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Jadru gazes into her crystal ball.

Jadru's crystal ball was a magical artifact possessed by the Dark Enchantress Jadru on the forest moon of Endor. The object seemed to be created from flame conjured by Jadru herself and allowed her to execute several fantastic powers. The ball was used as a portal of sorts, allowing Jadru to witness events all over the forest moon and to communicate with people far away from her isolated lair. The ball apparently had the power to split into two separate spheres with one ball speeding towards her desired target to display an image of Jadru while the other ball was gripped within her hands by telekinesis as she spoke into it. The effect was Jadru's voice and image emanating from the first ball, much the same as a Yuuzhan Vong villip.

Additionally, the ball created a trail of flame as it moved from place to place, and apparently could be summoned and carried by a quarf through the use of its horn. In this manner, Jadru could allow the ball to be carried by her pet, and when the quarf decided that its location was something that its mistress would like to see, it would send the ball back to Jadru where she would be waiting for it. The ball could also sensed by Jadru, and she was able to pinpoint its location when the ball returned to her, denoting some aspect of force-sensitivity.

Behind the scenes

Jadru's ball is never specifically named in the episode, and the name of the article is meant to represent its similarities to the real-life crystal ball.


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