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Janice Kaplinski
race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: Rivet City
Dr. Li's Science Lab
role: Botanist
location: Rivet City
Jefferson Memorial
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: The Waters of Life
karma: Good
SPECIAL: 3ST, 6PE, 3EN, 4CH, 8IN, 6AG, 5LK
base id: 000156CB
ref id: 00019FC6

Janice Kaplinski (2246-2277) was a chief botanist working together with Doctor Li and Anna Holt in the Rivet City science lab in the year 2277.



As a botanist, she puts her skills to work to help find ways of creating non-irradiated food sources by conducting experiments in hydroponics.


Janice is part of a team of scientists in the Rivet City science lab.

Daily schedule

Janice conducts hydroponics experiments with the help of Doctor Li and Anna Holt.

Interactions with the player character

Her interactions mainly consist of telling the Lone Wanderer not to eat the test food while in the science lab in Rivet City, to informing the Lone Wanderer that they should be careful of what they touch as the equipment is old and fragile while at Project Purity. After the Lone Wanderer enters the Rotunda during Colonel Autumn's confrontation with James, she is shot and killed as a means of coercion to hand over Project Purity to the Enclave.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Scientist Outfit - Clipboard


  • Janice can be found eating the test food if the PC manually waits instead of using the wait function.
  • She is an essential character and thus can only be knocked unconscious.


Janice Kaplinski only appears in Fallout 3.

Rivet City

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