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Flash-sideways Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 lands at LAX)
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James "Sawyer" Ford
James "Sawyer" Ford
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James Ford
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Jasper, Alabama, USA
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Mr. Ford - Father
Mary Ford - Mother
Doug - Uncle

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You may be looking for his counterpart in the original timeline.

James "Sawyer" Ford is a known con man and is an Oceanic Flight 815 passenger.


Before flight 815

James Ford was born in 1968 to Mary Ford and her husband.

In 1976, when James was eight years old, his mother was involved in an affair with con-man Anthony Cooper (then under the alias "Tom Sawyer"), who subsequently stole $38 000 from the Fords. Enraged, James' father murdered Mary before taking his own life in his son's bedroom, unaware that James was under the bed at the time.

Later, at his parents' funeral, James began writing a letter to Cooper, whom he knew only as "Mr. Sawyer". When his pen ran out of ink, James was given a new pen by Jacob, who expressed his condolences for the child's loss. When James' Uncle Doug approached him, he realized who James was writing the letter to, and why. Doug told James that "what's done is done" and asked him not to seek revenge against "Sawyer", as well as making him promise not to finish writing the letter.

These events occured before the Incident in July 1977, meaning that they are unaltered from the events in the original timeline.

Flight 815

After flight 815


Unanswered questions

For fan theories see: James "Sawyer" Ford (alternate timeline)/Theories


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