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Jadeite Shard
Item details
Crafting Material


Jadeite Shards, often referred to as simply Jade, is a rare crafting material associated with the Luxon Faction.


All Luxon armor requires Jadeite.

Jadeite used to have a fairly stable value, but its price fluctuates like that of any other material. It is not recommended for use as alternative currency.

Obtaining Jadeite


Every monster in the Jade Sea has a small chance (<1%) of dropping Jadeite.

Members of the Jade Brotherhood rarely drop Jadeite.

Siege Turtles in Kurzick missions will rarely drop Jadeite.

Completing The Deep will produce 3 (6 in Hard Mode) Jadeite Shards.


Jadeite can be bought from and sold to Rare Material Traders in most cities.

Jadeite can be traded directly with other players. Most players interested in trading Jadeite can be found in Cavalon International districts.


Occasionally 'Jade' weapons such as Jade Wands, salvage into Jadeite.

Faction Reward

Jadeite Shards can be obtained from the Luxon Scavenger NPC in Cavalon or a Luxon-allied guild hall for 5,000 Luxon Faction. However, this also causes a loss of up to 5,000 Kurzick Faction, if you have any.

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