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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Prophecies.

The Jade appear to be some sort of magical automatons which serve the Mursaat. Jade can be found from the eastern Southern Shiverpeaks on. They appear as animated suits, and act as bodyguards for the Mursaat. The quest line involving the Mursaat Lazarus the Dire suggests that the Mursaat may animate the jade by breaking off "aspects" of themselves and infusing them into the lifeless suits of armor. Despite their "jade" name, they appear more purple. Jade come in two varieties: Jade Armor and Jade Bow; they are the warrior and ranger classes that compliment the spellcasting Mursaat. Like the Mursaat, Jade possess the absurdly powerful Spectral Agony skill and should only be approached by infused characters with caution and not by non-infused characters. Unlike the Mursaat, the jade will not cast spectral agony, rather they will inflict it to an unaffected character with every successful hit.


  • The Jade are immune to all flesh related attacks, namely poison, bleeding, and disease.
  • Since they have high armor, health degeneration and damage types that ignore armor are effective.


  • Several Jade bosses are called "Cairn" which is then followed by a title, for example: Cairn the Relentless. A cairn is a heap of stones usually used as a marker.

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