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Element Lad

Element Lad and Light Lass. Art by Barry Kitson.
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5' 7"

140 lbs (64 kg)




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Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #4
(June, 2009)



Not much is known about Jan's origin, other than that when he first joined the Legion of Super-Heroes, Phantom Girl spent a week trying to convince him that the Legion has a member called Atom Girl (who, at that point, was shrunk to sub-atomic size and had lost track of time).

Jan considers hand-to-hand combat barbaric, he likes being naked, and he dislikes pirates. He has gone on a date with Triplicate Girl (which ended up badly, it showed up that her other selves had gone on two other dates the same time, with Sun Boy and Ultra Boy).

Jan is the Legion's spiritual guru and holds small, weekly services on the sublime nature of change. Light Lass, Chameleon, and some of the other legionnaires attend.

During the "Legion of 3 Worlds" Crisis, Element Lad and his teammates in the Legion of Super-Heroes were summoned by an altenate version of themselves and helped fight a Legion of Super-Villains. Element Lad was kiiled by Superboy-Prime during this fight.

Powers and Abilities



Molecular Transmutation: Jan has got the native power of Trom, the ability to change the structure and elements of objects by touching them.

Element Lad can change one chemical element into any other, for instance, lead to gold or iron to aluminum. He can transmute an element even if it is part of a compound. He can change solid objects into gaseous ones.

His knowledge of chemistry is extensive, and Element Lad knows what elements to create in order to combine with other elements present to produce a desired effect.


Touch Limitation: Element Lad has to touch things in order to transmute them.

Time Limit: Anything he transmutes reverts back to its original chemical composition in a matter of minutes.



The Legion Flight Ring.

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This character is exclusive to the continuity of the Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes and 5th Legion of Super-Heroes series.

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In the meantime, it's conjecturally designated as "New Earth".

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