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Jaina Solo Kenobi
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61 ABY

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1.56 meters

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dark brown

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New Jedi Order Era


Jaina Solo Kenobi was a female Human Jedi apprentice and Knight during the Yuuzhan Vong War. She was the child of Han and Leia Solo, Jacen Solo's sister, and Nathaniel Kenobi Solo's wife. She was the mother of Anakin, Mariz, and Jacen Kenobi.

She, along with the rest of her family, were honorary members of the Ottiumigos Centrality. She was later killed during the Sith Crusade.


Mission to Korriban

Jaina during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

When her—at the time boyfriend—Nathan had a vision of the Jedi's, the Yuuzhan Vong's, and the New Republic's destruction at the hands of a power hungry Sith Lord, who would use forbidden Sith alchemy to enhance and create several creatures, she was at first skeptical. But she joined Nathan and several other Jedi to the planet Korriban.

While there, she was attacked by the Sith Lord, Darth Mutatos's, Twi'lek apprentice, Sacul Vao, and was stabbed in the chest.

She later returned to fight on Mutatos's side, because of brainwashing he had initiated on her and several other captured Jedi. She recovered from her wounds, which she had received from a helpless Nathan, who did not want to hurt the woman he loved.

Postwar: Naboo

After the retaking of Coruscant, she and Nathan were married, and went to the planet Naboo for their honeymoon. When they entered the system, the ship they had received from smuggling kingpin, Talon Karrde, was attacked by old droid starfighters. Nathan made her evacuate in the escape pods, while he tried to salvage the ship.

She later awoke to the unfamiliar feeling of not knowing who she was. A man entered the room she was in and told her that she was to be his wife after his plans were finished. Again she was subjected to brainwashing and became his new Sith acolyte.

When Nathan was investigating the man on behalf of the renegade Gungans and Humans--who had been forced into exile by the man--he encountered her and attempted to bring her back to the light. She feigned her redemption, so as to stab her husband in the chest. Although his wound was not fatal, the psychological strain was too much for Nathan, so he used a Force power, one that would make her experience her real past, but that would give her much pain.

She finally regained her senses, but only after her "consort" had left the system to the planet Rakata Prime. He had recently learned that the Star Forge had reappeared, and that it was ripe for the taking. He had the audacity to create another droid army, but luckily for the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, Jaina and Nathan had alerted them to his plans. They sent a taskforce under Gilad Pellaeon and Traest Kre'fay, which destroyed the Star Forge and the mad would-be Sith.

Husband and wife returned to their honeymoon, deciding to pick somewhere a little safer, Nar Shaddaa.

Swarm War

After Jaina gave birth to three children, one set of twins: Ani Kenobi Solo and Mariz Kenobi Solo, and another baby, Jacen Kenobi Solo.

She and childhood friend Zekk, had become Joiners during the Killik crisis and if it were not for Nathan, they both would have been killed by Welk.

Sith Crusade

Jaina was later killed during the Sith Crusade, at the Battle of Dathomir whilst fighting the forces of Darth Micail. A grieving Nathan took his children to Novus Kamino Prime, so that he could prepare them for the coming battle.

Jaina Solo's death would finally be avenged in 75 ABY, when her widowed husband killed Darth Micail.


  • The Redemption of Korriban: A Tale of the New Jedi Order

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