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This article is about the repeatable reward for the Back to my Roots quest. For the maze in Karamja, see Jade Vine Maze.
Jade vine seed.

Jade Vine is a repeatable reward that was introduced with the Back to my Roots quest. A player can earn experience in both the Farming and Slayer skills. 53 Farming is needed to grow a Jade Vine earning 1500 experience points. If the player does not keep the vine pruned, it becomes a Wild Jade Vine.

The player earns 2500 Slayer experience for killing the Wild Jade Vine. It can be repeated about every 15 hours, as the time it takes to grow a mature jade and become a "wild" jade vine.


Jade Vine - Farming

As a plant, Jade Vine can be grown at level 53 Farming from a Jade vine seed. The Jade Vine can only be grown in the west patch located in front of Lord Handelmort's mansion, in East Ardougne (Farmer Horacio is growing a Jade vine in the east patch). Planting Jade Vine seeds gives 76 experience. Farmer Horacio will watch the patch for 10 wildblood hops.

Jade Vines take about 12 hours to grow (range 5.5 to 24 hours). Wearing an Amulet of nature will give an alert if it becomes diseased or fully grown. Once the plant has fully grown, it can be checked for 1500 farming experience. After about 1/2 hour, the vine will grow a branch and a new option 'Prune' will appear. Pruning with a pair of secateurs gives 30 Farming experience. Jade Vines can grow up to five branches. Just like any plant grown with Farming, the Jade Vine can become diseased during any stage of its growth. If a diseased Jade Vine is left unattended for too long, it will die.

Stage Description Image
Healthy jade vine
1 A jade vine sapling has been planted in this vine patch. File:Jade vine sapling.PNG
2 A jade vine is growing in this vine patch. Plant base without flowers File:Jade vine base.PNG
3 Blue flowers File:Jade vine2.PNG
4 Blue/purple flowers File:Jade vine3.PNG
5 Smaller than Horacio's with blue/purple flowers and 2 short hanging vines File:Jade vine4.PNG
6 Same as Horacio's with long hanging vines File:Jade vine5.PNG
7 Mature - Larger than Horacio's with more flowers on hanging vines File:Jade vine mature.PNG
Diseased jade vine
Disease can occur at any stage of growth and can occur more than once during a growth cycle.
Examine: This diseased vine looks like it needs curing with a potion.
Inspect: This is jade vine patch. The soil has been treated with supercompost. The patch is diseased and needs attending to before it dies.
File:Diseased jade vine.PNG
After healing: You treat the jade vine patch with the plant cure.
It is restored to health.
File:Diseased jade vine stage 6.PNG
Dead jade vine
Death can occur at any stage of growth.
Examine: This jade vine has become diseased and died.
Inspect: This is a jade vine patch. The soil has been treated with (super)compost. The patch has become infected by disease and has died.
File:Dead jade vine.PNG
Jade vine has 5 pruning stages

There are 1-5 branch(es) on this jade vine.

Wild Jade Vine - Slayer

Note: If you don't want to battle a wild jade vine, you can ask Horacio to dig up the plant just after you have checked its health

If the Jade Vine is left alone after growing 5 branches, it will turn wild and become a level 167 Wild Jade Vine which players can kill for 2500 Slayer experience and 202 Woodcutting experience, in addition to the combat experience. Alternatively, talk to Horacio about the wild vine and pay him five coconuts and five watermelons to kill the wild vine.

The vine can only be damaged by a hatchet. Protection prayers are only partially effective against the vine because it uses melee and magic attacks, both capable of hitting up to 15. The vine attack also will poison for seven damage, so a dose of a super anti-poison potion can be used to defend against it. It may also immobilize the player for a short time giving the message You're bound by vine tendrils and can't move!

You can leave via the gate once the battle has begun, however, the vine will still be attacking you (via magic) and may bind you with tendrils as you run. Hence, a one-click teleport can thus be useful for making an emergency escape, although other teleports can work.

Note that this creature is un-affected by the damage rebound effects of the deflect- curses, however the curses can still be used to protect from damage.

Recommended equipment




  • Super attack, Strength and Defence potions, especially if you have low attack/strength/defence levels - players with higher attack/strength/defence levels may wish to use normal Attack, Strength and Defence potions, or even leave them out all together;
  • Prayer potions, if the player has a low prayer and attack/strength/defence levels - high level players may be able to use Protect from melee and Chivalry/Piety throughout the battle without requiring a prayer potion (there is an altar in the church next-door to Handelmort's mansion, for prayer restoration before and after the battle).
  • A 1-click teleport such as the Ectophial or a Teletab, for emergency escapes.


  • Use the Protect from Magic prayer throughout the battle and wear good defence armour (like Dragon armour or Barrows equipment) instead of good magic-defence items. However, bear in mind that over 80% of the jade vine's attacks will be melee-based, regardless of which protection prayer you have toggled on.

After reducing the Wild Jade Vine to a stump, use the 'Cut' option on it with a pair of secateurs in inventory to get another jade vine seed to replant and start the cycle over. If the seed is lost, talk to Horacio to get another one.

A player cutting a jade vine stalk.
Wild Jade Vine - 5 fighting stages
File:Wild jade vine fight.png


  • The Knowledge Base (Slayer - Extra Features) initially listed the reward from killing the wild vine as 3000 slayer experience instead of the actual 2500 slayer experience; it has been corrected.
  • Horacio stated during the quest: If you let this species get wild by leaving it unpruned, it will attack anything. Some closely related species that can pop up pretty much anywhere has a large purple fruit, you've probably seen it. He is referring to the Strange plant or Stranger Plant (summoning pouch).
  • The scientific name of the real-life jade vine is strongylodon macrobotrys. It has been suggested by some that the only reason Jagex chose to use this plant for the quest was because the scientific name contains the words "macro" and "bot".
  • The Jade Vine is immune to the effect of a Ring of Recoil.
  • Deflect Melee and Deflect Magic will not deflect any damage back to the vine.
  • The Jade Vine will not need pruning or killing until you have checked its health.


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