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Jaden Korr
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Kyle Katarn

"You're the best student I've ever trained and a terrific Jedi."
Kyle Katarn

Jaden Korr was a Human male Jedi Knight from Coruscant. A student and apprentice of Jedi Master Kyle Katarn, Korr was one of his best apprentices and a key figure in resolving the Disciples of Ragnos crisis in 14 ABY. He continued to serve the New Jedi Order after the Yuuzhan Vong War and during the Second Galactic Civil War.



"So, where did you get that lightsaber?"
"Well, it's kind of a long story; I found myself on..."
Rosh Penin and Jaden Korr

Fourteen years after the Battle of Yavin, Jaden Korr, after constructing a purple-bladed lightsaber( his childhood lightsaber) with no prior knowledge of the Force or aid, was recruited from his homeworld of Coruscant and taken to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 by the Jedi. During the ride he met Rosh Penin, who would be apprenticed to Master Katarn alongside Korr by Luke Skywalker.


First encounter with the Disciples of Ragnos

"I saw a huge flash of light and ran over to find you just lying unconscious."
Rosh Penin describing the encounter

As their shuttle approached the surface it was shot down by members of the Disciples of Ragnos cult. After the crash, Korr and Penin were separated from the rest of the students and proceeded to the nearby Massassi temple but ran into some stormtroopers and a member of the cult. After Korr defeated the cultist he investigated the temple. There he saw three figures, one of which was holding a scepter that was "glowing"; they were later revealed to be the Kothos Twins and Tavion Axmis using the scepter to drain the Force from the temple. Unfortunately, Jaden's eavesdropping efforts were detected, and the mysterious figures turned on him, knocking him out.

Jedi apprentice

"A Jedi, me? No, not yet, I'm one of Kyle Katarn's students."
―Jaden Korr to Chewbacca(audio)Listen (file info)

Upon awakening, Jaden met with Jedi Masters Kyle Katarn and Luke Skywalker, who welcomed their new student to the academy and questioned him about what he saw. Shortly thereafter, he and Rosh were assigned to Kyle as pupils, and they passed their standard Force abilities course. On the way Rosh set loose a lightsaber practice droid upon Jaden, in the hope of slowing him down so he could finish the course first but Jaden defeated the droid. After the training, Kyle admonished Rosh heavily for this careless decision, stating that it was not a race and that "If that droid had been set to Luke's training regimen, it would have killed Jaden." Jaden was angry that Rosh could do such a thing, but Kyle warned him not to feed his anger, and Jaden accepted Rosh's apology.

One of Jaden's early missions, at Blenjeel.

Korr and Penin were sent on a series of missions (due to unexpected events, all of Jaden's missions were more hazardous than expected), helping to track down the growing cult. Jaden visited various worlds, including Blenjeel, Corellia, Tatooine, Taanab, Chandrila and Bakura. Later, Master Skywalker summoned all available Jedi to inform them that someone had sliced into his records and stolen his journal containing names of places where he had found a very strong connection to the Force. Worried of what the slicer could be planning, he sent the Jedi to various places mentioned in his journal. Jaden went to Hoth, where Master Skywalker had had a vision of Obi-Wan Kenobi shortly before the Battle of Hoth.

Upon landing on the planet, Korr couldn't sense anything out of place there, but as soon as he started investigating, he found that the Imperials were guarding Echo Base. Jaden infiltrated the base and overheard a Sith Cultist talking on a comlink to Alora, Tavion Axmis's apprentice, about Skywalker having traveled to Dagobah after the battle.
Jaden landing on Hoth.

Korr defeated the Cultist and confronted Alora. The two engaged in a lightsaber duel, and were at first evenly matched. After Jaden began to gain the upper hand, Alora fled, taunting Jaden as she left. The accounts were documented in Korr and Katarn's datacard report entitled Tauntaun Feathers A1[2].

Rosh Penin was captured during his mission to Byss, and Katarn spent time looking for him. Jaden, now promoted to Apprentice, worked on more missions, until Master Skywalker assigned the Jedi to investigate other strong Force sensitive places that weren't mentioned in his journals. The Jedi students were instructed to work in pairs. Kyle and Jaden were assigned to investigate Darth Vader's Bast Castle on Vjun.

Katarn and Korr infiltrated the fortress, but became separated. Alone, Jaden fought his way through the fortress, finally confronting none other than Rosh Penin in Vader's throne room. Rosh had turned to the dark side following his capture. He boasted of the power of the dark side to Jaden, and—along with the Kothos Twins—engaged him in battle. The battle seemed impossible to win, as the twins kept empowering Rosh with life energy, but Jaden killed the Twins, hoping that Rosh would stand down without their influence, but Rosh kept on fighting, causing Jaden's anger towards him to stir again. Katarn reached the room as Rosh lay disarmed on the floor, and Tavion chose that moment to appear, declaring her part in the Cult. After rebuking Katarn, Tavion ripped Jaden's lightsaber from him with the Force, threw it at the ceiling and brought the weakened ceiling down on the Jedi with the Scepter of Ragnos, and destroyed Jaden's lightsaber in the process. Thanks to Katarn's quick thinking, Korr was able to use Katarn's lightsaber to cut a hole in the floor for both to escape while Katarn held up the rubble with the Force. Unfortunately, Tavion and Rosh had escaped. Kyle and Jaden returned to the academy and reported what they discovered and about Tavion. Jaden even came up with a theory that Tavion might be using the scepter's power to also empower and corrupt her followers, which Katarn and Skywalker found probable. Skywalker, impressed with Jaden's actions, promoted the young man to the status of Jedi Knight. However, Kyle warned Jaden that he felt his anger towards Rosh, and that he must still beware giving in to the dark side.

Jedi Knight

"Jaden, you handled yourself exceptionally well on Vjun. To confront three Dark Jedi and defeat them took both bravery and skill. For your efforts, I feel that you are ready to join our ranks as a Jedi Knight."
Luke Skywalker to Jaden — (audio)Listen (file info)
Taspir III, where Korr's ultimate test took place.
Jaden built a new green-bladed lightsaber, in addition to his other weapon, and became even stronger within the Force. He continued to work at thwarting the cult's operations on Chandrila and other planets. When Luke Skywalker discovered the cult's intentions, Korr was recalled to the Academy to serve as part of a Jedi strike team that would stop the Cult of Ragnos from attempting to restore Marka Ragnos to life. However, Katarn pulled Korr aside and informed him that he had received a message from Penin, who had repented of his actions and wished to rejoin the Jedi Order. Katarn and Korr detoured to Taspir III to rescue Rosh from the cult. Korr finally reached Penin, but at the sight of him seemingly unharmed, his anger rose, believing that his former friend - who was always trying to beat Jaden - had lured him into a trap. Alora, who stood up above and watched, thought Jaden's feelings could drive him to the dark side, and tried to amplify his rage to gain a new ally despite certain death of redeemed Rosh.
Alora tries to corrupt Jaden by his struggle with the dark side.
But with the help of Katarn's mental warnings, Korr let go of his anger, realizing he had let it control him, and did not attack Rosh. At this point, Alora attacked, slicing off Penin's left arm, but Korr was able to defeat her in a hard-fought battle. Leaving Rosh in the care of Kyle, Jaden flew to the Sith world of Korriban, where he joined up with the Jedi strike force to stop the cult once and for all. He reached Ragnos's Tomb and confronted Tavion before she could resurrect Ragnos. Tavion fought with fury and hatred, using the Scepter of Ragnos to boost her advantage. However Jaden's skill outmatched and defeated her, but Tavion refused to surrender. She managed to somewhat resurrect the Dark Lord of the Sith, he came out only as a spirit, who possessed her. After a duel with the possessed Tavion, Jaden destroyed the scepter and Ragnos left Tavion's body. Her body could not withstand the corruption and died shortly thereafter. Jaden left the tomb and sealed it. He joined Luke and Kyle on the steps of the mausoleum. There they proclaimed him to be a true Jedi Knight.

After the Yuuzhan Vong War

Following the Yuuzhan Vong War, Korr assisted Jan Ors in her hunt to locate his former master, Kyle Katarn, who had vanished while searching for missing Jedi Daye Azur-Jamin. They spent every spare moment, searching for any clues indicating where Kyle could have been. He later found and freed him from Daye Azur-Jamin who had become a Dark Jedi.[3]

Second Galactic Civil War

He was stationed at the new Jedi Temple as of 40 ABY. He assisted Jedi Master Kyp Durron, Valin Horn, Dr. Seyah, and several other Jedi on a mission to destroy Centerpoint Station during the Second Galactic Civil War.[4] During the mission, Korr and his team encountered stiff resistance from the Confederation and Corellian sympathizers. After a short battle, the soldiers and several members of the station's crew retreated into a cargo hold, blocking off the Jedi's way. Left without the time to force them out or negotiate a surrender, Jaden opened the hold to space, killing the soldiers and engineers alike.

Quest for certainty

"There be dragons..."
―Jaden Korr on his doubts in himself, the Jedi and the Force

Six months later Jaden had insulated himself from his friends and fellow Jedi living in a Coruscant apartment outside the Jedi Temple when he received a vision from the Force. In the Vision Jaden found himself on the surface of a frozen Moon in the Unknown Regions surrounded by the voices of dead Jedi and Sith calling his name. One of the voices, belonging to Mara Jade Skywalker, told him "What you seek can be found in the black hole on Fhost". The Vision ended with a explosion in the Sky that rained down Darkside energy, leaving Jaden sickened and someone calling for help. Hoping to find answers that would bring him peace of mind Jaden left for Fhost without informing the Jedi Order. Upon his arrival Jaden learned that the crew of the salvage vessel Junker had stumbled on a Automated distress beacon in the Unknown Region, convinced that it would lead him to his quest Jaden approached Junker’s captain Khedryn Faal in the Black hole of Fhost Cantina. Obsessed with finding an answer to his moral confusion he even used a Jedi mind trick on Faal but was interrupted by his first mate Marr Idi-Shael who urged Faal to partake in a Sabacc game, during wich they lost the moons coordinates to a local criminal. Sensing that the game was rigged Jaden used the Force to help Faal win it back during a double-or-nothing -round, and then helped Junkers crew to escape the following firefight. They then agreed to bring him to the frozen moon of his vision, but just after arriving in the system they witnessed the arrival of Harbinger that had miss jumped 5000 years through time. Rescuing Jedi Master Relin Druur who had caused the misjump 5000 years ago Jaden learned that the Dark Side energy he felt in his vision and from Harbinger was caused by the cargo of Lignan crystals. Even though Jaden felt Relin falling to his anger over the death of his Padawan and Relin in turn felt Jaden lost in doubt, both agreed that they had to go their own way.

After convincing the crew of the Junker that the Force had brought them to the moon they decided that Marr would fly Relin in Harbingers landingbay to destroy the ship while Faal would land Jaden on the moon. There they discovered a secret imperial research station where the scientists had combined Jedi and Sith DNA to create clones. Later these clones killed all the scientists and stormtroopers. Faal voted for leaving the moon at once but Jaden was too obsessed to turn around now and continued alone to the lower levels. Hoping that clones who could use dark and light side like himself would provide him with answers to his dilemma. Jaden advanced trough the carnage till he reached the Spaarti cloning cylinder “Mother” which the clones had filled with the remains of the scientists and Troopers. Here he encountered a mad clone of Kam Solusar who informed him the clones would use Jadens ship to leave the moon. They fought until the clone took three fingers off Jadens right hand with his ligthsaber and tried to drown him in the cloning cylinder. Faced with his fear of death Jaden unleashed Force-lightning and killed the clone. Exhausted Jaden left the cloning cylinder just to run into Kell Douro, an Anzati assassin who had been hunting Jaden since Fhost, believing that he would find revelation by consuming a Jedi's Soup. Too weak to fight back Jaden was saved by Faal who had returned to help his new friend. Leaving the Station they witnessed the remaining clones and their children leaving in the assassin's ship, as well as the destruction of the Harbinger. Marr related Relin Druur’s last words to Jaden, that there is no certainty just the search for it and the danger is if one thinks he found it. Jaden realized that he will not rid himself of doubt but rather embrace it. He accepts that his role as a Jedi personally involves the acceptance of doubt. He suspected that his Master had known this all along and that his ordeal with his new friends was designed to teach him this lesson. Jaden, Khedryn and Marr then decide to hunt the remaining clones together.

Rising tensions

Later Korr would be stationed outside the High Council Chambers alongside a male Human and a female Mon Calamari apprentice by order of acting Grand Master Kenth Hamner while the High Council discussed how to proceed with the arrest warrants against Jedi Bazel Warv and Yaqeel Saav'etu. When Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo and her husband arrived in the foyer to the chambers, Korr initially upheld his mandate to bar entrance to everyone. However, the Solos soon convinced him they had evidence of an attack by Mandalorians on the Temple, and he let them pass. Korr would later assist in moving the Jedi affected by Force Psychosis and, along with Avinoam Arelis, helped the Solo's defend against the Mandalorians in a lower level hangar in the Temple Precinct.

Powers and abilities

"The Force is a tool, Jaden. Sometimes a weapon, sometimes a salve. Dark Side, Light Side, these are distinctions of insignificant difference. Do not fall into the trap of classification. Sentience curses us with a desire to categorize and draw lines, to fear that after this be dragons. But that is illusion. After this is not dragons but more knowledge, deeper understanding. Be at peace with that."
Kyle Katarn to Jaden

Korr was a powerful Force user, mastering all of his core Force abilities, as well as other Force powers. He demonstrated a remarkable level of telekinesis when he used the Force to push down a large pillar in order to make a bridge during the Battle of Korriban, and showed strong abilities in the areas of Force speed. But perhaps the most incredible of his abilities was his capacity for mastering both light and dark-side oriented Force powers. This can be in part attributed to the teachings of his master, Kyle Katarn, who also displayed similar feats, through his use of Force lightning and Force choke. Throughout his lifetime, Jaden may have learned Force powers ranging from Force Protection, Force Healing, Mind trick, and Force Absorb to Force drain, Force Rage, Force choke, and Force lightning.

He was highly skilled with a lightsaber, echoing his master's swordsmanship and utilizing the medium style, and perhaps even the fast and strong styles. In addition, he was a practitioner of the Jar'Kai with his two lightsabers, his childhood one and his Jedi Knight one. He demonstrated masterful use of the lightsaber when defeating Alora, Tavion, and the Sith Spirit of Marka Ragnos. Jaden was adept in fighting multiple lightsaber/Force-wielding enemies, even up to a three-on-one match, as demonstrated by his duel with Rosh Penin. He was also able to hold his own against famed bounty hunter Boba Fett (who was an experienced Jedi killer). He was also skilled with a wide variety of blasters and other weapons, as evidenced by his encounter with Rax Joris.

Korr was a pilot; he traveled in a Z-95 Headhunter. When the Raven's Claw was beamed into an Imperial Dreadnaught, he also was shown to be at least a moderately skilled gunner, as he had to destroy some flying TIE Fighters. During his mission to Zonju V, he proved to be an adept swoop rider and demonstrated his mastery of mounted lightsaber combat techniques.

He was also able to understand Shyriiwook to at least a minimal extent as demonstrated when he met Chewbacca.

Equipment and gear

Jaden Korr always carried with him his first lightsabers which he constucted even befor recieving any Jedi training as well as one he constucted after becoming a Jedi, and a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. He was also occasionally seen with a number of other weapons, including a DXR-6 disruptor rifle, a Wookiee Bowcaster, an Imperial Heavy Repeater, Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse 2 Gun, FC-1 flechette launcher, Stouker concussion rifle, PLX-2M portable missile launcher, thermal detonators, trip mines and detonation packs. He also employed personal energy shields while out on missions.

Korr utilized a hyperdrive-equipped Z-95 Headhunter named Far Wanderer to get from planet to planet when not flying with Katarn aboard the Raven's Claw or employing other transport.

Behind the scenes

"I was actually slated for a spin-off to Jedi Knight, but I don't want to talk about what happened there."
Atton Rand (non-canonical quote)
Concept art of Jaden fighting a Rancor.

The male Jaden is voiced by Philip Tanzini. The female Jaden is voiced by Jennifer Hale, the same actress who voiced Bastila Shan in both Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games.

Jaden was originally going to be called Atton Rand, and that name was later used in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.[5][6]

In the mission to Tatooine, which involves finding a droid, Jaden finds a black droid and says "This is not the droid we're looking for", obviously a reference to A New Hope when Obi-Wan Kenobi uses the Force to trick a patrol of stormtroopers.

In the mission to Ord Mantell, Jaden encounters Boba Fett; this is the second time Fett appears in the series: Kyle Katarn had fought him in his mission to Coruscant.

In the Mission To Hoth, the player can save a Tauntaun from a Wampa with Force Speed, but due to the difficulty involved, this is likely non-canon.

There is a glitch in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy when playing on the dark side. If the player has a blaster equipped when fighting Tavion, the cutscene shows Jaden bashing Tavion with the blaster but it makes saber sounds.

On Sep 29, 2008, Sue Rostoni announced in her blog a new paperback novel titled Crosscurrent said to involve Jaden Korr is in development by Paul Kemp and is said to "sort of" take place during the Great Hyperspace War.[7]

Character customization

"Two apprentices were always assigned to guard the entrance, but today they were being overseen by a tall, brown-haired Jedi Knight with a slender face and dark, piercing eyes."
Troy Denning

Jaden's true nature is ambiguous: The in-game avatar is customized by the player, and so can be a male or female Human, female Twi'lek, male Rodian, female Zabrak or male Kel Dor. However, Jaden is referred to as a "he" in The New Essential Chronology, and is often portrayed in promotional art as a male Human with reddish-brown hair. The author Paul Kemp of the new novel Crosscurrent confirmed on his LiveJournal that Jaden will be Human.[8]

The Galactic Campaign Guide specifies that Korr is one of the most common surnames amongst Kel Dorians, translating into Basic as "male ruler" or "king." However, this information is still inconclusive, since both Vani Korr and Drama Korr had this surname and were both Human. Jaden was also portrayed as a Twi'lek female in the Planet Hoppers—Hoth: Under the Ice, but this representation is non-canonical considering the above.

A single sentence in the novel Abyss eliminates Kel Dor and Rodian from consideration, as Jaden Korr is described as having brown hair, and later in the same chapter is described as male, eliminating the possibility of the brown-haired Zabrak female. The Rodian and Kel Dor males are naturally hairless, and there is only one brown-haired human male model available in the game.

Lightsaber customization

In Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy the player can choose the handle and the blade color of Jaden's Lightsaber at the beginning of the game, and can build two new ligthsabers or a double-bladed one after the Mission to Vjun,leading many to believe that Jaden's first lightsaber was lost on Vjun. However, in Crosscurrent it was revealed that Jaden still owned his first lightsaber and that it had an purple blade,but he created a seconed green bladed one later. Jaden's skill with a single lightsaber and Jar'Kai is canon, but the double'bladed lightsaber is unconfirmed on the matters of canonity.

Alternative ending

"No Rosh, you were weak."
―Jaden Korr to Rosh

Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy presents two possible endings for Jaden: the light side ending, detailed above for the sake of reference, and the dark side ending, as follows:

When Jaden meets Rosh at Taspir III, he gives in to his anger and strikes down his former friend in cold blood. He then slays Tavion's apprentice, Alora. On Korriban, Jaden must face Tavion's forces alone. He has to simultaneously fight the Jedi along with the Reborn and stormtroopers, before defeating Tavion herself in the tomb of Ragnos. At that point, his former master Kyle Katarn, who is after him, arrives to prevent this. Jaden vanquishes Kyle and commandeers a Star Destroyer orbiting Korriban, while Kyle, in anguish for losing both of his apprentices, pursues Jaden to fix his mistake. Meanwhile, with the Scepter of Ragnos in hand, Jaden sets a course for an unknown destination.

The light side ending of the game is canonical, as referenced in The New Essential Chronology.


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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Jaden Yuki

Jaden Yuki


Jaden Yuki




Yūki Jūdai

English (Asia)

Judai Yuki

Manga debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Chapter 1: The Next King of Games

Anime debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Episode 1: The Next King of Games




 Elemental Heroes (first year)
 Neo-Spacians (second year)
 Evil Heroes (while possessed by the Supreme King)


 Nature Elemental Heroes
 Masked Heroes

Voice actors
  • KENN
  • Mariko Nagahama (Younger)

Jaden Yuki, known as Judai Yuki in the Japanese anime, is a headstrong, fun-loving, and talented duelist that functions as the series' main protagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. His Japanese given name, "Judai", means "teenager".



Jaden's design incorporates multiple layers of clothing and a wide range of expressions. Depicted here is the duelist in full Slifer Red regalia from front, side, and rear alongside views of his head from different angles.

Jaden's character design was overseen by Kenichi Hara. Jaden's usual outfit consists of the standard Slifer Red uniform, unbuttoned. A deck box is strapped above his waistline, largely hidden beneath the lower rim of his jacket. In the first episode he is seen wearing a high school uniform similar to Yugi's uniform, except the color is now black instead of blue. His brown hair is sectioned in two layers, the layer closest to his face a darker shade of brown than the one behind it. His brown eyes are positioned directly beneath the bangs of the layer closest to his face. He carries an Academy-issued Duel Disk on his left arm.


Intending to attend Duel Academy, Jaden bumps into Yugi Muto on his way to the school's entrance examinations at the beginning of the series. He is given a Winged Kuriboh card by the legendary duelist, and then he defeated Doctor Crowler but he received a low score on the exam's written component, and is therefore placed in Slifer Red, the lowest-ranked dormitory, alongside Syrus and Chumley, who become his new friends. There is also some evidence to suggest that Crowler purposefully put him there, to eventually boot him out. He was once granted entrance into Ra Yellow, but declined the offer as he preferred the "burning fiery spirit and hot passion of red."

Jaden has made several enemies at his school, including Crowler, whom Jaden defeated in his examination duel. Out of spite, Crowler tries to kick Jaden out of school on many different occasions before finally beginning to respect him. Jaden is an accomplished duelist, having defeated the aforementioned Crowler during his examination duel, Chazz in a school-wide duel, and Bastion for the representative position. Jaden is responsible for the defeat of most of the Shadow Riders, including their leader Kagemaru.

During the second year, Jaden ventures into Neo Space after being defeated in his second duel with Aster. There, he learns of the ongoing battle between the forces of darkness and light. With the help of the Neo-Spacians, Jaden adopts the role of the universe's defender wielding the "darkness of justice" against Sartorius and the Society of Light. The task of rescuing most of his converted friends from the organization's clutches also falls on him.

Jaden Yuki in season 1-3

To prevent his evil side from activating the mind control satellite of Misgarth, Sartorius entrusts Jaden with one of the keys to its control switch. The diviner's evil personality sends numerous duelists after the boy to win it back, but to no avail. He ultimately confronts Jaden himself, demanding the key in exchange for Aster, from whom he had already regained the other key in battle. Jaden agreed, and although Aster was rescued shortly thereafter, both keys were put into the possession of Prince Ojin, who went on to fire the satellite. It is, however, destroyed during the course of their Duel. Sartorius is then defeated, and the Light of Destruction purged from his body.

During the third year, Jaden is pursued by the spirit of his favorite card in childhood, Yubel, which was given to him by his father (in both versions he doesn't remember who Yubel is until it reveals its physical form). With his parents always working and away from home, Jaden turned to dueling friends to pass the time, but the sadness associated with his inability to play Yubel properly led the Duel Monster to hospitalize a young duelist named Osamu and scare away the rest of his companions with other misfortunes.

When Duel Academy is returned to the real world, Jaden cannot find Jesse and realizes that Jesse must still be in the other dimension. He blames himself for Jesse being stranded there and goes back to rescue him along with his friends, but end up landing in a different dimension from the one from before. While looking for Jesse, Jaden loses all of his friends except Syrus to Brron, Mad King of Dark World. The anger in Jaden released by the loss of his friends causes an unexpected change. When Jaden finally wins, Syrus turns on Jaden as he feels that Jaden sacrificed his friends just for himself. Syrus abandons him and Jim and Axel soon follow, leaving Jaden alone.

Afterwards, Jaden is in the darkness within his mind, and a strange figure called Haou the Supreme King enters, giving him the chance to redeem himself by becoming evil. Jaden accepts it along with the incomplete "Super Polymerization" card and at that time, The Supreme King possesses him. While under The Supreme King's control, he commits many atrocities that include unrepentant slaughter of duelists in order to complete the "Super Polymerization" and the oppression of several villages. However, as The Supreme King performs these actions, Jaden himself is left in doubt about what he needs in order to be complete not only as a duelist, but as a person. Unfortunately, he turns to The Supreme King for this advice, who only tells him that one can only overcome evil by becoming evil. After Axel uses the Eye of Orichalcum on The Supreme King during a successful invasion of The Supreme King's castle, Jaden is freed from his possession, but is deeply tormented by the atrocities he committed during his possession, and he thus starts refusing to use his Fusion Monsters, as Polymerization and other cards that include fusion summoning remind him of the things he did while possessed, since The Supreme King mainly used fusion monsters.

When Jaden starts doubting himself even more, Jesse possessed by Yubel reappears. Then learning that his friend is being controlled, Jaden puts his problems aside for the time being so that he can save Jesse. However, when Jaden finally duels Yubel to save Jesse, it is revealed that Yubel actually removed Jesse's soul from his body and placed him inside the "Rainbow Dark Dragon" before taking over. Jaden manages to exorcise Yubel out of Jesse, but in one foul swoop, it snatches the "Super Polymerization" card from Jaden and then forces him into a duel. Before the final clash, Jaden finds out that Yubel's power was previously augmented by the Light of Destruction while it was still stranded in space. Although he feels guilty because his actions led to Yubel's exposure, the sheer atrocity and shamelessness of its actions prevents Jaden from feeling any sympathy towards the deranged spirit.

However, near the end of the duel, Jaden is told the truth between his connections with Yubel: Instead of just being a part of him, Jaden is Haou, the reincarnation of a young prince of Neo Space from long ago, who was once friends with a human Yubel. As The Supreme King contained the enigmatic power of a being called the Supreme King that is needed to defeat the Light of Destruction, he needed a guardian to protect him until he was old enough to control and wisely use his power; Yubel chose herself for the role, and was transformed into the Duel Monsters it eventually became, its effect allowing for the perfect defense against anyone who tried to harm Jaden. Despite the great burden and sacrifice, Supreme King Jaden promised to give his love only to Yubel, which explained why Yubel became present-day Jaden's favorite card as a kid, and why Yubel was so obsessed and jealous with him and his friends. Finally realizing the truth behind all his troubles, Jaden - after bidding adieu to his friends - allowed Yubel to gain a hold of "Super Polymerization”, chaining "Spiritual Fusion" to choose their souls as the fusion materials instead of all twelve dimensions as Yubel was expecting, and purging Yubel of the Light of Destruction's influence. After Jaden's disappearance and everyone else being returned back to Duel Academy, Syrus, Hassleberry, Atticus, Chazz and Alexis were talking about Jaden. After the talk, Syrus sees a shooting star and wishes Jaden to be back, which happened as the "star" crashed at Duel Academy, and was revealed that it was Jaden, now posessing the powers of both The Supreme King and Yubel as his own.

Jaden Yuki season 4 Look

In the fourth season, Jaden is seen with his new look, but he is still easily to identify from the past seasons. He comes back with longer hair, a longer, darker Slifer red jacket, darker pants and, since he fused his soul with Yubel in the third season, occasionally manifesting its power to protect himself in the form of his eyes glowing the same bichromatic scheme Yubel's did. His eyes have also been slightly redesigned. His duel disk now has red outlines on it, though otherwise it looks the same (although the difference is very noticeable). Jaden decides to leave Duel Academy, not wishing to put his friends in danger (he had come to believe that things that put his friends in danger happened because him being around). However, both Sartorius and Kagemaru attempt to convince him otherwise, believing that he is needed on the island to prevent a growing danger in the near future. This seems to be well-advised, as before their meeting, Jaden already confronts a mysterious Obelisk Blue student by name of Yusuke Fujiwara, who can hypnotize people and set fires with his eyes, as well as the mysterious entity Trueman, who seems to want both Jaden and Fujiwara dead. The last student in the Slifer Red Dorm, Jaden eventually regain his love for dueling while teaming with Alexis in a tag duel. Eventually, Jaden learns that the person that everyone thought was Fujihara was actually the spirit of one of his cards, Honest, and that Fujiwara doesn't even appear to be on earth. Although Jaden doesn't know what Trueman's intentions are, he has found that the enigmatic dark entity pulls people into the world of Darkness. He realizes this too late, having been distracted by Trueman's actions in Domino City, thus giving the real Nightshroud, using Yusuke Fujiwara's body as a vessel, to attack the students at Duel Academy with Jaden and Jesse only arriving in time to see Nightshroud/Fujiwara defeat the last student, Atticus Rhodes. Both are then challenged to a triple duel with Nightshroud, with only Jaden remaining the winner after he purges Nightshroud from Fujiwara. However, Jaden duels the bodiless Nightshroud in a final duel with the world at stake. The duel was intense straight from the start; with Jaden summoning "Neos Wiseman" using "Yubel". Jaden finally defeats Nightshroud by summoning "Elemental Hero Divine Neos" to defeat Nightshroud's "Darkness Neosphere".

The letter Pharaoh had for Jaden

After the graduation ceremony, Jaden decides to leave Duel Academy quietly; however, he is brought to the room that contains Yugi's deck by Winged Kuriboh. Yugi appears there, and after the Winged Kuriboh card glows with a bright light, Jaden finds himself in Domino City in the past, bumping into a younger Yugi who still holds the Millennium Puzzle. He challenges his hero to a duel, and as he shuffles the deck he senses the presence of the Egyptian Gods in Yugi's deck. The duel then begins, with Yugi eventually summoning "Dark Magician" and Jaden summoning "Elemental Hero Neos", their ace monsters, which battle it out. After a long battle, Yami Yugi finally takes over Yugi's body and welcomes Jaden, and summons "Slifer the Sky Dragon. Jaden's face lights up, and he finally realizes dueling really is fun. He then sends "Elemental Hero Neos" to attack "Slifer The Sky Dragon" and the Duel comes to an abrupt end with Jaden, Yami and Yugi all smiling. It then pans to Jaden in a desert. Jaden then turns around and looks at the sky, and thanks Yugi for reminding him that he has a long way to go, and dueling is fun, and shouts his very last "Gotcha!"(Japanese version)/"That was a sweet duel!"(English version) towards the sun. His bag rustles, and he opens it to find Pharaoh and Banner inside. Inside Pharaoh's collar he finds a letter from his friends each with their own message for him. After reading it, Jaden, Banner, Pharaoh, and presumptuously Yubel decide to travel together, and thus Jaden runs off towards the sunset, off to start a new adventure.


Jaden in the Manga
In the manga, Jaden played a deck similar to that of his anime counterpart as a child. While in the hospital for breaking one of his bones playing baseball, fellow patient Koyo gave the boy his own nature-themed Elemental Hero deck after he beat Jaden in a duel ( which included "Winged Kuriboh"), and as a result of the meeting with Koyo and his sister, Midori, Jaden was inspired to become a duelist. From the outset of the manga storyline, he is already a student of Duel Academy, with Koyo's heroes standing by his side.

In the manga, Jaden's first duel is not against Crowler (though it is mentioned) but against a duelist named Mr. Ryuga, who tried to become a teacher by taking cards from defeated students, including Syrus. Enraged by this, he challenges the trainee teacher and wins even without the use of spell cards (the trainee was cheating by using a ring that disabled the duel disks ability to read Spell Cards). He then goes onto challenge or be challenged by Chazz Princeton, Bastion Misawa, Alexis Rhodes and Syrus Truesdale (though the last matched was forced by Dr. Vellian Crowler).

Jaden participates in the main tournament of the series, where he loses to Chazz in the finals. Although he defeated Chazz earlier in the manga, Chazz was able to overcome him in the rematch.

Following his defeat to Chazz, Winged Kuriboh led Jaden to the abandoned dorm, where he found Midori dueling Mackenzie. Seeing Jaden, Midori attempts to comeback from a duel she was going to deliberately lose but is unable to win by that point. After the duel, Jaden is powerless to save her from succumbing to the shadows.


Jaden loves dueling and solves most of his problems by dueling. He keeps going no matter how hard things get or how hopeless it seems, with a few exceptions (though it doesn't take much encouragement for him to start fighting again), although he does sometimes doubt himself. He always shows respect towards his opponents, with a few exceptions, even complementing them during a duel. Jaden is however, a bit of an airhead outside of dueling. He is always late for his classes and usually just sleeps through them. Aside from dueling, he also loves eating. Jaden however, can often be ignorant and naive. During his first year he was completely ignorant of Crowler's attempts to get rid of him as well, and didn't even seem aware of Crowler's dislike for him. His naive nature can sometimes get him into trouble, like when Sartorius tricked him into giving him his key to the world-destroying satellite, and having once tried to explain to the Light of Destruction-possessed Sartorius how fun dueling is. However, Jaden is always able to get out of trouble whenever he gets into it as well. Another example of his generally naive nature is when he tried reasoning with Yubel, which never works. Occasionally, Jaden was shown to be smarter then he usually appears. For example, when Jesse returns, it's Jaden who points out that he's possessed by Yubel; during his duel with Yubel (when it's using Jesse's body), Jaden is able to figure out that Jesse's soul was inside the Rainbow Dark Dragon; and he figured out Titan's shadow game wasn't real. This was also because he didn't believe in the Shadow Games (yet), even when a real game started during that same Duel with Titan. He didn't start believing Shadow Games until he dueled the Gravekeeper's Chief.

Jaden has a close bond with his cards. His ability to see and hear monster spirits also typically results in him befriending his cards. Jaden doesn't tolerate his cards being insulted, though he has no problems when his opponents insult him (Chazz mocked Jaden frequently and Jaden was never bothered by it). Jaden's extremely loyal to his friends, and often ends up risking his life for them because the villains in the series almost always threaten them in some way. Similar with his cards, he doesn't have any tolerance for how his friends up being mocked. Although he's overall carefree, he gets more serious as the series goes on, especially during season three.

In the fourth season, Jaden's personality transforms dramatically compared to his younger counterparts. He acts much more brooding and serious, and doesn’t find dueling as enjoyable as he used to. In fact, it appears he tries to finish his duels as fast as possible. One striking difference is that Jaden no longer says his catchphrase ("Gotcha!"/"That's game")or in some cases ("That was a sweet duel!") at the end of his duels. He is much more cold as well, as shown when he tried getting some information from Professor Banner's spirit about the abandoned dorm - he actually threatened him (granted, Jaden's threat was very comical, threatening to flush him down the toilet. Jaden seems to think this is funny and drops him in the toilet, however Banner saves himself and reveals the little info he knows about the abandoned dorm) and he acts more cold around his friends (Alexis is quick to notice this). He still does deeply care for them, but his behavior has recently started to worry them. However, he still has his compassionate side, like when he consoled Honest before it died. Also, he'll still do anything to protect his friends. It's later explained that he didn't enjoy dueling as much because his life was on the line in most of his recent duels, it hardened him because there wasn't much for him to enjoy. After the pair duel tournament ends in episode 162, he starts enjoying duels as much as he did before and starts saying his catch phrase again, but he is still notably much more mature than he was in his younger years.


Jaden has some catchphrases associated with him. He begins almost every duel with the phrase "Get your game on!" and often says some variation of "I'll throw down a face-down" when setting cards. He also occasionally uses the phrase "Here goes something" when drawing in a desperate situation. Jaden tends to speak in stereotypical '90s slang, calling people "bro" and advising opponents to "chill". He is also noted for saying "A duel's not over till the last card is played!" which is likely Jaden's way of expressing his belief in the Heart of the Cards.

In both the English and Japanese versions, Jaden will wink and point two fingers at a defeated opponent. In the English version, he says "That's game"; in the Japanese version Judai says "Gaccha! Tanoshii dyueru dattaze" ("Gotcha! That was a fun Duel").


Main article: Jaden Yuki's Decks

Jaden uses an "Elemental Hero" Deck, which focuses on fusing monsters into more powerful ones. The Heroes are backed up by a wide array of Spell, Trap and Effect Monster support cards.

In his second year, after his second Duel with Aster, Jaden's Deck is left blank to his eyes due to Sartorius' powers. With the inability to use his old Hero Deck, Jaden received a new one that included the "Neo-Spacian" series and card created as a child for a KaibaCorp contest. The "Neo-Spacians" "Contact Fuse" with "Elemental Hero Neos".

When Jaden tried to free Chazz from the Society of Light's influence, he combined Chazz's old "Ojama" cards with his Heroes.

In the manga, Jaden uses the Nature "Elemental Hero" series and later the "Masked Heroes".

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