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Jagger Princeton

Jagger (left) with his brother Slade (right)




Manjōme Shōji


Jagger Princeton

Alternate names

Shoji Manjoume (Japanese translated)

Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 012

Appears in




Seiyū (Japanese)
  • Makoto Tomita
Voice actor(s) (English)
  • Marc Thompson

Jagger Princeton, known as Shoji Manjoume「万丈目正司」(Manjōme Shōji) in the Japanese version, is one of Chazz's two older brothers. Jagger is at the top of the financial world; while Slade is at the top of the political world. They wanted Chazz to make the two of them be at the top. When it came to the duel-off against North Academy and Duel Academy, Slade and Jagger wanted Chazz to use their rare and powerful dragon cards that they provided him only to discover that he used the Armed Dragon deck he got at North Academy. After Chazz loses to Jaden, both of them get mad at Chazz. After some words from Jaden, both Slade and Jagger tell him and his friends that they are disowning him.

Near the middle of the 1st season (episode 35), the brothers make a deal with Seto Kaiba that if he is able to defeat one of Duel Academy's students, they'll be allowed to buy the academy from him and do whatever they wish with it. Slade then challenges Chazz to a duel under the conditions that Chazz must use an extremely weak deck while he himself may use one filled with rare and powerful dragon cards (the same ones that Chazz didn't use when he was representing North Academy). However, he is defeated with the help of the Ojama Trio. Afterwards, Slade and Jagger leave Duel Academy. In the English Dub, when Seto Kaiba got word of Slade's defeat and told one of his workers that Slade and Jagger have a long way to go if they want world domination.

The last time either of them is seen is after the Sacred Beasts crisis when their cards came back. In the English dub, when Jagger sees this he dryly remarks, "Too bad we can't dock their pay for time missed".


It is unknown if Jagger has a deck or not, but he has been seen to own the following cards.

Known Cards
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