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Real Name
Sir James Jaspers
Current Alias

Jimmy; Mad Jim; The Reality Butcher; The Crooked Man; The Crooked God



creator of the Crazy Gang, British Member of Parliament


Base Of Operations


6' 0"

155 lbs (70 kg)




Marital Status

Former Prime Minister of Great Britain

Mad Jim Jaspers was a mutant possessed of extremely powerful reality warping abilities.

Place of Birth

Place of Death
The interdimensional void which once housed Universe-238

Dave Thorpe, Alan Davis

First appearance



Jim Jaspers

Upon returning to his own reality, Captain Britain found that another Sir James Jaspers was leading an anti-superhero campaign, with the aid of Henry Peter Gyrich and Sebastian Shaw (suggesting that Jaspers is a member of the Hellfire Club). Jaspers later won a landslide general election victory on his anti-superhero platform and became Prime Minister. Events mirrored those of Earth-238 and Jaspers unleashed the Jaspers' Warp upon London. The Fury arrived on Earth-616 and attacked Jaspers after recognising that this Jaspers was not the same man it was forbidden to kill. After a reality-warping battle, The Fury managed to kill him by teleporting the pair outside of the universe, where Jaspers had no reality to control and was thus powerless. The Fury then, in its weakened condition, was destroyed itself by the one hero that had escaped from Earth-238, Captain UK. Although Saturnyne took a sample of Jaspers' DNA with the intention of cloning him, the DNA was secretly destroyed by Merlyn's daughter, Roma.

Sir James Jaspers later appears as an anti-mutant prosecutor during the trial of Magneto. However it's not stated whether this is the revived mutant Jaspers, a clone, or some lasting effect of the reality warp.

Some years later, a large-scale reality warp originating on Earth-616 resulted in the recreation of the exterminated Earth-616 Jaspers and Fury as a single combined being. It is unknown if Mad Jim Jaspers retained his mutant powers after the M-Day.

Powers and Abilities



Sir James Jaspers is, without a doubt, among the five most powerful mutants, with the power to warp reality. The less powerful Earth-238 version of Jaspers was able to warp his entire universe beyond recognition to such a degree that it became necessary to destroy the Earth-238 timeline completely just to stop the Jaspers' Warp from spreading to other universes. From what Merlyn hinted during his telepathic alert to Captain Britain, the more powerful Earth-616 Jaspers was an omniversal scale threat whose power would continue to grow and develop on an exponential rate:

"This version of Jaspers. Is too powerful, too dangerous. His counterpart could at least be halted, even if it meant destroying his entire continuum. This one is not so easily containable. And if he cannot be defeated, then the omniverse shall fall into chaos, and a new and hostile god shall play dice with matter." Mad Jim Jaspers has vast, nigh-omnipotent reality warping powers on a potentially infinite level, even up to a cosmic scale. He can restructure matter and energy on an enormous scale and bend and distort space to create tesseract spaces which are far larger than what would otherwise fit into a three dimensional space, possibly a less developed version of Franklin Richards' ability to create pocket dimensions. He can warp and disrupt the laws of physics to make entire universes unsuitable for life if left unchecked. A feature that Jaspers has been shown himself to be capable of is to readily alter his own form and stature, an ability which has not been often utilized by other mutant reality warpers, with the exception of young Franklin Richards, whom previously willed himself to take on the form of the messianic like adult figure known as Avatar, as seen in Fantastic Four # 245. At one time Jaspers had altered his own stature to become a giant and was holding Captain Britain between two of his fingers as if he were an ant. During his battle with the Fury, he altered his own form to change into completely different lifeforms and even non-living objects while maintaining his own human mind. He reanimated his entire body after having been fried into an empty skeleton by the Fury, which might imply, alongside with the shape- and stature-altering that he was partially metaphysical and could reform from almost nothing. He has been able to easily resurrect dead characters and create his own sentient lifeforms. It might also be possible that he used his reality warping powers to (briefly) become Prime Minister of Britain on Earth-616.



Jim is an experienced and persuasive leader.

Strength level

Normal human male with little regular exercise. When using his reality-warping powers to shapechange, Jaspers possesses superhuman strength with an unknown upper limit.<


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