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Sawyer is nicer

  • Sawyer appears to be nicer, when he bumps the US Marshall, he apologizes instead of giving a normal wise-crack. Also, he jumps in front of the elevator door to allow the lady (Kate) to exit first. He may be trying to protect a stranger who he saw was in a tough situation (he saw the handcuffs)
    • It seems more likely that Sawyer is simply practicing the time-honored tradition of "honor among thieves". He is a con artist himself. When he sees Kate's arms in handcuffs under the jacket, he moves closer to her to obscure the TSA agents' view of her, and distracts them with idle conversation, he then jumps in front of them to let her exit first and escape.
      • No--"Honor among thieves" has never been Sawyer's modus operandi. Before he "grows up" in seasons 4-5, his mantra is "every man for himself."
        • It didn't really cost him anything to help Kate. His "every man for himself" was rather used when he had to choose between helping himself and helping someone else, this time there was no choice, just a chance to help a hot woman chased by the police get away. It does seem like him to do that and i think it's hinting to the fact that him and Kate still have "a connection" in this alternate universe.
    • OR since the island is underwater, Jacob no longer goes back in time to each Lostie. Therefore, he never went back to the young sawyer and gave him a pen to finish his hate letter to his parents' killer. Therefore, Sawyer never finished the letter and didn't hold the grudge in the same way. This changed his overall disposition and explains his odd behavior.
    • Agree. He had a definite light heartedness about him. This could just be because it was so juxtaposed with Island Sawyer losing the love of his life and threatening to kill people, but I suspect its because Jacob never gave him a new pen. The letter was never finished and kept to maintain his rage.
      • You're right, and it isn't just because of the juxtaposition. Look at how angry and miserable he was on the original 815 in season 1. He's a much lighter figure--practically a perfect gentleman by contrast with his season-1 self.
      • Sawyer would still hold a grudge because it is the only reason he has to go to Australia in the first place. He gets intel of where his parents killer is (Cooper aka Tom Sawyer) and goes there to exact revenge.
        • Unproven and likely false. Hurley's reason for going to Australia in reality 2 can't possibly have been the same as it was in reality 1 (in reality 1, he went to remove the curse; in reality 2, this couldn't have been the case, because he considered himself the "luckiest man alive")
      • That may have changed. Seems evident that Sawyer hasn't just accidentally killed an innocent man. You're not in a playfull flirty mood after doing that.
  • Sawyer could just be appearing to be nice because he's a conman, and conmen know how to win the trust of others (ie. be/appear to be nice)
    • I don't think so. In the past timeline he killed an innocent man, got drunk out of his wits and was arrested for rowdy behaviour and forced to leave Australia. He was embittered, confused and ultimately scorned, which goes to explain most of his actions during the first month in the Island. This Sawyer seemed quite cheerful, amiable and bright.
    • Sawyer also attempts to warn Hurley about telling people willy-nilly about his lottery winnings. at first glance, this seems like it might be the first step in a con, but Sawyer never pursues it. Maybe he was genuinely giving someone advice on avoiding trouble.
      • He also seemed very interested in the lottery money, noting that he's probably going to attempt to rob him, and the best way to con someone out of money is to become their friend first.
        • But he doesn't con Hurley. We can't assume that he had some devious plan to do so, since he didn't in fact pursue this as a con at all. More likely, he was genuinely looking out for an obviously naive man, being someone who knew about cons.
  • While there are a number of subtle differences between the original Sawyer & the one in the alternate universe, he's not that much nicer. Except for helping Kate to evade the airport police, all that he's done is acted like anyone might -- like someone who isn't burdened with anger issues or self-loathing. Maybe this is how he behaved before arriving at the island, an adopted facade to keep other people at arm's length unless he needed them for some purpose, e.g., the victim of one of his cons.
    • He is much nicer. He apologizes to Mars instead of having trying to one-up him on manliness. He helps Kate and Hurley with no expectation of reciprocation. He doesn't give others (Cindy, for example) a hard time, which he seems almost incapable of not doing in season 1, when he was miserable.
    • We've seen Sawyer's behavior pre-island throughout five seasons, and it consisted entirely of boozing, womanizing, conning, threatening, and killing. We are DEFINITELY seeing an alternate Sawyer, or, in light of the episode's title, this is "Sawyer X".
  • James Ford may have a different life altogether, his mother may not have had the affair and so his father never killed his mother or himself. I think this is the good James Ford and the alter one is the bad Sawyer. He and Juliet may even find each other in this time line and fall in love. Hence her saying “Let’s have some coffee; we can even go Dutch treat.” As it seems that, she was in a different place than Sawyer and she does say. “It worked” Letting us know that she and the rest have made it off the island.
    • Juliet, near death in reality 1, was straddling the two realities when she said this--she will meet Sawyer in reality two and say to him, in some context that makes sense (during a flirtation, probably), those exact words "let's have some coffee-we can go dutch--kiss me James"
  • Alt-Sawyer was acting friendly and helpful, suggesting he may not be a con-man in the alt-reality.
  • SCENARIO: Sawyer is still the con man he has always been. He flies to Australia to extract his revenge on "Tom Sawyer." He fines Frank Duckett, but instead of shooting first, he challenges first and Duckett convinces Sawyer that he's been had by Hibbs. Sawyer backs off, making plans to deal with Hibbs later. (Maybe he is happy because he has already figured out his plan.) He still has his encounter with Christian Shephard, but he does not do anything to get arrested. He happily boards 815 without the help of Australian police and happily deboards to track down Hibbs. It's a different world.

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