosie. Fiz isn't impressed when he tries to buy his way into her affections by giving Chesney a bike for his birthday.
  • Tina has been spending time on her laptop lately but won't tell David what she's been up to.


Dev and Nina Mandal kiss
  • Liz and Clarissa compete over Harry. Clarissa enjoys taunting Liz with the news that she and Harry are getting back together.
  • Nina offers to have an affair with Dev behind Prem's back. Although he initially restrains himself Dev eventually gives in. He isn't happy when he finds out Nina has had affairs before.
  • Roger, Janice, Bill and Audrey set off on a booze cruise in France. Distracted at the wheel, Audrey crashes the people carrier on the way home. Nobody is seriously hurt but the disastrous weekend has convinced Audrey that she and Bill are not right for each other.
  • Kevin confronts Tony after finding out Tony's friend Jimmy owns the garage that has been stealing his clients. He's also angry that his family aren't supporting him. When his tow truck is stolen, Kevin points the finger at Tony, but without evidence the police don't pursue the matter further. The Websters go on holiday, with Julie taking over Sally's job in the interim.
  • David is worried that Tina is hiding something from him and hacks into her e-mails to see what she has been saying. He's relieved that she speaks highly of him but when Tina realises what he has done she dumps him and moves out of No.8. David won't let her go and hangs around the kebab shop, showing her up in front of Jerry. Tina repays him by making a scene at the salon where he works, but feels guilty when she gets him sacked. To make Tina jealous David starts dating Amber Kalirai. Amber is hurt when she realises she's being used. David tells Tina how much he loves her and finally wins her back.
  • Jerry finds a flat for Teresa, but Teresa wants to stay at No.6 and tries to keep Jerry ill, so that he will still need her, by grinding his pills into his evening meal. When Jerry collapses from taking too much medication, Teresa says that Jerry has been administering the medication himself.
  • Tony shows up at Jed Stone's house in Nightingale Terrace, which Tony is re-developing but needs Jed to sell up first. Jed refuses, standing up to Tony despite his advancing years and ill health. On a later visit, Jed collapses from a heart attack, so Tony takes advantage of the situation to see Jed off to hospital and board up his house. Tony's Victoria Court development opens, and Dev moves in.
  • Ken is spending a lot of time on his novel. Blanche takes a look at the manuscript and wonders if the protagonist's wife in Ken's novel is based on Deirdre. After being confronted about it, Ken decides to abandon his book and burns the manuscript, telling Deirdre he has to accept that the ambitions of his past are long gone.
  • Steve is worried when Michelle goes on a night out with Becky. Michelle meets old friend JD and invites him to stay at the Rovers. The next day, Steve tells Michelle that if they aren't getting back together she'll have to move out, as it's his pub. Michelle agrees to get back with him, but immediately tells him she's going on tour with JD.
  • Tyrone is worried when he is unable to contact his mother Jackie Dobbs. He and Molly go to see her. Jackie owes somebody money after scamming them, so Tyrone and Molly use their wedding fund to pay the man.
  • Marcus leaves for London to train as a botox practitioner. Sean becomes worried that he has met another man there, and the pair argue when Marcus returns.
  • Gail and Joe are taken with each other and start a relationship behind David and Tina's backs.
  • When John rescues Chesney from being beaten up by Kenzie, Chesney tells Fiz that it was John who hit him, but Chesney admits the truth when Kayleigh backs up John's story. Fiz takes John for a drink to apologize and they later kiss.


Teresa watches over Jerry in hospital
  • Jerry is making progress in hospital, and when he regains consciousness he tells Teresa he wants to get back together with her. Overwhelmed with guilt, Teresa confesses to what she did to him. Jerry tells her to leave. The next day, Mel and her police friend Abi Sharpe are involved in a fight with a girl gang and they also end up in hospital. Mel recovers quickly but Abi has an eye injury that confines her to a desk job. A guilty Mel goes back to the club to get revenge on the girl who is responsible, but Teresa shows up and talks her out of it. Teresa has managed to worm her way back into No.6 thanks to the kids, so Jerry tells Mel what Teresa did. Mel reports her own mother for attempted murder but Jerry refuses to press charges. Later in the month, Jerry surprises his family by announcing that they're moving to Spain. Jerry, Kayleigh and Finlay move out at the end of the month.
  • Upset thinking he's going to lose Marcus, Sean tries to kiss Tom, who rejects him. When Marcus finds out he hits Tom and dumps Sean. Marcus leaves the street.
  • Prem offers Dev the position as chair of his business group. Dev chooses to end things with Nina, but she is having none of it. Later, Dev is introduced to Tara, Prem and Nina's daughter. Nina can tell that Dev is attracted to her and is fuming with jealousy.
  • While returning a customer's missing mobile phone, Roy and Ken are arrested by the police under suspicion of dealing drugs. They are released without charge.
  • Tom arranges with Carla for her to invest in Lad Rags without asking Liam. Liam is angry that it's too late for her to back out.
  • When John's grandmother dies, Fiz goes to the funeral to support him. She decides to give John another chance, but is bothered, both by the neighbours offering their unwanted opinions and by John being too keen by suggesting they move into his grandmother's house together. She dumps him once again. When John later picks up Rosie in his taxi his bitterness takes over as he locks her inside and tells her to leave Weatherfield. When Rosie gets home she tells Kevin and Sally but they don't believe her.
  • Harry starts flirting with Liz again behind Clarissa's back. He's due to see Liz but has a date with Clarissa on the same evening. Clarissa gets suspicious and makes sure Harry has no way of getting out of seeing her. Liz decides to team up with Clarissa to humiliate Harry who has been juggling them long enough. His chances with Liz well and truly over, Harry returns to Clarissa, who insists he leaves Dan in charge of the bookies and leaves Weatherfield with her. He does so.
  • When Janice checks the factory syndicate lottery tickets and discovers they've won £24,000, she decides to split it between with Leanne instead of sharing it with her colleagues. As Rosie bought the tickets, they open a bank account in her name and use the kebab shop flat as an address, telling their friends that they had an inheritance.
  • A record producer offers to buy one of Vernon's songs, which means he's off to London for good. He gives Liz one last chance to leave with him, writing a heartfelt note for her, but she doesn't show up. Vernon leaves Weatherfield.
  • Tired of raising money from Pam's scams, Tyrone works for a medical research company. He's thrilled when Kevin offers him a share of the garage.
  • Tony takes Rosie out to lunch. Rosie tries to seduce him in a hotel room but he spurns her, saying he loves Carla. Rosie finally shows him the footage of Liam and Carla kissing. Tony pretends he already knows but takes her phone, later throwing it in the canal. The next day, Rosie is missing, but Tony tells the police he knows nothing about it. He is preoccupied with finding out whether Liam and Carla are having an affair. As he watches from afar as they kiss outside Carla's flat, his worst fears appear confirmed.


The stags just before Liam meets his end
  • Tony and Carla go away for the weekend with Liam and Maria. There, Tony goes off into some caves with Liam and asks him to be his best man, explaining that he has fallen out with his brother Pat. Liam and Maria are still trying to conceive but Liam can't stop thinking about Carla. When he goes to her flat, they can't resist each other and they have sex again. Tony and Carla's stag and hen parties take place the next day. Tony is keeping a close eye on Liam, who keeps phoning Carla asking where he stands, telling her he'll leave Maria for her. Carla admits to Leanne that she loves Liam, but when Maria announces she's pregnant Carla forces herself to tell Liam she doesn't love him, and suggests to Maria that she go off to tell Liam her news immediately. The stags are on their way to a nightclub when a car comes out of nowhere and hits Liam at high speed. He dies in Tony's arms. As the family grieves, Tony meets up with the driver, Jimmy, who he hired to carry out the deed. Carla tries to hide her grief but she can't bring herself to go to work or make wedding arrangements. She tells Tony the wedding is off and decides to go away for a while.
  • Darryl finds a letter for Rosie at the kebab shop and gives it to the Websters, making them aware of the lottery winnings but they wrongly assume that Rosie did a runner with the money. Janice finds out and stops Leanne from giving Dan the money to buy the Bookies. Consumed by guilt that the police are no longer looking for Rosie, Janice confesses to the Websters that she stole the money. The police arrest Janice for fraud, but while Janice keeps Leanne's name out of it, Roger is disgusted with her and moves out of their flat. The Websters receive a postcard from Rosie, so Sally goes off to Ireland, where the postcard was sent, in search of her. Another postcard arrives saying 'Sophie's next', but Sophie admits she send it herself. Rosie is in fact being held by John in his grandmother's house, kidnapped in a moment of anger - which he is now regretting, especially as Fiz is warming to him again. He tells Rosie he is going to release her but goes on holiday with Fiz instead.
  • Jason is shocked to hear that Sarah is moving back to Weatherfield. Becky is making plans for her and Jason's new flat, but as Jason intends to get back together with Sarah he first breaks the news to Becky, who attacks him. A depressed drunken Becky goes out on a bender, smashing shop windows and stealing a woman's purse. Steve finds her and escorts her to Roy's. The next day, the police turn up and Becky is questioned by old enemy DC Hooch. Becky tells Hooch she is having an affair with Steve and they were together last night. Steve has no choice but to go along with it when Becky tells him that if he doesn't she'll tell Michelle about their night together. He's annoyed when Becky admits that Hooch is a bent copper. Meanwhile, Jason is disappointed when Sarah changes her mind.
  • David gets a job working for Joe's kitchen fitting agency.
  • Darryl lets Teresa stay at No.6 after finding her drunk. Mel is angry that he is helping her after what she did and moves out of the house.
  • Tara shows up at Dev's flat, but their innocent dinner is interrupted by Nina, who tells Dev to stop seeing her daughter. Dev continues to see Tara, but decides to tell Prem about his affair with Nina. He then finishes with Tara.
  • Tina leaves her job at the Kebab shop and starts working at the Kabin while Norris is incapacitated.
  • Blanche and Deirdre arrange a holiday to France, but Deirdre is surprised to find out Blanche has duped her into signing up as a carer. Ken is more worried about Peter after getting a call that Peter's wife Lucy has died and Peter has been given custody of his son, Simon. However a son is the last thing he wants at the moment.
  • Emily finds Norris in possession of woman's underwear, he says he is addicted to competitions and won them.


  • John and Fiz are back from their holiday. John finds out that Fiz is on her way to his house and races there to stop her, but is forced to admit the terrible truth. He lets Rosie out but she attacks him and runs away. Fiz has a hard time convincing the neighbours and the police that she was none the wiser, while Rosie confides in Sally about the video of Carla and Liam kissing, which she has a backup copy of.
  • Tony learns he is in debt because the Victoria Court flats aren't selling. He forges Carla's signature to use money from Underworld's payroll to fund his property investment. The factory girls aren't happy when they find out they haven't been paid, but Tony blames it on a mix-up with the bank and convinces them to return to work. He is able to pay them when Leanne sells a few flats. He is shocked when Carla returns and proposes to him, reaffirming her love for him.
  • Ken wonders why Peter hasn't enrolled Simon in a school. Peter plans to do a runner and contacts the social services asking them to take Simon away, but he changes his mind when Lucy's solicitor tells him Lucy left him all her money on the condition that he brings up Simon. Peter blows the money on buying the Bookies from Dan, who having broken up with Leanne leaves Weatherfield.
  • Janice is sentenced to community service following the fraud incident.
  • David meets up with his old cellmate Graeme, who makes himself at home at No.8 and shows up with a stolen car. Joe meanwhile is having trouble with clients the Windass family who are refusing to pay for one of his kitchens. David gets them to pay up when he threatens them without Joe's permission. Graeme warns David that the Windasses have a reputation of being rough, and indeed Joe's tools are soon stolen, and as he isn't insured, Joe's in financial trouble. When Tina finds out she, David and Graeme tear out the Windasses kitchen. The Windasses respond by stealing Graeme's car, but the joke is on them as it was already stolen and Graeme wanted rid of it.
Hayley returns but is already considering leaving again
  • David and Tina find out about Gail and Joe's affair.
  • Hayley Cropper returns from her charity work in Africa but she isn't herself. She tells Roy that she wants to go back to Africa, but quickly changes her mind and apologizes. She elects not to return to her job at Underworld and instead to continue with charity work.
  • Dev has changed his mind about Tara and Prem agrees not to tell Tara about Dev's affair with Nina. Dev helps Darryl out with the books for the Kebab shop and decides to buy the shop from Jerry. Darryl is shocked that Jerry is also selling the house, leaving him jobless and homeless. He blames Dev and finishes with Amber, causing Amber to tell Tara about Dev's affair and leave for Finland to spend time with her mother to get away from Dev. Shortstaffed, Dev gives Darryl and Tina jobs at the Kebab shop.
  • Emily runs into Jed at the hospital and invites him to live with her, remembering him from when he lived at No.5 in the 1960s.
  • Steve doesn't know if he can make Becky's court date as he has to attend a party for Michelle's parents anniversary on the same day. He manages to slip away and gets to the courtroom just in time to confirm his affair with Becky, even though Blanche is watching in the public gallery. Becky is released without charge and she and Steve end up sleeping together. Steve tells Becky that he has realised that he does love her, and he is going to break up with Michelle.
  • Norris meets Mary Taylor, who always beats him at competitions.
  • Graeme gets a job at the butcher's.


Tony murders Jed Stone - or does he?
  • Steve can't bring himself to dump Michelle and decides to make her dump him by deliberately being a bad boyfriend.
  • Tony and Carla get married. At the wedding, a drunk Sally shows Maria the video of Liam and Carla, but Maria is too late to confront Carla as she and Tony have already left for their honeymoon. Maria finds out from Rosie that Tony knew about the video and works out that Tony could have killed Liam. Her friends think she's suffering from grief and worry about her instability. When the Gordons return, Tony offers Maria a million pounds to drop her accusations and admits to Carla that he knows about her and Liam. Maria tells the police about Tony but he tells them Maria is deranged. The police don't press charges, but Maria gains an ally in Jed, who tries to get more money out of Tony when he sees him meeting with Jimmy. In a bout of anger Tony strangles Jed with the factory's negligee and stores his body in a storage hamper until he can move it. On Christmas Day, Tony discovers that Jed has survived the attempted murder. Jed is terrified that Tony will kill him so agrees to move to one of Tony's properties in Wigan and stay out of his way. Maria however is still on the warpath and paints 'murderer' outside the factory. The police turn up to arrest her for criminal damage but Tony refuses to press charges. Maria leaves to stay with her parents for a few weeks.
  • Molly thinks Tyrone is having an affair with Minnie but Tyrone is only selling her cheap perfume. When Molly sees Minnie wearing a t-shirt that Tyrone was wearing earlier, she calls off the wedding. Tyrone admits to being involved in Pam's scams but Molly is angry that he lied to her. With Tyrone refusing to work for Pam anymore, Pam uses Darryl in an bio oil scam, but the oil explodes inside No.9's outside toilet.
  • The new tenants at No.6 turn out to be the Windasses. They have to manhandle Teresa out of the house. As the Windasses settle in, Anna Windass tries to make peace with Gail, while Eddie Windass gets a job at Street Cars. Joe meanwhile has been evicted from his flat as he can't afford the rent, but he is too proud to tell Gail. He vents his frustrations at the Windasses at the Platts' Christmas party.
  • Janice starts her community service work and works under Emily who is volunteering.
  • Eileen Grimshaw's dad Colin arrives in the street and starts charming Rita.
  • Steve hires Jesse Chadwick to entertain at a party for Amy but his wife, who was part of his double act, has left him, and he's down in the dumps. Steve tries to cheer him up and Eileen takes the place of Jesse's wife for the party.
  • For Christmas, Roy and Hayley have a Christmas lunch for the homeless.
  • Peter has been trying to charm Leanne but she's worried about his drinking. Peter turns up drunk at Simon's school nativity play and makes a scene when a teacher tries to refuse him entry. Ken is angry with him and tells him he is too drunk to look after Simon. When he sobers up, Peter admits he has a problem and decides to stay sober.
  • Liz appoints a new assistant manager at the Rovers, Poppy, angering Michelle. When Lloyd agrees to DJ at a Christmas party Steve thinks he's only doing it because he fancies his chances with Poppy. However at the party Lloyd ends up kissing Liz. The pair see in 2009 in Lloyd's flat.
  • Emily invites Wiki Dankowska for Christmas lunch at No.3 when Norris wins a Polish Christmas hamper.

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