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This page details James T. Kirk in the alternate reality created by Nero's temporal incursion; for the James T. Kirk in the primary universe see James T. Kirk; for the James T. Kirk in the mirror universe see James T. Kirk (mirror); for the James T. Kirk in all other alternate universes see James T. Kirk (alternates).
WARNING! This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the recently released movie Star Trek. Caution is advised.
Full Name: James Tiberius Kirk
Species: Human
Gender: male
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown
Birthplace: USS Kelvin shuttlecraft
Born: 2233
Affiliation: Federation
Mother: Winona Kirk
Father: George Samuel Kirk, Sr.
Sibling(s): George Samuel Kirk, Jr.
Marital Status: single
Other relatives: Tiberius Kirk (paternal grandfather)
James (maternal grandfather)
James Kirk (paternal uncle)
Occupation: officer
Previous Assignment: XO, USS Enterprise (2258)
Assignment: CO, USS Enterprise (2258)
Rank: captain
Insignia: Sleeve insignia.

James Tiberius Kirk (born 2233) was a 23rd century Human Starfleet captain best known as the commanding officer of the Federation starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).




Early life (2233-2255)

Born in 2233, James T. Kirk was the son of George and Winona Kirk. He was born in space, aboard a medical shuttlecraft from the USS Kelvin, just moments before his father's death. He was named after his maternal grandfather (James), and his paternal grandfather (Tiberius).

Kirk grew up in Iowa on Earth, living with his mother and stepfather in or near the town of Riverside. At one point in his childhood, he stole his uncle's antique automobile and drove it off a cliff, barely escaping with his life.

His rebelliousness continued well into his teens and early twenties, though his academic aptitude scores were off the charts. In 2255, Kirk attempted to pick up Starfleet Cadet Nyota Uhura at a bar, and subsequently became involved in a bar fight with four other cadets. The fight was broken up by Captain Christopher Pike. Pike, who was an admirer of Kirk's father, saw the troubled young man's potential as something that Starfleet needed, and encouraged him to enlist, rather than remain "the only genius-level repeat offender in the Midwest." Though initially refusing, Kirk reported to the Riverside Shipyard the next morning, where he met Leonard McCoy and left for Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy (2255-2258)

Kirk is in trouble for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru.

While in Starfleet Academy, Kirk had become friends with McCoy and had already taken the Kobayashi Maru test two times, and failed. However, after failing the first two times, he decided that the third time, he would win, with McCoy curious as to how. Kirk managed to cheat the test and succeeded in winning. Spock, who programmed the "impossible" test, was angered at this.

While discussing his cheating ways with his superiors, Kirk stated he didn't believe in a no-win scenario, something his father also agreed upon. During this discussion, it was reported that Vulcan was under attack, and many of the cadets were called into action, including McCoy, Spock, Uhura, and Pike.

As he was under academic suspension, Kirk was not given an assignment, but McCoy injected him with a vaccine in order to give him the appearance of a disease and transfer him aboard the USS Enterprise under his medical care. Once aboard Kirk awoke and learned of their plan to leap into battle against Nero's vessel. He escaped from Sickbay and found Uhura, who had mentioned receiving Romulan messages the night before, and presented his theory that they were jumping into a trap to Pike on the Bridge. Spock reasoned that his logic was sound, but they maintained course and found the rest of the fleet destroyed.

Nero spared the Enterprise but insisted that Pike board a shuttlecraft and come aboard his vessel. While in transit, Pike had Kirk, Sulu, and Olson make an orbital jump to land on and disable the drill apparatus mining into the planet. He also handed over command to Spock, and left Kirk as first officer. Kirk and Sulu were able to land on the drill, fight off two Romulans, disable the drill, and be transported back to the ship.

Marooned (2258)

Kirk just after the elder Spock's mind meld.

After Spock had the Enterprise set course to rendezvous with the remainder of the fleet instead of pursuing Nero's vessel, Kirk protested openly on the Bridge. Spock decided to have Kirk removed from not only the Bridge but the ship for his actions, marooning him on Delta Vega. Kirk woke up in his pod and climbed out. He climbed out of the hole in the ice and noticed nothing around but snow, ice and coldness. After wandering, he was spotted and chased by a monster. Another, bigger monster ate that one and Kirk was chased again.

Kirk fled into a cave, and was almost eaten, but was saved by a stranger. When the stranger turned, it was revealed to be the elder Spock. Spock explained Nero's story to him and mentioned that Kirk would be the Captain of the Enterprise by now in his timeline. Spock mind melded with Kirk to help him explain, leaving Kirk emotional.

Spock advised Kirk to bring up an emotional reaction from the young Spock, in order to take control, and become the Captain of the Enterprise, as he was in the original timeline.

Kirk and Spock traveled to an outpost on the icy planet, and found a man called Montgomery Scott, who Spock called Scotty after knowing him from his own timeline. Scotty and Kirk beamed aboard the Enterprise, and were eventually captured by security because of young Spock.

Taking Control (2258)

Kirk in his first moments as Captain.

With the advice the of the elder Spock, Kirk provoked the young Spock to attack him by mentioning the death of his mother and the annihilation of his planet. Spock attacked Kirk, and though Kirk tried to defend himself, Spock got the upper hand and began strangling him. His father stopped him from killing Kirk.

Spock resigned command and after McCoy told Kirk they had no Captain and no First Officer to replace him, Kirk stepped up and took command based on Pike's orders. Kirk then decided either "we're going down or they are." About the Narada.

Spock then demanded that he would go to the Narada to stop Nero, with Kirk letting him, but also stating that he would go too. Spock told Kirk that he would try to stop him with a rule, but Kirk would only just ignore it.

The Wrath of Nero (2258)

Kirk aboard the Narada.

Kirk and Spock beamed aboard Nero's ship. However, instead of beaming in with the element of surprise, they were beamed in the middle of many of Nero's men. Kirk and Spock drew their phasers and a phaser fight ensued, with Nero's men being killed.

Kirk leaps after Nero.

Kirk found Nero and a fight ensued. Nero escaped, leaving Ayel to fight Kirk. Nero jumped from ledge to ledge and Kirk quickly jumped after him, but slid and hung onto the ledge. Ayel jumped after Kirk and picked him up by the neck, but Kirk grabbed his disrupter and shot him in the chest, killing him.

Kirk found Captain Pike, and was beamed off of the Narada, and back to the Enterprise where he gave Nero a chance to beam to the Enterprise and survive. After Nero declined, Kirk easily had all weapons fired and Nero was killed, along with the destruction of the Narada.

Captain of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

Kirk got his uniform and showed up on the bridge of the Enterprise. He told McCoy to "buckle up" before sitting in the Captain's chair. Spock arrived and asks to be Kirk's first officer, and Kirk agreed.

Starfleet service record

location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
Starfleet Academy student officer 2255-2258 cadet Uniform badge. Uniform collar.
USS Enterprise junior officer 2258 lieutenant Uniform badge. Sleeve rank.
acting first officer
acting commanding officer
commanding officer beginning 2258 captain Sleeve rank.



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    • Star Trek (First appearance) - Jimmy Bennett (child), Chris Pine (adult)

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James Tiberius Kirk was one of the most famous Starfleet officers in Federation history. Kirk's most famous years were as the captain of two different Enterprises, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) and the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A).



James Kirk was born to George and Winona Kirk in 2233. His first name was the same as his maternal grandfather, and his middle name was adopted from his paternal grandfather's name. (Star Trek)

Kirk rose to become the youngest captain in Starfleet history when he received command of the USS Enterprise in 2264. Over the next three decades the names Kirk and Enterprise were synonymous. With the retirement of the USS Enterprise-A in 2293, that historic partnership ended.

That same year, Kirk participated in the commissioning of the ship that replaced his famous vessel, the USS Enterprise-B. During the shakedown cruise the Enterprise became trapped in the Nexus after attempting to rescue the crew and passengers of two other vessels. Kirk was instrumental in freeing the vessel; however he was believed killed after the section he was in was destroyed and opened to space by an energy discharge from the Nexus. (Star Trek Generations)

After Kirk's presumed death, Captain Thekla Lawless, a close friend for at least two decades, spoke at Kirk's memorial service. One statement she made was, "Jim was a close friend who always seemed to be a knight in shining armor when a young woman needed one." (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "The Fire In Which We Burn")

Kirk on Veridian III

In 2371, Jean-Luc Picard, after entering the Nexus, discovered that Kirk had not died as history had thought and was alive inside the Nexus. Picard convinced Kirk to leave the false paradise of the Nexus to assist him in saving the Veridian system by stopping Tolian Soran from destroying the system's sun. Thanks to Kirk's help, Picard's mission was successful, though at the cost of Kirk's life in earnest. (Star Trek Generations)

Alternate realities

James T. Kirk in an alternate reality.
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In 2372, Kirk was revived after his death on Veridian III. He played a key role in foiling an alliance between rogue Romulans and the Borg Collective. Subsequently, married Teilani, aided the Federation during the virogen crisis, and prevented an incursion from the mirror universe led by his counterpart. (TOS novels: The Return, Avenger, Spectre, Dark Victory, Preserver)

Awards and honors

Palm Leaf of Axanar Peace Mission
Grankite Order of Tactics (Class of Excellence)
Prentares Ribbon of Commendation (Classes First and Second)
Medal of Honor
Starfleet Silver Palm (with cluster)
Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry
Karagite Order of Heroism
Khitomer Peace Mission Medal
Leonard James Akaar - The Teer of Capella IV bears the name of McCoy and James T. Kirk. (TOS: "Court Martial")
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) - A starship was rechristened in recognition of his service, bearing the registration number of his original command, an honor carried on for generations. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

Key dates

Service jacket

Previous assignments

Image:2250s - CAPT (Command).png Captain 2265-2270 Assigned as commanding officer, USS Enterprise
Image:2265 - CAPT (Command).png
Image:2265 - CAPT (Command Alternate).png
Image:2200s - CAPT (Command).png
Image:2270 - RADM Sleeve.png Rear Admiral 2270-2273 Assigned as Chief of Starfleet Operations
Image:2270 - RADM (Command).png
Image:2270 - CAPT (Command) (Sleeve Stripe).png 2273 Temporary commanding officer of USS Enterprise
Image:2270 - CAPT (Command) (Shoulder Board).png
Image:2278 - RADM (Command).png 2273-2285 Assigned as Chief of Starfleet Operations
Image:2278 - RADM Sleeve (Command).png
Image:2278 - RADM (Command).png 2285-2286 Assigned as instructor at Starfleet Academy
Image:2278 - RADM Sleeve (Command).png
Image:2278 - CAPT (Command).png Captain 2286-2293 Reduction in grade and position

aboard to commanding officer of USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)

Image:2278 - CAPT Sleeve (Command).png
Image:2373 - CAPT (Command).png 2373- (unknown)

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