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Character History

  • Sawyer once served in the military. He has used the known military terms/phrases, "klicks" to describe distance in kilometers, and "sweep the perimeter." Hurley responds to each statement with confusion on to how he knows those terms. Sawyer also possesses a great amount of combat training and knowledge of martial arts. He was able to size up and subdue a number of others on the Hydra island relatively quick.
    • In addition, he was quick to point out that the smoke from the boat disappeared. This could just mean he is observant (but then again, Juliet is one of the most observent people on the island and she noticed nothing) or it could be that he has seen a boat sink before in some training exercise or real battle.
  • Sawyer claims to have dropped out of school in 9th grade, but in the episode The Brig, Locke lists "high school transcripts" as being among the items in Sawyer's file. Sawyer has a high school diploma, but wants Jack to believe that he is uneducated to go along with his con and his desire to have people not see the real Sawyer.
    • This was a fake diploma, that Sawyer planted. He is a con artist and used the diploma for a pre-island con.

Reason he hates the name James

  • As far as theories goes this one is pretty lame but here goes. Sawyer hates going by his first name James because James is also his father's name and his father was the one who murdered his mother. James like hiding from his name because every time he hears his name it reminds him of his father.

On the Island

  • He wants to be punished for Duckett's murder, but also doesn't want to tell anyone what he's done. He acts like a jerk to get everyone to hate him. Before the crash, he was clearly comfortable being a con man, and easy to like, as con men have to be.
  • Every time Sawyer is present at a whisper it says "It'll come back around" in Duckett's voice. Saywer will be shot like Duckett was.
    • It'll come back around -- Sawyer's fate will be a tragic one, as a younger Duckett will kill 'Lafleur'. Duckett's dying line "It'll come back around" (also heard among island whispers) will then take on added significance. Initially it served akin to a mere vow/promise of vengeance/karma after Sawyer had shot him, but upon shooting Lafleur(Sawyer), the circle or loop (implied by the line) will become complete. Duckett kills Sawyer, and Sawyer kills Duckett.
  • The short time he spent in Room 23 affected him somehow. Since he's been back with the Losties he hasn't been as edgy and even more forgiving. He also threw the diamonds in Nikki and Paulo's grave, something that the old Sawyer wouldn't have done.
  • Sawyer's skeleton is the one frequently seen in the mass grave with the bullet hole in its skull.
  • Sawyer remains on the Island in 1977 and joins the Others. He grows older and, in 2004 when the Losties arrive, he is the character we know as Tom. This is why Tom wore a disguise in his initial encounters with the Losties-to keep from being recognized by his younger self. The similarities between the characters are many, including: the names (Tom is a clear reference to Tom Sawyer, the literary character);their age (in 2004, Tom is about 30 years older than Sawyer); their body type, longer hair, southern accent, and untucked shirts; their aversion to blood; Tom's connection to Juliet when she joins the Others in the early 2000s; Sawyer's demonstrated ability to assimilate and his dealangs with Richard Alpert in 1974; and the fact that Sawyer shoots Tom, which would be poetic irony and fulfillment of Duckett's dying statement that "it'll come back around." There have been hints that Tom is gay, but these hints were deliberately ambiguous and possibly intended to misdirect, just as Tom' disguise was intended to keep people from making the connection.
  • Sawyer's service with Dharma in the 70's and his knowledge of their operations will play a major part in the final season. Assuming the Whatever Happened, Happened theory holds true and the other 815 survivors return to the Island in 2004, Sawyer will retain detailed knowledge of the Dharma stations around the Island, knowledge he will employ in the "war" Charles Widmore spoke of.
  • Sawyer will commit suicide like his father did. With Juliet gone and his life on the Island ruined, he would have nothing to live for.

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